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occupy wall street anons reach out to find one of their own.

today the chronicle was contacted by….. none other than those wall street occupy guys. “occupywallstreetanon”
and guess what? again, they need our help. it seems a member of their flock a one Stevie Bates, 19 f has gone missing the mother of the 19 yr old has stated she has no leads and is waiting for port authority to let her know if stevie did in fact get on train plane boat or w/e so If you have seen Stevie Bates, please call 646-345-3410. Allegedly last seen in Union Sq over the wknd. Not confirmed
this story is developing.


hello you big fat cry babys. if you found this then you were looking for it.
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we are the best. DEAL WITH IT .
hi james and bob an bill and the rest of you nameless/faceless retards lolol.

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It’s a terrible thing when your kid goes missing, no matter what age they are. A picture would be helpful tho…

On a moar serious note some ppl should NOT be allowed to write, #EVAR!

So did anyone check to see whether @JohnTiessen has an abli for when this girl went missing since he is ‘Anonymous’ resident unrepented rapist.

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