Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

This image was posted by the Snobs at the New Yorker, in a serious-sounding opinion on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Amanda Todd never died; she transcended the mortal plane to become The Patron Saint of Internet Meme Suicide.

Her viral video, I’m sure, is a perfectly fair and balanced account of her life which spread like a disease through the internet only as a consequence of how true it was. Nothing suspicious about it at all.

In death, she is a sacred celebrity, the most valued of human beings, and her enemies are being punished. This can’t all be by design, of course. Innocent young women would never create emotionally manipulative videos. Amanda Todd’s salacious underage topless pics, which were oh-so-innocent, are more widely distributed than she could have ever imagined. She has both exacerbated and escaped her nightmare scenario, bringing a whole new suicide format back from beyond death.

[pullquote]“Oh, isn’t that sad suicide note video just awful?” Retweet. Share. Like. Repost. “Those bastards who drove her to post this video are to blame.” ~ The People Who Are Really To Blame.[/pullquote]

You gullible pieces of shit.

Do you not realize what you’ve done? Now every fucking time some depressed, attention starved teenage suicide video goes viral, the millions of views will be a measure of how much you are to fucking blame for every girl who is inspired to copy her.

This isn’t even the beginning.

Amanda Todd felt “like a joke in the world,” and now she’s a bigger joke than any other suicide in the history of the human race. She’s died to bring forth the rotten fruit of social media suicide fame.


85 comments to Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

  • well there isnt any evidence that shes dead and what if she got killed n not a suicide?

  • Casey

    Yeah, before the whole “bullying” fiasco, Amanda todd bully me.

  • annoymous

    No she didnt deserve it. She just made one mistake. Anyone could have made it. Im curious to see what edvidence you have to say that she faked her death

  • Unknowen

    I have found, that 9/10 times when someone Bash’s someone else, it is Because they are Ashamed of something they have done themselves so they Bash others to make them feel better about themselves. so makes me wonder about all you Haters and Basher’s and what you are hiding to make you Lash out on this Girl. this young ladys crime was she made a mistake and showed her breasts to a guy in chat and you Brand her a whore.. But you say nothing about the 41 yr old guy who took the Pic and spread it around and stalked her. she didnt deserve to be Bullied like she was. but sadly she was.. as far as her trying to get attention. to some Degree that Maybe true. but from everything I have been reading, and the video’s out there. Im thinking it was more a cry for Help than for Attention.. she didnt Have anyone else to talk to, Because of all the Haters out there Bullying her, she only had Social Media to express herself. I Pray she has found Peace. And I feel sry for you Haters out there. Someone Mentioned Karma, and Karma is a Bitch. you will get yours one day I think. and say to yourself, Oh God, what did I do to Deserve this? ATM think back to this young Lady and what you said.

    R.I.P Amanda

    • ThaXterminator

      It’s wonderful to see that there are a few ‘normal’ people who have genuine sympathy and empathy for another human being. Amanda Todd was/is a very special young lady who deserved to live. No matter what she did it would never equal what she had to go through. With such ignorant, mindless, rude comments like some of you have made, I think that it could be anyone of you who blackmailed her by circulating her photo. Your comments definitely make you seem like pedophiles to me who like little 15 year old girls. For those of you rude idiots on this site, whether you realize it or not or whether you care (which I seriously doubt that you do, thinking that YOU are so ‘BIG’ hiding behind your PC screens), in reality, YOU are incriminating yourselves and YOU should learn to choose your words VERY carefully because you never know who is behind the PC screen reading ALL of your comments.

  • Tiffany

    You know what i dont quite understand…
    is she got punished by showing an older man her boobs ( because he asked) but why didnt the older man get punished for asking a young woman to show her boobs? thats some pedophile shit. N have anyone of you guys had your boobs gone national…to where everyone hated you because of a mistake you had made??? what if it went viral? wouldnt you go crazy as well? i would of dropped out asap, not thinking about transferring schools…she tried to start new, but it was hard…and when people make assumptions about how she “accidentally hung herself” its pointless to say something like that when you were not even there stop assuming. Attention is attention. You basically want more people to care,or to notice you… whether its loosing weight to get more attention, or you cut yourself for it, it means you feel like you aint good enough. people take the need for attention a different way, because we all lived different lives. we are all different. I see many people judgeing her, but a lot of those many never said they “personally” know her…so how can you say thing n that? it makes no sense, and there is no point in arguing about some girl when you dont know her… that goes for the people on her side and the people who think she is a whore. You dont know her “personally” i think that everyone should lay off, and just carry-on, but one thing i can say with out knowing her…and this goes for all the people who have died by committing suicide….NO one deserves to die before “fate” decides when. how can people say a young girl…slut/whore/innocent/attention getter/depressed/hero etc…any name anyone has ever called her.. how can you say she deserved to die? at a young age…prolly going through teenage hormones, and that stressful high school life while one mistake made her a slut..? and i aint even mentioning that home wrecker incident… yall dont know the story…she could be so depressed with herself that she felt like this was the only way to feel loved… it could be anything nobody knows… but SHE was not the one cheating….So the cheater was with clean hands?? what sense does that make? people cheat everyday ok, many never get caught…for all ya know he couldda set her up. or of course she just wanted to feel special for once. ya know…maybe if people would let the boob incident go, should wouldnt of felt obligated, not saying its right, personally if my bf cheated, i would be more mad at him,cause HE is my concern HE is the one who made the commitment to me…NOT her. im sure she regretted them both…as you can tell after the boob incident…she didnt do that again….after the homewrecker incident…she didnt do it again.. thats called learning from mistakes. im sure yall made more than two mistakes in life?? the only difference is you guys isnt viral. we are humans, ok. she fucked up. i totally agree. yes. but im not going to sit her and say what she thought, what she was, cause one…im not her brain idk what she thinks….2…i didnt know her… so there aint much to say.. i have not heard from one personal person who knew her. so untill then, its B.S.. She is dead, she is outta the suffering she was OBVIOUSLY in. ( cause you know she is not a robot…she has feeling like everyone else) REAST IN PARADISE AMANDA TODD

  • Anonymous

    wtf she was fucking her self in video chat

  • jami

    i love amanda but she didn’t do anything to call here a “hero” she didn’t saved someone’s life or something….

  • Jumaki

    I am just curious as to what evidence you are basing the statement that she faked her death? on? Hard to be taken seriously at all when you just spout bullshit from your mouth with nothing to back it up with…

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    For all you ignorant idiots out there: don’t start shit with me because what I’m gonna say is true. You can’t judge Amanda if you’ve never met her. That means you shouldn’t call her retarted AND you shouldn’t show sympathy to her. Before it all got on the news, how many people actually knew her in person? I bet you that all the socail media out there has helped you make your opinion. Before you all start thinking she was an innocent angel and just blindly follow what everyone else is saying, I suggest you think of some things beforehand. First of all, what would your reaction be if some kid at your school flashed to a random stranger? You’d be doing the same thing. Don’t blame the bullies for that. I’ve seen enough kids bitch about bullying and Amanda’s death when they personally bully others themselves. So if you ever meet a hater, you’ll know they have good reason

    • Anonymous

      She is a retard though.She show herself nude to older guys and had a 13 year old boy fuck how are we suppose to feel sorry for that dumb bitch.

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