Infiltrators spoil Occupy movement

This video highlights all the different types of infiltrators.

Government plants have invaded the Occupy movement, and no, they are not just the Black Bloc vandals. These plants are screaming bloody murder about how incredibly peaceful they are as they thrash around and resist arrest. These provocateurs are doing a perfect job at ruining all the good intentions of the movement, disgracing what was once a peaceful protest. Rather than calmly sitting through arrests, provocateurs stage histrionic fits for news cameras and disgrace the otherwise peaceful protest.

Rather than broadcasting the many instances of excessive police force, the government has forced media to air these shameful “protesters” resisting arrest. These tantrums might appear to be the predictable behavior of spoiled first world middle class brats, but don’t be fooled. These are highly sophisticated agent provocateurs who know exactly how to best discredit the 99%.

1%er and Republican plant, Michael Moore, is touring from occupation to occupation, promoting his latest book and filming a new documentary. Anonymous has fired back with “#OpFatty,” threatening, and in true style, not following up with doxing of Moore. Andrew Breitbart, a Democrat plant, is feigning interest in #OpFatty because he is also a fatty and may find himself in the cross hairs of ¬†Anonymous.

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