President Trump: “Hillary Server” was used to hide communications with Epstein

INTERNET — In an exclusive tip, Internet Chronicle reporters learned that the Anonymous whistleblower at the heart of the President Trump’s latest scandal is none other than “QAnonymous,” an intelligence agent with the highest levels of security clearance. The Anonymous tipster, who claimed to be a personal friend of ‘Q’, also told Internet Chronicle reporters […]

Zelenskiy: Ukraine Thankful for Javelin Missiles, but War on Biden requires Bunker Busters

President fans, cowering in their refugee-like encampment at Mar-A-Lago, celebrated as Trump announced there will be no Hamberders today, not even a cup of Covfefe. His tired vocal strains echoed through the Florida heat, “The dems have served over 1,000 nothingberders, so that’s what Patriots will eat today.” The cheers from fans lacked all enthusiasm, […]

Brave cat returns to rightful owner Julian Assange after incredible journey

LONDON–Immediately following an incredible journey of courage, adventure, and friendship, Embassy Cat returned to the arms of his one and only friend, a publisher who seemed down on his luck, and imprisoned like himself. The cat would often stare back at onlookers for long periods of time. This confused Embassy Cat, because he could not […]