th3j35t3r d0x3d!

Late yesterday rumors on Twitter named Ryan Berg as the face behind th3j35t3r. In an apparent breakdown after the failure of the latest d0x aimed at Sabu, th3j35t3r admitted he was Ryan Berg and made a heart-felt apology to Hugo Carvalho. Hugo Carvalho is a Portugese man who “Indiana Jones” pointed his finger at, crying “Sabu, Sabu, this man is Sabu!”

I would like to issue an apology to Hugo Carvalho, who I wrongly d0x3d. I have decided that Sabu will never apologize to Hugo, so I will take the high road. Hugo Carvalho, I am sorry you were drawn into our cyber war. I thought you were hacking the government, but I was wrong. If it’s any consolation, all this was Sabu’s fault. Sabu was tangentially related to you and in the hacking world that’s tantamount to proof of identity. I know I carefully hid my tracks under the alias of Indiana Jones in case I was wrong, but everyone knows it was me who d0xed you. In the past 24 hours, I have also been d0x3d. I am actually Ryan Berg. That’s right my minions, th3j35t3r is actually Ryan Berg! The accusations are truth, and I don’t care. Like I would face jail time for hacking Jihadi web sites. I am sincerely so sorry Hugo,

th3j35t3r AKA Indiana Jones AKA Ryan Berg

PS I have more followers than Sabu

We eagerly await th3j35t3r’s denial of these d0x, which will confirm the truth behind them.

Every other hacker has Aspergers. Does Ryan Berg? He sure looks like it.

UPDATE! UPDATE! Ryan Berg AKA th3j35t3r takes back his apology and locks down his identity with a pastebin paste. Final proof that this entire story is completely true.

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