Edward Snowden dead in apparent drone attack

Edward Snowden and twelve others were found dead after a blast at the Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong.

Edward Snowden and twelve others were found dead after a blast at the Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG — Officials in Hong Kong are scrambling to identify the wreckage at the JW Marriott hotel after an explosion killed twelve and injured thirty, including a body which was identified as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Eyewitnesses reported a small, buzzing aircraft flew in over the harbor and fired a missile into the Marriott’s tenth story, which left a large crater on the side of the building and started a fire which was quickly extinguished.

The White House refused to comment, saying only that the use of deadly force on terrorists in foreign soil is classified out of concern for national security. Hong Kong’s government has failed to identify missile debris which will identify the perpetrator, but issued a statement condemning the attack.

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18 comments to Edward Snowden dead in apparent drone attack

  • Sean

    Did he die or is this a hoax

  • ken

    this is devinitiv a Hoax

  • Anonymous

    Hoax. Nothing to see here.

  • BlueFoX

    Hey Edward you are a hero =)

    • Shannon

      No, he is far from a hero. He is not a whistleblower, either… he took that job with the specific intention of stealing information (as he has admitted). Sure, the US is wrong and I am pissed at the gov., but Snowden was doing the EXACT SAME THING THE US GOV DID. It is like murdering people to prevent the sale of blood diamonds; he is no hero.

      • Paul B

        Fuckup Shannon you absolute idiot how is him “whistle blowing” the same as murder you are unaware of the facts you stupid girl haha !!! Edward Snowden is a hero he did what most people in the world could never do – EXPOSED THE US GOVERNMENT for what they are lying scumbags who HIDE behind millions of armed guards and they cant take the fact that he has done it! Obama is the anti-crist FUCK AMERICA AND THEIR GOVERNMENT THEY ARE COWARDS and have caused world tragedy’s and blamed it on Bin Laden ? I am glad I am British because America suck dick tbqh

  • Iwilldefinatelydisappearafterpostingthis

    The government has already killed him. Think about what he’s done. You think anyone could pull some shit like that against the US of A and live to see the fallout? Hell to the No. We’ll likely see in the near future that he *miraculously* finds safe haven in south america- or something of the sort- and we’ll never hear a thing about him again. Because he’s already dead. Think about it. We all know shits FUBAR here. Deep down, we all know we have become perpetual debt slaves to this country. But, conversely, we also know that the US has billions upon billions invested in our military; one which defends the very ones that are bending us over and raping us in every last orifice. No one is going to do a goddamned thing with out the military backing us up. & With the way our government treats our soldiers like pieces of meat to grinder, who knows when the military’s breaking point will be? That, coupled with the inevitable collapse of the dollar…. that just spells out some bleak days in our future. But, one can only wonder how far down the rabbit hole really goes…

  • TFH

    Got that same mindwave, but why would they tell me?

  • Anonymous


  • r x

    I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about him. To ME he will always be a hero and whistle blower. By making changes to the program, aka recognizing there are issues, Snowden is vindicated. My gratitude.

  • 日本人が集団ストーカー被害に遭ってます!ブログ

  • Anonymous

    it is easier to believe he was killed then to believe someone is protecting him. Who would LOL

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