Boy Scouts of America – Homophobic Fag Enablers Who Offend God

Four black guys walk into a bar.

And rob the place.


A bartender

Okay, seriously. Four black guys walk into a bar, and two of them are gay, and two of them are women [making them irrelevant; may as well have not been there]. And sadly none of them are attracted to me. So they drink their beers and I hand them a bill. One of the guys looks down at his bill, back up at me – and sneering, he looks down at the bill again. He finally said, “Is that all you’re charging me to sit here and look at your beautiful ass all night?”

Dumbfounded and slightly flattered, I took the ticket back from him, and gave him five bucks. Said, “Keep the change,” bought him his drinks, and asked him to never, ever, come back in here again, because this ain’t no gay bar.

“This is the Boy Scouts of America,” I told him, “And we only serve STRAIGHTS.”

The Boy Scouts of America is a hetersosexual affair and do not endorse this anti-gay message.

I won the Red Badge of Courage, for not crying as they made me bleed.

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  1. first of all i know my boys would not go to a bar second i know we do not disgrace the lords name in church third we are trying not to use bad language in boy scouts because we want to keep our scouts going to church to earn religious medals

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