Anonymous denies Anonymous exists

Today, Anonymous denied doing everything ever. AnonOps has split into factions that are hell-bent on publishing the largest body of lies and personal documents in the history of the world. Meanwhile, the FBI is closing in on everybody who ever used the name Anonymous. Anonymous has since denied that Anonymous even exists. Now that every single Anon has been doxed, there is no longer an Anonymous Anon. Therefore, Anonymous no longer exists, and perhaps never did. Also, all the dox are fake.

Anonymous still maintains that it is morally above data theft and would never condone the attack on Sony. While there is plenty of evidence that implicates Anonymous, this theory is not consistent with the upright reputation for civil disobedience that Anonymous is rightly known for.

There is an army of sockpuppets built to leaked HBGary specifications being used by both sides of the Great Anon Schism. The metalgear is continuously downboating all Chronicle.SU articles and posting lies just for the fun. Anonymous has denied that Chronicle.SU is teh lulz, a final denial that will implode Anonymous into a black hole of self-denying non-existence.

“We never let a bunch of criminals, scammers, and liars take over positions of power and organize Anonymous into some phony IRC where everyone rats eachother out!” – Barrett Brown



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