Tea Party bombs Occupy Maine, threatens to Stab Occupy New Mexico

Sunday morning, jacked up on a fresh dose of religious indoctrination, two men affiliated with the Tea Party attempted acts of violence against the 99%. In Maine, a chemical bomb was detonated in the camper’s kitchen areas. In New Mexico, a man drew a knife and asked the occupants, “Who wants to be first?”

These events follow a fatal spree-killing of Occupy DC protesters earlier this month.

No protesters were hurt in the latest attacks. Analysts have suggested violence against protesters has taken a steep climb, and the protesters may just want to go home now if they value their lives.

Mike Flanagan of the Tea Party said “This nonsense is the devil’s work and we are brave crusaders for American Capitalism and Christ approves. I smile when I hear these stories about the devil’s failure.”

It has come as no surprise that Tea Party members have made attempts at violence against their rivals in the Occupy movement. The Tea Party regularly carries loaded guns to their protests just in case anyone should get a bright idea about health care or abortion, and in case the illegal president might show his ugly half black face.

In conclusion, quit while you’re ahead. You should be afraid, sitting in your tent, because the conservative echo chamber’s been told you are the devil. You might die if you keep protesting, so just go home, okay?


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