spawn files for chapt 11 bankruptcy also gives money to a gay man


You’ll recall that Gaiman and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane have been embroiled in a lawsuit for years over the creation of certain characters and royalties that haven’t been paid, yes? Now that the case has been settled, the court documents have been unsealed … and McFarlane owes Gaiman a pretty penny indeed.


Legal eagle Daniel Best has obtained the court documents regarding the Gaiman-McFarlane lawsuit, and, according to them, McFarlane owes the award-winning writer $382,000—which, when you factor in interest, comes to $450,000, give or take. All because McFarlane neglected to pay royalties for Angela, Medieval Spawn and other characters Gaiman invented when he wrote a few Spawn issues way back when.

Gaiman has stated that whatever he makes from this lawsuit will go to charity, but he may have some difficulties collecting what’s owed: McFarlane’s company is currently in the process of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy



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