Lebal Drocer Presents: Ego Death Camps

You will lie down in the cold mud and cry until you feel nothing.

“Lebal Drocer Presents: Ego Death Camps” from chronicle.su, by Lebal Drocer, Inc. Released: 2016. Genre: Comedy.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

One reply on “Lebal Drocer Presents: Ego Death Camps”

What’s weird is I can comment on the mobile site of the chronicle.su radio section BUT not on the full site. Also asshole(s), exception asshurt (she classes the place up), this mostly directed @hatefag, you need to make ALL the radio episodes downloadable. I need my weekly Terrormax(tm) fix to assist me in trolling others (employees and customers) during my hours of management (head slave driver) in retail hell.

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