welcum 2 lowercase anonymous

ur not allowed in lowercase anonymous, homophobe

lowercase anonymous is the new anonymous. it’s the old anonymous. it’s what anonymous should never be. it’s exactly what anonymous could be.

uppercase anonymous framed lowercase anonymous by using ddos as a cover to get away with sophisticated attacks. lowercase anonymous is just a socially engineered group of skiddies given teh power of ddos, which is dressed up like a video game in loic. then they feed youz propaganda and you fire teh cann0ns so they can make more intrusive attacks under your cover. uppercase does not care to protect your privacy and censor anyone who wants to complain.

uppercase is for people who just say ‘fag’ or ‘nigger’ and think it makes them win an argument. this is a sign of stupidity and narcissism.

lowercase anonymous people have facebooks and twitters because they have friends. uppercase anonymous is forced to use cracked warez photoshop in linux, which is admittedly retarded. lowercase anonymous loves lolcatz. uppercase anonymous luvz barrett brown’z bobcat.

so whats up, uppercase anonymous? hows anonops, ur little fed hole? don’t do any hacking now that ur on anonops fbi watch list, lolz. i hope all youz guyz are in there doing legal hax0ring just lyke barrett brown said!

we r lowercase anonymous







A homophobic Barrett Brown defends the FBI, and bans me from “Anonymous” with a capital A.
For Asshole:


anonops, as reported by the chronicle.su via anonnews.org, is teeming with internet cops the likes of which Blade Runner never saw.

anonops is a god damn trap.

Do not go near anonops, because the son-of-a-bitching federalis are there, waiting to trap hapless script kiddies, or even a curious visitor.

They want your IPs, which IRC compromises, as well as port vulnerabilities, whatever they can get their hands on, through any orifice they must. Oops! GOT THE TROJAN.FBI IN MY SHIT NOW I’LL NEVER FEEL CLEAN.

ANONOPS is where good intentions go to die. “Come get us,” you sniveling, wormy parasites say, “We’re just here to do right, bro. chill out. just let it happen.”



All because of ANONOPS!! Do NOT go there. It is a fucking FBI trap like you don’t understand. Those people are turning you in by the thousands.

The fear machine follows you as closely as you carry it, and you’re bringin’ it on home, anonybabies. This is me trying to save you.

Barrett Brown has led you directly into an anti-activism honeypot from which the only escape is critical thought itself. Sweet, precious critical thought.

Should you choose to continue deeper into anonops.ru:

The nightmare police who wait for you there want to come into your home, anonymous wants to rape your wife and they will, together, pillage your essence. They want anything and everything they can get their hands on. They want you, so serve yourself up on a silver platter at irc.anonops.ru. join the most populated channel. Congratulations! You’re now suspect and subject to the PATRIOT ACT.

This message brought to you by Lebal Drocer, Inc.
We own everything that matters.

No, you should not join anonymous

Perhaps you have heard of anonymous. Anonymous is a hive of cyber-dissidents located on the AnonOps chat service. Speech, news, and opinion is thoroughly and strictly controlled. Anonymous claims that what it does is civil disobedience. However, ‘anonymous’ is synonymous with the fear of being caught in the act. Even their most influential leaders describe their actions as “information war.” Anonymous has been responsible for outages in video game networks and protests against the Free Expression of religious belief. The anonymous culture is joined at the hip to violent and hateful imagery. The words rape, faggot, and nigger are used in normal discussion as if hateful and violent connotations carry no meaning. Their spokesperson, Barrett Brown, has used homophobic slurs to insult our writers. The targets of anonymous “activism” are often innocent individuals. Anonymous has the potential for terrorism.

The Great Collective is a concept and not a group that can be joined. The term ‘anonymous’ was once used to describe the Great Collective. ‘Anonymous’ has since been corrupted to serve the leaders of the AnonOps IRC service.

The Great Collective is the Collective Voice of Cyber-Humanity.

I only speak of the Great Collective and not for it.

The Great Collective is decidedly non-violent.
The Great Collective commits acts of civil disobedience in the light of day and not like criminals in the night.
The Great Collective supports the Freedom of Religion.
The Great Collective cries out for a secure Internet where corporations are held accountable for privacy failures.
The Great Collective wants leniency for those who are victims of both drug addiction and cruel punishment.
The Great Collective wants a political system that is less influenced by Corporate interests and more open to public scrutiny.
The Great Collective does not crave an absolute truth.
The Great Collective is the effective truth.

Anonymous generally lacks the scope of vision to recognize the Great Collective. However, the Great Collective is very aware of anonymous. Anonymous troubles the Great Collective. Anonymous has done many things the Great Collective respects quite highly, and many things that it has found reprehensible. The Great Collective is the only power on Earth that can decide the fate of anonymous.

Do not believe the lies of anonymous. There has never been a need to censor others with DDoS or wear a Guy Fawkes mask. The Great Collective knows there is a better way. Do not join anonymous. Remain an individual. Help anonymous only when anonymous is willing to help the Great Collective.



Your Disinformation PSY OPS Campaign has gone too far.

We are Anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!

Since 2007, a conspiracy theory about the Denver Airport has received massive attention on youtube. Although no conspiracy is actually promoted in the video, the context of conspiracy is quite clear. By alluding to other conspiracy theories and twisting the perception of frightening images, this media is intended to create public distrust for the Denver Airport. A good hoax, but not good enough to fool me. The video is missing the emotional appeals that appear in Loose Change, as well as a cohesive plot. A conspiracy theory about population control that doesn’t use chemtrails as a plot device is saddening and unbelievable. I’ve always believed chemtrails are real, as airplanes have been seeding us for decades with the first part of a two part poison.


The true source of the Denver Airport “conspiracy” is a group of film students at Hong Kong International School. The frightening images, music, and theories play to an audience that already believes in the New World Order conspiracy. As one of the most blatant hoaxes on youtube, I found it especially entertaining. It plays almost like top-notch satire, mildly ruined by school-project delivery of the voice-overs.



AnonNews allows Google to track commenters with reCAPTCHA

This was a real Captcha, sent in by a reader. The Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart has gained a consciousness of its own, and is warning us.

The Internet–Chronicle.SU went on the record before reporters Tuesday to apologize for months of unauthorized data-mining of hundreds of thousands of readers.

A Chronicle.SU insider, known only as Media Mogul, spoke on-stage from behind a curtain. He said, “A particularly scathing piece of anti-Google propaganda from our friends at p2pNet graced AnonNews early this morning. This led Chronicle.SU to the conclusion that we must boycott the data-mining malware known as Google-Analytics completely, along with any and all similar forms of spyware which compromise user data – and more importantly – the golden integrity of the infallible and glorious Chronicle.SU.”

And in a flash of light he was gone, followed immediately by the appearance of Kilgore Trout, Executive Editor of the Chronicle.SU.

Trout said, “We will gladly publish any details upon request,” adding, “those who use noscript are not affected by our leak to Google.”

“As should be expected,” Trout said sneeringly, “this highly interesting piece from p2pnet wasn’t ‘relevant’ enough for AnonNews. But I believe many of you will be shocked to find out AnonNews currently employs a piece of Google code to ‘keep out spammers’ known as reCAPTCHA. Its privacy policy leaves much to be desired.”

reCAPTCHA Privacy Policy – by Google

Those who use noscript are unable to comment on AnonNews without disabling their security to Google tracking cookies. AnonNews.org forces users to either compromise their anonymity or hide, like cowards, behind a proxy, which still does nothing to prevent the cookies.

Should Anonymous fear its own “news source?”

Geographical distribution of Chronicle.SU readers who don't use noscript.

You have been hacked by Anonymous


Your Google Analytics data-mining has gone too far.

We are Anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Obama kicks off his campaign for reelection

Osama bin Laden
"You're fired."

Osama Bin Laden has been assassinated by the United States Government under the command of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Hussein Obama. President Obama strategically timed this announcement in order to hurt the ratings of Donald Trump’s reality television show. Trump’s comb-over has recently forced the president of the United States to release his long-form birth certificate, riding a populist wave of racial hatred. Trump has used reality television to leverage his position as front runner for 2012 Republican candidacy. This announcement is a blow aimed directly at Donald Trump’s dick. A crowd was planted outside the White House with cameras at the ready, conditioned to maniacally chant their nationalist fervor. 2011 will be remembered as the year in which television replaced reality.

Talking heads repeat the phrase “Bin Laden is dead” as Americans everywhere get hard-ons in anticipation of the moment when Obama will utter the phrase himself. Speculation on Al-Qaeda’s reprisal is used to strike fear into our hearts, a dangling reminder of the horrific images from 9/11. The terror threat level has been raised for the first time in years, in preparation for this incredibly important news. Terror is back, and it’s here to stay. Break out the American flag, because the fight is on.

Osama bin Laden is a figure who became irrelevant at least four years ago. His death is not a national security issue, it is a publicity stunt. Many believe that Bin Laden has, in fact, been dead for years from natural causes. Obama’s policy of death in Libya has been met coldly by his supporters until now. The masses now cry out in celebration for death.

Obama has already submitted a new schematic for the Oval Office that will allow him to maximize enjoyment of his next five years in office. The Oval Office is being converted into a propaganda machine full of gearboxes, timing belts, and terror-alert graphical representations – surrounding a hollow core in which Obama sits, naked, issuing liquid ideology from his pores which evaporates into hot air and is then blown miles into the sky.

Obama’s rhetoric was little more than a base appeal to emotions that heartlessly described the imagery of 9/11. There is no doubt that this self-satisfied speech will be repeated on the campaign trail hundreds of times. Nearly a million Muslims have been killed in revenge for 9/11, but the death of Bin Laden has justified it all. Obama concluded his speech with an invocation to the Christian God of America. Tea Party members are still convinced that Hussein is a secret Muslim.

New Obama Documents Reveal Lapse in Judgment, Fraudulent School Funds

The documents released on President Obama, including an alleged birth certificate obtained from the state of Hawaii, indicate that Obama’s mother was underage when he was conceived. They also reveal that Obama received foreign-exchange scholarships from Harvard.

Donald Trump heroically involved himself in the three-year quest to ascertain Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential eligibility. Trump deserves credit where it is due. We may not always agree with everything Trump says, but he is a man of conviction who put everything on the line to force these important documents upon the public. Well done, Mr. Trump.

The documents indicate Barack Hussein’s mother was underage when he was conceived, suggesting that Mr. Obama’s father was, and possibly still is, a pedophile.

New doubt has been cast on the validity of the original birth certificates released by the State of Hawaii. The indisputable evidence proves Obama received Harvard Law scholarships intended for foreign exchange students.

Hawaii is notorious for its strict policy against releasing personal documents to the public, but made an exception for Mr. Obama.

It seems we’re making a lot of exceptions for Barack Hussein Obama these days, doesn’t it?