Taylor Swift’s 8 second subliminal white noise message decoded

Taylor Swift, radicalized by the terrorist group EFF, has begun a psyop campaign to subliminally turn otherwise normal people into terrorists.

Taylor Swift, radicalized by the terrorist group EFF, has begun a psyop campaign to subliminally turn otherwise normal people into terrorists.

INTERNET — Earlier this week a puzzling 8 second Taylor Swift song seemingly featuring nothing but white noise was the most popularly downloaded song in Canada, disseminating subliminal instructions to millions of vulnerable teenage listeners. Wednesday, a terror attack struck the heart of Canada as shooters rampaged through the streets of Ottawa, its capital. Experts have shown a direct connection between Swift’s hit single and the terror sweeping through Canada.

Expert in subliminal psyop warfare at DARPA, Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, said, “Taylor Swift has been radicalized by subliminal programming, fallen in with hackers who want to fight the surveillance state, and replicated the programming that radicalized her into an 8 second clip of so-called white noise containing specific programmatic instructions: Kill the government. The shootings in Ottawa are the beginning of a wave of terror like we’ve never expected, except instead of militant Islamists, this time it’s computer geeks. If I was to tell you the message that was coded, it could instantly brainwash anyone who read it or heard it read out loud.”

#ISIS joins Al Qaeda in mutual promise to deliver Ebola virus to USA


President Barack Hussein Obama was visibly upset by what they done to our boys in upstate Canada.

Wash. D.C.– Not to be pushed into obscurity, Al Qaeda has teamed up again with #ISIS  to deliver the deadliest biological weapon known to man: Living Ebola carriers who are not yet symptomatic will bring the virus . . .


A fabulous new “Universal Theoyr of The Humanities” deployed by the NSA promises twenty thousand years of US cultural dominance.

WASHINGTON, DC — A new branch of Science, Internetology, was declassified by the NSA on Tuesday afternoon. NSA spokesperson Gerald Witherdeen told reporters Internetologists have been working for decades in secret with the . . .

Snowden unveils secret surveillance mission of X-37B

Plans for the X-37B revealed by Edward Snowden show the military’s attempt at total global surveillance of the entire Earth’s surface

INTERNET — Edward Snowden, hacker and NSA leaker, told reporters Sunday that the United States Air Force plans to deploy hundreds, if not thousands, of production variants of the X-37B spaceplane to . . .

Feminist Black Knight assassin squad begins “pro bono” murder spree of #GamerGate harassers

Black Knight assassins for hire from the darknet offer lethal support to women abused by #GamerGate

INTERNET — An informal collective of hit men and for-hire hackers on the darknet issued a stern warning to #GamerGate stalkers, saying in an official press release posted to pastebin, “The Black Knights have been monitoring several . . .

Automated psyop bots jam the efforts of #GamerGate campaigners

#GamerGate has been silenced by big internet powers

INTERNET –One of many thousands of psyop bots, named Eliza R. Barr, was uncovered Thursday morning after ensnaring at least twenty non-abusive supporters of #GamerGate in time wasting discussions with computer generated questions similar to what a psychoanalyst might ask. An unknown party deployed this army of . . .

CDC knowingly let Ebola carrier travel: patient says US Gov. intentionally exposed Americans to deadly virus

Ebola virus

NSA ‘second leaker’ says American CDC complicit in ‘conspiracy’ to spread Ebola virus. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden confirmed the existence of a second leaker in September but said he acted alone.

DALLAS, Texas – As Ebola blooms in the United States, leaked emails suggest an insidious scheme to facilitate its spread . . .

Julian Assange Takes Sides on #Gamergate Controversy

Assange opened up on his personal life to Vanity Fair and spoke in support of #Gamergate

LONDON — Julian Assange expressed support for #Gamergate, Wednesday, during an interview with Vanity Fair at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange is set to release a personal clothing line and spoke to Vanity Fair about his . . .

Ebola Goes Viral

Ebola Memes are the hottest memes out there right now. Learn more about them here

INTERNET — Ebola memes flooded across the internet Monday, staggering the net’s very infrastructure as the phenomenon stepped up three levels of magnitude and “went viral.” From cleverly captioned grim images of death by hemorrhagic fever, to a . . .

One World Trade Secretly a Space Ship

One World Trade is the world’s biggest rocket and space station.

INTERNET — Sources say One World Trade is in fact a secret space ark built to shelter the super-rich through the oncoming mega-geodegradation from climate change and crust resettlement. Rocketry expert Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador told reporters, “This planet is fucked. Nothing we can . . .