I love the new Facebook chat because it's really great

Today I logged onto my Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see that Facebook chat was updated. Instead of a small scrolling menu, it’s now a larger permanent menu. Wow, was I happy to see this earth shattering improvement. I can’t believe so many people are upset that Facebook just got way better.

I am just glad to see that all these ads are helping pay for improvements in Facebook. The ads don’t bother me one bit, especially when they pick through my personal information and target me with goods and services that I want really badly. I’m glad that Facebook does this because they don’t waste my time with Penis enlargement spam. LOL. They must know not to use these ads because I talk about how big my dick is all the time on Facebook chat.

What I don’t get is why everyone hates the new chat so much. It calculates who I send the most messages to and puts them in a hierarchical order based on how much I like each person. It puts all the pretty girls on the top, LOL.

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