Rage comics are killing Reddit

Well, I tried to declare the death of Rage Comics last week, but it seems they keep coming back to life in increasingly terrible forms. They’re killing the Reddit community, infecting all other subreddits with stupid emoticons and unfunny memes. People continue to tell their pitiful life stories, hoping that the trendy little stick figures with funny faces will bring an added value to the insipid narratives with the misnomer of ‘Rage Comics’. They are hardly comics, funny only for how terrible they have become.

This is the story of a butthurt loser who keeps making the same mistake over and over again like a full retard. I'm sure he feels really great, hanging around the parents of his ex while he suffers from blue balls because he isn't getting laid. This guy didn't spare a single detail, causing me to actually rage. I also want to know what the fuck that black box in the last frame represents.
This must have been a really sweet and enjoyable comic for this guy's roommate. Except for the fact that he really only made it to selfishly leverage karma points on Reddit. Oh, did I mention the vacuum of humor in this comic caused my bowel to prolapse?
Oh, I get it! Michele Bachmann's a retard. Somehow it's only fitting you've applied rage faces to her quoatations with complete indiscretion. Just another pitiful Redditor, desperate for Karma.
Well congratulations, you met someone famous. Fucking original, witty, and hilarious! Exactly the kind of stuff I want out of a comic strip.
Here is another example of hilarious humor in some random Redditor's daily life - except the only real joke is a witless reference to Fabio. Pro-tip: Sticking a "rage face" on someone famous doesn't make your comic funny.
Well, here's another example of a perfectly unfunny situation that some loser from Reddit has filled with references to famous movie lines in a hollow Seth MacFarlanesque attempt at humor. Before you make a comic like this, you should take out the pop culture references and ask yourself, "is this even remotely funny?"
Exhibit A: Redditors are unable to communicate with others except through rage comics.
Exhibit B

Without a doubt, rage comics are worse than they were last week. If this trend continues, I project that by the end of the year all rage comics will cause readers to suffer crippling sympathetic embarrassment and cry from the shared butthurt. Also, cocks.

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I’m a little unclear..
Is the point of a rage comic to enrage the reader once they finish reading it and realized what a massive waste of time it is?
If so, the chronicle can identify with them.

your article was a bigger waste of time than any rage comment, your just a crybaby fuck. Go somewhere else if you dont like the you disgruntled bitch

jjusst came here to remind you to go somewhere else when yu dont liek something because i dont like your dislike

The attention-seeking/deprived redditors are not happy you talked shit about their creatively bankrupt offspring comics. Prepare to be covered in unfunny “umadbro” memes and other such unfunny garbage forever. Fuck reddit.

Wait, lemme guess the first reply as “umadbro” with a few thumbs up/+1s as replies. Damn, I’m good.

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