News is an Anonymous Psy-Op by Topiary

Jealous of the awesome trolling and media phreaking that is Chronicle.SU, Topiary has created This complete failure of a site has been tweeted heavily by Anonymous in a pitiful attempt to divert readers from the truly beloved and established Cronical.

Stop fapping Topiary!

Like the Cronical, plays on the ironic death of truth that is hacktivism. Well, at least Topiary tries. Luckily he has an army of loyal Anon fans to back up his writing, coupled with Kayla’s army of sockpuppets.

Because of the prevalence of misinformation, fake d0x, and insane conspiracies, this is an understandably exploitable source of endless humor. However, is written by Topiary, a piece of shit Zelda fan who jerks off to Princess Ruto. As such, it is completely insufferable and as full of fail as possible.

Of course, jealousy is not the only motivation behind It is quite obviously a psy-op designed to portray Anonymous in a more appealing context. By spelling out the “conspiracy” that _TeamP0is0n_ was in fact a self-d0x misinformation campaign by LulzSec, Topiary hopes to score points for a previously undocumented troll. Obvious obvious is obvious. This idea glorifies Topiary and LulzSec, and we expect much more of the same from

Topiary? More like Tropiary. Lol, try a little harder next time.



Topiary continues to feed the troll, but in classic style utilizes the delete function in Twitter to make this not count as “giving me attention.” Here is the message for posterity’s sake. Topiary gave me more attention after promising not to.

tl;dr I win.


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I’d stoop to your level and grammarfag the many comma splices, adjective/adverb confusions, and failed contractions…but what’s the point? You don’t need perfect grammar to troll, or even to convey an idea. I will grant that you’re about halfway there, but you could still use some guidance.

Kilgore will lose. He lost his touch. He doesn’t have an “A” game anymore. He can’t “go hard” anymore. Don’t believe me? antagonize him. The best he’ll come with is a recycled insult of intelligence. I think barrett brown might have taken all the fight he had left. He got to enthralled in anonymous, he bacame obsessed. It’s sad really.

wait, wait, this is where someone makes a really clever comment using some combination of the four holy glyphs: fail,troll,fag,lulz.

Geo is just jealous again because we had such heavy traffic today that our server was overwhelmed like a DDoS attack.

omg i knoww i kept checking and kept checking but alllllllll the traffic, i couldn’t get to the site to let out my ibgaine addiction fueled rage. all my pent up virginity and acne spewing onto a lousy BLOG. my oven is still warm from the troll food mmmm delicious.
kilgore…on some real shit…media mogul took your spot MONTHS ago as the chronicles best asset. your lack of lulz is why i took a two month break from this debacle.

I can picture you sitting there with your uncontrollable boners from puberty, lightly feathering F5 and cursing my name. I’m not in any kind of a contest to be your favorite writer.

i think about granny panties and seal smashing but they wont go away. whats the opposite of viagra? i need it. and is there supposed to be hair down there??

Yes, my little troll. This is all natural.

Troll epiphany! i decided to stop trolling, mainly because its not my forte. then i started visiting this site again and was depressed at the lack of old kilgore, my former favorite imaginairy webpage writer, so i tried to gently coax him out of his hole, and out he came, only something had changed.
so yes, i have been trolling for the last three days or so, and i apologize. it was ME who became enthralled in something meaningless, not kilgore. my disappointment was displaced.
in conclusion, i will continue to read this site, but i officially announce my retirement from posting,=.
best of luck brutus, mogul and trout

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