“FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER” from by Lebal Drocer, Inc. Released: 2018. Genre: Comedy.

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By Hatesec

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Video podcast one day when ya good old boyz meet back up in the hollars in the olde mountains of VA with your crazy toothless kin folk.
As a side note I tried to search youtubez to locate that video those nutbar jesterfag menopausal fangirly bitches made of John along with the seasme street song. I thought it be funneh to repurpose it with Trump as visoe with same music as video or gif.
Suggested viewing pleaure of lasteat American propaganda, Active Measure.
Mango Down Boys

I am lazy (no proof readin’ going on here, & do I write like copy editor assholes), & esl (dsylexic). And I sure as shit don’t wake up before 10 am. However I like the podcast addict for neochronicle radio but twitchtv double ugh. This here is a podcast not some whorable late night talk show.

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