th3j35ter is more than a Newt Gingrich, he also violates Wounded Warriors

My dear j35t3r, you are a bottomless source of lulz.

When I helped ruin your Westboro Baptist Psy-Op, Topiary took all the glory and I stole all your troll food. You were a failure then, and you are a failure now. You may be pretty good at throwing packets around, but that doesn’t mean you have any valuable skills. I have all the insanely advanced Computer Science 101 it takes to do what you do, but I can get attention for my cause without the parlor tricks you pass for hacktivism. This site gets nearly as much traffic as yours without the need for that kind of childish behavior.

In June, th3j35t3r received a huge spike in traffic because Tyler Bass mentioned him in an interview with LulzSec.

Lately, no one’s been paying attention to you. That makes you a sad little troll, eh? Your recent confrontation with John Tiessen not only proves you are desperately in need of attention, but it also shows how fearful you are of engaging truly skilled trolls. Remember that hilarious, substantive troll about Hugo Carvalho I published on pastebin in your name? You denied it before I could even refresh the page to see the view count. I guess you were saving all your attention for this obstreperous John Tiessen nutjob. I guess it’s just natural that you’d pick the low hanging fruit. It’s okay, you know I’m a pro, and you know not to fuck with me.

John Tiessen is right though, you are a Newt Gingrich. The fact that Tiessen is a sex offender only strengthens his point. It takes one to know one, as they say. You’re an adult who believes that the childish DDoS of Jihadist web sites justifies the illegal possession of a bot-net. You rape the computers of children, old women, wounded soldiers, and the general public just so you can get the kind of attention that other writers at this site and I command with pure creativity. And then, most insulting of all, you use what you do as a platform to collect donations for Wounded Warriors and yourself. You sick Newt Gingrich.

I hope you enjoy your empty bitcoin purse and your dwindling traffic. Your 15 minutes of fame are up, loser. Tick-tock, tango down, stay frosty. Get the fuck off the internet forever, please.

Yours truly,

Someone much better than you

P.S. As a joke, I advertised my bitcoin address (18zJouAQAMzX5sJygZ4M2QV7yb8FzxSbdq) and begged for money to spend on Silk Road. Since then, I have received more donations than you ever will.

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28 comments to th3j35ter is more than a Newt Gingrich, he also violates Wounded Warriors

  • Cess Poole

    nigga ego-trippin.

  • lowercasefaggot

    lulz you both have big fucking egos.
    internet faggots! luz

  • anonymous

    Sinking to new lows here. You’ve got nothing on Jester, so you make stuff up? Sound like it’s Anonakomis or Sabu if you ask me. They’ll reveal the names of innocents, but don’t have the balls to reveal themselves. Unsubscribe.

  • Pro-Jester

    Real. Mature. You can’t be more than 17, can you? Honestly. Not that you think maturity is important. That’s kind of obvious. Love how you packed your post with SEO keywords. Real cleverz! Did you learn that in Social Media 101? #losers

  • JesterAndAnonymousFail

    Ok so im not in either side i was for anonymous before but unfortenally they broke their nypa rule has jester said.

    Second he doesnt own a botnet. Its a layer 7 dos, and his program XesXer or whatever, is PROBABLY just Slowlouris with some pluggins.

    Third i dont support jester he goes agaisnt all my principals.
    But at the moment i would prefer him over anonymous. Anonymous was a great motive for people to get together and fight for what they belived in, but why support something that punishes other companies/groups for the same mistakes they are commiting. Ow and Sorry about for english.

  • @lowercaseanon


    We here at Anonymous would nevar go this far!!!!1one!!!

    th3j35t3r suxzorz but this is over teh line. this upsets our fragile sensibilities and i cant take it no more

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself, lowercaseanon. The J Dawg is sorely butthurt over his downward spiral.

    I recommend he fill out the correct paperwork and submit it to someone who gives a fuck.

    • It would seem we have pissed off the internet is serious business try-hards. I knew they still existed, somewhere. Good work extracting them, Kilgore. The world needs to see them for the shameful, narrow-minded side-takers they are.

  • GramM4

    This what happens jesterfag when you take these boys you like ‘to play’ with too serious…YBTH!!
    Shit and teh fishfag is just given you just love taps so far. You have not felt the full girth of his trollhood yet, without lube, haha. Come on lulzcow plz struggle for your intrawebz raep.

  • fuck the pigs

    lol look more script kiddies talking shit… too bad you’ll never be important enough to be vanned, lowercaseanon.

  • lowercaseanon is more than a punk bitch, he also a epeen cum suckin mother fuckin son of a bich

  • kreayshawn

    I would NEVER fucky fucky hacky hacky gooey gooey J35t3r, he has no fuckin’ skeels & u know he a molester…

  • UppercaseLowerCase

    Dear lord. Thank you for this trollsgiving bounty we are about to recieve. Watchover and bless all the trolls who inhabit this dark and musty corner of the winnernets. Amen. Oh and please aid in the rapid healing of the jesterfags buttocks.

  • Xanberg

    lolz. Can’t dox th3j35t3r so slander him instead. Butthurt much?

    • kire stern

      Every time that astroturf piece of shit opens his mouth, he slanders someone. His favorite sport is beating up on retards, and it’s because he’s a powerless wimp. Only a child molester would dox John Tiessen.

    • Geo Hotz

      what is funny about what you just said is that jester tried (and failed) ddos’ing the chronicle. he couldn’t get past the free download defenses they have.
      what none of you know about the jester, is while he was a marine, he drove his squads hum-v over an ied, killing everyone inside but himself. he wasn’t completely spared, however. the doctors had to remove shrapnel from most of his body, including his head, more specifically his frontal lobe. the jester picks on retards because he is now himself, a retard.
      class dismissed

  • Did you say John Tiessen nutjob? Anyways as for chester the child molester, I do know who he is. He even says who he is at times in code to show himself how smart he is. I dropped a dime on him, it was that easy. I wont give him up though. I do not believe in killing people for anything. I do believe in putting people in prison for their crimes, and thats where he should be for using his botnet on wikileaks. I only tell the truth, even when I lie. Nutjob? been called worse.

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