Humanizing Bryce Williams aka Vester Flanagan

Roanoke, VA — Tragedy this morning as Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan shot two WDBJ7 journalists at Smith Mountain Lake. Williams was described as a disgruntled employee by the media and as a terrorist by Black Lives Matter advocate Deray McKesson, of course under the faulty assumption that the still-unidentified shooter was probably a white man. Williams was in fact a black man who tweeted that his victims were racist in the workplace. He also once sued for racism in the workplace when he anchored NBC News 40 in Tallahassee.

Now as the community suffers the loss of two journalists who were engaged to be married and Williams is reportedly on the run from my hometown of Roanoke, I have screenshots of Bryce’s twitter feed that tell something quite far from the horrific snuff video. The video contained a terrible meaning more than incredible gore or violence and after making a copy I deleted it. Watching from that man’s point of view in that moment was unbearable.

I don’t know what I would think if I was a black man and saw Donald Trump’s racist horde assembling with pitchforks and all the fleets of big confederate flags on big racist trucks riding around Roanoke, because I’m not a black man.







US Government moves to repress “Trigger Warning” after it becomes too confrontational

Ann K Sterzinger temporarily hijacked Trigger Warning, posting a story exposing the web site’s funding campaign as a probable scam.

Thursday, Ann K Sterzinger posted an exposé on Trigger Warning detailing CEO Rachel Haywire’s various corruptions and manipulations leading up to Sterzinger’s attempted suicide. The article was quickly removed from Trigger Warning but . . .

9 cat memes that will absolutely FUCK YOU UP


Watch out! Here come the memes.

. . .

Black bile pours from its maw

Barack Obama could still read by the light of a yellow-gray sky, which hung low over the White House lawn, dripping black rain into the yawning mouths of scorched, thirsty survivors, who leaned against the cool, metal gates. He was poring over the Bible, holding it close to his face. It was difficult to see. . . .

Trigger Warning Sucks

Trigger Warning is a circlejerk all over Rachel Haywire and a hip brand for reactionaries who operate as a fraudulent oppressed minority of politically incorrect radicals. The big hook is that it turns stale reactionary ideas held mostly by old white men into something a teen girl might think is cool. The result — . . .

Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak out on “forced abortions”

Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak of monstrous forced abortions

INTERNET — Saturday, Donald Trump’s ex-wives came forward with shocking stories of the bombastic Republican presidential candidate’s multiple abortions, alleging he coerced them into aborting when they wanted to keep their babies.

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, told reporters, “He was obsessed with having unprotected sex . . .

Controversial PS4 game ‘will raise a new generation of terrorists’

twin towers explosion

An all-new flight simulator game from award-winning studio Naughty Dog puts gamers in the blood-stained cockpit of a freshly hijacked Boeing 747, and teaches them how to efficiently pilot the passenger plane into symbols of Western imperialism like the Twin Towers.

The game reportedly simulates the same terrorist act, again and again. According to . . .

Galileo: Science’s Biggest Fraud

There was no audience at Galileo’s trial.

Today’s secular world looks to science for truth and remembers the story of the persecution of Galileo to draw a false incompatibility between science and religion. We all know the story where Galileo agrees with the Copernican model placing the sun at the center of things . . .

Anonymous “Civil War” after Mounties blast knife wielder in Guy Fawkes mask

Anonymous tries to rally around its fallen comrades, but falls to pieces

CANADA — Royal Canadian Mounties blasted James Daniel McIntyre to death after he appeared at a protest against a local dam, wielding a knife. Because he reportedly wore a Guy Fawkes mask, what remains of the “hacking group” Anonymous has gone . . .

American ruling party composed of dangerous extremists


A 40-year coup, the United States is now under the spell of a dangerous cabal of extremist groups calling themselves the Republicans and Democrats. It is unclear who is actually in charge of the group, but sources have confirmed the Republicans and Democrats are sponsored by “global financial backers.”

The group raised alarms after a . . .