Chronicle Trigger (Demo)

Alpha release - game demo

Game synopsis

not only is dr. troubadour a valuable source to, he is the star of an all new rpg that sends him and the chronicle staff on an incredible journey into the back alleys of 16-bit renditions: a hellscape of their own making

Click to launch the standalone web version of this game in a new browser tab (best choice for Mac and mobile)

The standalone web version will not go full-screen, but plays in any browser, and can be zoomed in using browser functions.

Download for Windows (336 MB)

The Windows download version is the recommended option, where possible. It is faster, can be maximized, and played in full-screen by pressing F4 in-game.

All game versions offer full controller support, mouse & keyboard, and can be played on touchscreen tablets and phones.

Tips & Tricks

Chronicle Trigger is pretty easy to pick up and play, but keep two things in mind:

1) Take note of computers and servers you have seen around the game. Jihad, the fourth party member to join, is a hacker class. They can hack some of these systems for permanent upgrades and critical battle abilities. Jihad’s abilities can also change depending on what is equipped, and these abilities are always indicated in the armor descriptions.

dr troubadour
“Dr. Midnight”

2) Upgrade Dr. Troubadour’s medical kit to the Leather Doctor Bag as soon as possible. Remember you can sell gear you don’t need at the store, as well as drugs from the higher level doctor bags.



*Clear browser cache to receive updates!

2024-06-21 10:26 p.m. EST

  • Fixed bad start position leftover from testing
  • Cleaned up conditional branches

2024-06-21 1:57 a.m. EST

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Fixed limit break animations for all classes
  • Fixed missing, misplaced sound effects
  • Medical effect improved
  • In addition to removing status ailments, one curative now offers marginal healing
  • Certain items increase MP in different ways
  • Certain abilities enhanced and corrected to generate TP in a more predictable way
  • Combat system rebalanced
  • Hatesec’s Rough draft power decreased
  • Jihad’s Stack Overflow power dramatically increased
  • Drones and robots are sensitive to wind, lightning, impervious to certain biological conditions and attacks
  • Collision problems resolved
  • Typographical errors corrected
  • Boss resistances enhanced, improved decision-making
  • Broken treasure and signage fixed
harass and bother raleigh. it is the only thing he responds to.

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