My Barret Brown Opinion Piece, By Jaime Cochran

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The True Facts about Barrett Brown’s Sentencing

Barrett Brown was sentenced to five years in prison

OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM — WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange praised Barrett Brown’s unique Hunter S Thompson Style, while others referred to Brown as a gonzo journalist or satirist, an impression of his work that is as popular as it is uninformed. This is probably a symptom . . .

Barrett Brown sentenced to 5 years in prison ‘just for sharing a link’


Except he wasn’t.

The unofficial, self-proclaimed “leader of Anonymous” Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison Wednesday. He faced more than a century in prison for a masochistic fistful charges, which included linking to leaked Stratfor documents that revealed a connection between the government and social network surveillance. But they dropped that . . .

Molly Crabapple dead at 31

Molly Crabapple died in her apartment late Sunday night, apparently from extreme exhaustion

NEW YORK – Fans mourn the loss of artist Molly Crabapple, born Jennifer Caban, who was found dead in her Wall Street apartment Monday morning next to an emptied bottle of Balvenie whisky. Over the past year, Crabapple increasingly tweeted . . .

Roanoke Police Slaughter 5 Men Because Wives Were Not Wearing ‘Proper’ Islamic Headgarb

The Police State in Roanoke, Va. publicly executed five men in front of the Roanoke Star Tuesday because their wives were not wearing appropriate Islamic head covering, according to American media sources.

The jihadi group’s Roanoke Police Department, or the Hisbah, the individuals entrusted with enforcing their version of American Hate Law are ordering women . . .

World leaders: US staged Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!

New analysis indicates US intelligence agencies facilitated the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris last week that killed 12 people including an editor of the paper and two heroic police officers. According to foreign policy analyst . . .

Charlie Hebdo shooting sparks World Cyberwar

Charlie Hebdo provoked a cascade of events that has brought the Internet nearly shuttering to a stop

INTERNET — International fiber optic connections between continents are seemingly failing in a cascade. At least twenty of the most important transcontinental lines have gone down. The FBI issued a statement, saying, “The CyberJihad has begun, . . .

Anonymous and ISIS cyberwar attacks ravage Internet

Imminent Nuclear War

CYBERWAR — Freedom Fighters from the Anonymous hacker collective have continued their cyberwar in Operation Charlie Hebdo and claim to have doxed thousands of Islamists hiding in Europe and the US. Meanwhile, CyberJihadists from ISIS hacked the United States Central Command and tweeted America’s imminent invasion plans for both China . . .

Anonymous takes down Internet in all areas controlled by ISIS

EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!

CYBERWAR — Anonymous claimed a tremendous victory in its #OpCharlieHebdo campaign by downing all Internet in areas controlled by da3sh, the terrorist “cancer” growing in the heart of the middle east, also known as ISIS or the . . .

Wikileaks alleges Hindu Nationalists are behind false flag Islamist terror attack on Charlie Hebdon, 9/11

Narendra Modi, president of India, was implicated by Wikileaks as backing ISIS and Al-Qaeda

INTERNET — WikiLeaks spokesperson Jolene Assange shocked the world, announcing, “Both Al-Qaeda and ISIS have their highest leadership positions infiltrated by Hindus who want to sow discord among monotheistic religions. It was not the United States government that engineered . . .