lorax wins while tim and eric’s “billiondollarmovie” flops.

The animated movie “The Lorax” topped the weekend box office.

The Universal adaptation of the Dr. Seuss children’s book took in $70.7 million at the box office, according to early estimates from Hollywood.com. Final figures are due out on Monday.

Reviews of “The Lorax” had been high politicized, with some conservative critics questioning the movie’s anti-corporate theme, and some liberal reviewers attacking the feature for, in their view, not emphasizing strongly enough the original book’s environmental message.  The movie was also taken to task for its numerous product tie-ins, including an ad for a Mazda SUV.

“The Lorax” features the voices of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White.

The new movie “Project X” (Warner Bros.)  finished second with $20.8 million.

“Act of Valor” (Relativity)  placed third with $13.7 million.

“Safe House” (Universal) with Denzel Washington took the fourth spot with $7.2 million.

The Tyler Perry movie “Good Deeds” (Lionsgate) was fifth with $7 million.



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