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  • Kilgoar

    Can ANYONE out there in serious discourse land find a punchline to the technoheaven joke?

  • Money itself — that is to say, capital — is the product of collectivist consent and philosophy. At the end of the 19th century in the United States, there were many company towns issuing only their own private currency to workers, leaving employees feeling as if indefinitely indentured servants. The Great Depression almost 40 years later later would be called such even contemporaneously because of the initial view that it would not be as bad as the Panic of 1893, even though the Great Depression ended up being worse. The level of tyranny these private corporations could exercise over citizens’ lives led to a very tangible fear of violent, organized anarchist movements at the time.

  • I thought the one you wrote was funny. What kind of effect are you reaching for?

  • Research Wench

    So Obama’s socialism is the new religion, mkay…
    Societies are judged by how they shit all over those who don’t have a pot to piss in.
    One only has to take a look at how badly V.A. screws over vets unAmerica’s vets (1 in 4 homeless) and how they have no jobs to come home to after we make them kill for oil and opium. America’s financial glue is the underground drug trade that has been holding the economy together since the very late 70’s.

  • [img]http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects/2/7/6/2/2762787/uploads/Military_Industrial_Complex.gif[/img]

  • Sustainability? :)

  • That was like reading a column by Chomsky edited down by a team of retards (chronicle.su)

    • Exactly the kind of response I would expect from an intelligence degenerative, in-denial, self-deceiving, egocentric, anthropocentric, self-hating, self-worshipping, self-deluded, one “X” chromosome Neanderthal such as yourself.

      Humor is the best defense against fear. Use as much as you need to tolerate this intolerable reality you have created. That is what this entire rag is for, is it not? :)

      Want a little humor? You and Michael Moore, right now, are sharing a bed in a nursing home. Both of you possess the same male psyche. You could call it “The Manchild”.

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