BREAKING: AT&T sells Newtown phone calls to NewsCorp, say Anonymous

Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp purchased Sandyhook phone conversations for 7 million US dollars.

Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp purchased Sandyhook phone conversations for 7 million US dollars.

NEWTOWN CT–Anonymous activists, combing through AT&T’s e-mail servers, released evidence Sunday showing that recorded phone calls of grieving Sandyhook victims and families were sold to Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp for seven million US dollars.

The recordings were released by Anonymous as proof that AT&T is selling its customers’ private data. Commander X, leader of the shadowy leaderless collective, said “I am outraged, but not surprised. Nothing they do surprises me anymore, and it only serves to justify my decision to run from the broken governments of the world. Nowhere is safe.”

Newtown “Truthers,” conspiracy theorists who believe the shooting at Sandyhook was staged by the US government, have thoroughly researched the recordings and now claim they were manufactured.

Gun control policies, rushed through state and federal legislatures, have been largely forgotten by the public in place of the gaping privacy issues exposed by Anonymous.

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  • thank you for the inside info

    BUY BUY BUY Before open bell on Tuesday

  • Kb

    “Commander X, leader of the shadowy leaderless collective”


  • so

    Link to the ‘released’ recordings or BS.

  • CommanderFauX

    I am still a homeless faggot in Toronto!

  • Bull

    Where’s the evidence?

  • Leader of Anonymous LOL

    CommanderX the leader !

    I think you will find it is….. Kim Jong Un

    All hail our glorious leader !

  • Leader of Anonymous LOL

    This site is now bookmarked. Awesome work guise.

    Shitposting is an art.

  • Amy

    “Commander X, leader of the shadowy leaderless collective”
    Leader of a leaderless collective? And you expect us to take you seriously?

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  • Hey Chronicle,
    I know what you mean, Yes, we need more support for mental health programs. Yes, we need limits on who can buy guns and where. Yes, we need to discuss the influence of violent movies and video games. But we also must recognize that some weapons are simply too lethal for civilian use. Assault weapons – think about the meaning of those words – are designed for military use, meant to kill people, as many and as quickly as possible. While they are a small percentage of total guns sold, they are the weapons of choice for the slaughter of innocents. High-capacity magazines that allow multiple shots per second only compound the fury of such weapons.

    It can be about many things, but it must be about the guns. While we may debate the exact meaning of the words of the Second Amendment, that debate should not obscure one fundamental truth: All of our rights are limited. Even conservative Supreme Court icon Antonin Scalia has acknowledged that “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.” At some point, the rights of the gun owner must cede to the rights of our children to be safe.

    What say you?
    I’ll be back to read more next time
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    • F4R4D4Y

      You are a MORON and no nothing about an “assault weapon”. They fire military ammo which is the most NON-LETHAL round available – JACKETED/BALL. You act like there are no gun laws on the books now, you simpleton. You also misquote Scalia, I wont even BEGIN to tell you how fucking wrong you are, read his ENTIRE deposition on the 2nd Amendment. Are you taking parroted talking points from liberal bullshit blogs or something? The shooter in SH didnt buy the guns, they werent even his…so what fucking law would have stopped him? I bet you a million dollars if he was detained by the cops on the way to the school, you would be the FIRST to fight to keep him out of jail. You blame victims and law-abiders, and always want to set the criminals free.
      Stop blaming the gun, you stupid asshole. YOU are the reason there are school shootings in the first place. You IGNORE the problem. Still no talk from liberals about ANYTHING to do with school security, just another repeat gun ban from the 1990s that didnt work then, either.

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