“RADIOHATE: VIC LIVINGSTON UPDATE 2018” from by Lebal Drocer, Inc. Released: 2018. Genre: Comedy.

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Veteran Journalist Vic Livingston has been systematically tortured by Lockheed-Martin neuromodulations, but now intruders are meddling with his appliances.

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  1. ‘what an insult to satire and lulz. NEVER. zarathustra chapter 40 draws the distinction beautifully’

    Omg did you actually type the word lulz fishfag, *stabbing all teh things

    1. zarathustra, ffs. i dint make it that far.
      menber when the monkey man did that piece like “stalked a waitress, bullshit, bullshit, nietzsche, goethe, bullshit, bullshit and round that time i met up with half of the cast of fbi – the musical”. in irc fish fart was all “these drag queens from Washington, all the colors, the chiffon, the glitter, i didnt know wut i was talking and btw how do you look in a orange jumpsuit sister. all there crap physically hurts.

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