Rust Youtuber ‘Vice’ BANNED for Impersonation of Vice Media

INTERNET — Rust YouTuber ‘Vice’ was banned from YouTube Friday morning after the grim specter of trademark infringement brought angry briefcase-toting lawyers down on his channel like a ten man AK zerg blasting into a wooden 2×2. This February, Vice shot to a new level of fame after getting himself and his clan banned from […]

Maurino ‘Helk’ Barry, creator of Rust, Dead at 38

TORONTO — Maurino Barry, creator of the popular PC video game Rust, known as “Helk” to millions of fans, was found dead inside of his Toronto home, Tuesday, impaled multiple times by a crudely fashioned wooden spear. Fans of Helk, now known as the [RIP] zerg, have swamped the popular Scablands server, erecting an enormous […]