Hacker collective Anonymous reveals ‘QAnon’ controlled by “hardcore pedophiles”

A group of ‘hardcore career pedophiles’ originating from the 8chan imageboard are responsible for all official QAnon postings, new leaks reveal After bypassing QAnon’s Department of Defense shell, which Q uses to make his postings look as if they originate from a source inside the government, the Anonymous hacker known only as a$$hurt backtraced Q’s […]

#QAnon movement FULLY compromised by agents of the #cabal

Shills have given platforms a reason to ban QAnon In the past month, more platforms including Twitter have banned millions of QAnon followers in an attempt to censor their movement out of existence, following a widespread infiltration effort that has derailed and undermined the original message of Q. While many of the most abusive and […]

Pentagon declassifies footage of UFOs getting the hell away from Earth

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Pentagon has declassified breathtaking video footage that clearly shows UFOs getting the absolute fuck away from the Earth as fast as scientifically possible. In this previously leaked footage, Navy Cmdr. David Fravor and his massive unit were sent to check out strange, unidentified objects descending from 80,000 to 20,000 feet, and […]