Chicken Chat

“Chicken Chat” from by Lebal Drocer, Inc. Released: 2018. Genre: Comedy.

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Slaughter Claus: Yet another ingenious Charles Cullen masterpiece

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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‘If black holes are so powerful why hasn’t anyone been sucked into it yet’
The Internet Chronicle has that pull; i am write, OR IAMIRITE?!

I am in the process of moving apartments, so hate radio and internet chronicle is not necessarily paused, but there’s a lot of stuff i have to put in front of it right now. my pc time is mainly dedicated to an hour or two of gaming and that’s all :(
So you’ve decide to move out of the lake in the bsmt. So you finally making real money hatesuck. Good and if not godspeed being Ron B’s mew roommate in the crackhouse in Queens.

Love bitchrz be screaming in.the background during the vote. I AM A MOTHER. I AM PATRIOT!
Look you Amekkkican good olde boy fucks you love the sex & dramalama in your politics.

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