An average 4chan post

This is known as Bubbling

Hey /b/ today my sister said she’d have sex with me so I decided to let trips decide yes or no. I’ll send you timestamped tits if it gets to 50 without trips, and decide yes if it gets to 100. Also, I’ll do it on cam while wearing a shoe on my head and a sharpie in the pooper.

I’ve included an image of a camwhore and hope you reply with over 9,000 ponies, spidermans, furries, cats, hank hills, boxxys, chloes, and timestamped self-shots from very young women.

If you have any pics of your girlfriend’s I’ve got Photoshop running and will bubble them on demand.

Also, if they are good material for an x-ray I’ll do that too.

But that’s not all!

The last thread here got removed before I was able to deliver so here is the video I promised.


▲ ▲ newfag/oldfag/moralfag/tripfag/namefag nypa gtfo

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