U2 Spy Plane

The U2 Spy Plane was a technical wonder – it was capable of flying with or without a pilot, taking off from streets that have no names, and making a sort of homecoming on its own if it still hadn’t found what it was looking for. People described it as being as fast as a bullet in the blue sky. It was also proven that wires would not trip it up. Production began one October morning in Red Hill Mining Town, which was notable because its hill was, in fact, not red, and sparsely vegetated. Production, however, ran to a stand-still after many pilots ended up missing in God’s country. The mothers of the disappeared complained, and the band decided to Exit from the aeronautics business. Living on one Tree hill, on 4th July morning the band decided they would surrender to a man and a woman. They left on a beautiful day to a room at the heartbreak hotel. “Another time, another place” Larry said. Bono had a desire to hit him and did causeing to elevate into the air before he fell down. Bono met Gloria and decided to marry her at Heaven and Hell. Edge went to Miami where the streets have no name to live with Mofo and Ito Okashi. Larry is just Larry.

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