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You: Hello
Stranger: hello
You: America is on the emotional maturity level of an 8th grader, Agree or Disagree
Stranger: what´╝č
You: just sort of polling you. what's up?
Stranger: fine
You: fine is up.
You: okay you don't speak english
You: what language do you speak fluently?
Stranger: chinese
Stranger: can you speak?
You: Is it true you're not allowed to discuss Tianamen Square?
You: No I can not speak Chinese, I'm very sorry.
Stranger: no it' doesn't matter
You: can you see that image?
Stranger: what's it
You: Tank Man
You: June 5, 1989
Stranger: I just can not open the web that you give
You: it's blocked in your country
Stranger: maybe
You: can you see that one?
Stranger: have a try
Stranger: okay
You: you can see it?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: I see
You: What's your opinion of it?
Stranger: nice
Stranger: how do you think
You: I am a human rights activist.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.