Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

This image was posted by the Snobs at the New Yorker, in a serious-sounding opinion on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Amanda Todd never died; she transcended the mortal plane to become The Patron Saint of Internet Meme Suicide.

Her viral video, I’m sure, is a perfectly fair and balanced account of her life which spread like a disease through the internet only as a consequence of how true it was. Nothing suspicious about it at all.

In death, she is a sacred celebrity, the most valued of human beings, and her enemies are being punished. This can’t all be by design, of course. Innocent young women would never create emotionally manipulative videos. Amanda Todd’s salacious underage topless pics, which were oh-so-innocent, are more widely distributed than she could have ever imagined. She has both exacerbated and escaped her nightmare scenario, bringing a whole new suicide format back from beyond death.

[pullquote]”Oh, isn’t that sad suicide note video just awful?” Retweet. Share. Like. Repost. “Those bastards who drove her to post this video are to blame.” ~ The People Who Are Really To Blame.[/pullquote]

You gullible pieces of shit.

Do you not realize what you’ve done? Now every fucking time some depressed, attention starved teenage suicide video goes viral, the millions of views will be a measure of how much you are to fucking blame for every girl who is inspired to copy her.

This isn’t even the beginning.

Amanda Todd felt “like a joke in the world,” and now she’s a bigger joke than any other suicide in the history of the human race. She’s died to bring forth the rotten fruit of social media suicide fame.


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This. No one wants to talk about the repercussions of the phenomenon of “pulling an Amanda Todd.” It’s all get sympathetic or GTFO.

Amanada Todd was a great girl and she still is because we all have that feeling that….. Amanda Todd is Still Alive! We all feel that she is still alive and out there looking different but we know that Amanada Todd is still alive… But if shes not Pray that she comes back to life and gets a second chance….

Amanda died for our sins? What about her own sins? Like sleeping with older men, knowing that older man has a girlfriend? How innocent is that? How innocent is the act of flashing men and masturbating for them?

She was completely self-absorbed. When the attention started to fade she would let something else happen to her so she could use that as a means for more attention. In her note card video she has a card saying “he hooked up with me”. Not WE hooked up, it was all this guy’s fault. The guy with a girlfriend that she knowingly ignored because she had an insatiable need to feel important, wanted and important.

Why is it that when a pretty young girl commits suicide because she can’t live with her own mistakes the media goes crazy, but when someone who is not attractive gets kidnapped, raped and killed the media does nothing? You’re all so superficial and mislead it’s bone-chilling.

She was a totally self-absorbed 14 YEAR-OLD. And you really think that harm to others is a cogent argument to ignore harm to one? I hope you wear a helmet.

What the hell is wrong with you HUH telling for sure she was a whore well believe me pretend you did the same mistake and someone told you whore how are you going to react really no one deserves this NO ONE so if you want to comment then comment your ass and then put your comment for your self don’t show to to others loser

Self Absorbed she was better then you and every other horable comment is so rude if that was you and people were being rude to you what would you do ? Yeah i thought so. Bu get

I find that the way most people react to a another’s. suicide or talk of suicide is usually reflective of their own views and fears of it. It’s a projection of thinking. Yes, this girl may have wanted attention and done somethings lacking in judgment, but she had the judgment of a 15 yr old. You never done anything you regretted when you were younger? Furthermore, how she is punished for her mistakes wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t a girl, because when a woman does anything sexual she is a “whore”, whereas a man is a “stud” and now popular.
Also putting all the blame on those who are harassed or mistreated is such a cope out — it’s easier to just say it was all their fault, than do something about it.
Yes, I know suicide isn’t a pleasant thing to talk about and it forces many people to examine and think of somethings they may not want to think about. And your defense against it may be that only weak, stupid people do it and that in your mind protects you from doing it, because you’re not weak and stupid; this may be the reason for your bashing of others who commit or talk of suicide. But just know that this is just your perspective, molded and shaped by your social reality.

Your social reality is your idea of what is “reality” based upon your culture’s norms and your socialization from a very young age. So, for example, who you percieve as weird or normal is a part of your “social reality”. Also why people call women “whores”, but slap a guy on the back, saying “Atta boy!”, for performing sexual activities.

I can’t believe the utter ignorance in the world still today…. is you fucking think suicide is a joke, then try it yourself you stupid self absorbed ignorant mother fuckers!!! maybe one day you too will know the pain of losing a loved one!!! I hope my efforts to raise awareness and prevent suicide does NOT include you!!

i cant take this abuse anymore. i’m going to amanda todd, and i’ll make a video for you. then you’ll know how wrong you are

Oh yeah, because you are SOOOOOO much better than us for telling us to commit suicide.

Fucking hypocrite.

Consider: 20,000+ children die daily of preventable malnutrition and starvation. 200 million children work in child labor.

What a tragedy when someone who has clean drinking water plumbed to their toilet sees their life “unfit to live”. Study relative deprivation.

9 million children die yearly of starvation. Statistic.
One girl kills self in 1st world. Tragedy.

To understand human condition is to understand why suicide rate so high in “Americana” and other 1st world countries. I’d tell you the reason but it will ruin the surprise. Hint #1: Balance. Hint #2: All life is one. :)

Okay I get what you’re saying but her life really was bad. I’d rather die of starvation than go through what she did. I’m really sick of comments saying she was self-absorbed. I love how, kim kardashian made a sex tape herself and is a “celebrity” then guys that show off their dick & shit are considered “Awesome” but just because one girl made a mistake, she’s a horrible slut. But, as I said, she shouldn’t of had to go through all the bullying. Basically, she was bullied in all ways; Sexually, Physically, Mentally/Socially, and Cyberly.

Good riddance. I heard the reason she killed herself is she couldnt face one more day being a nigger and dookie eater.

I feel like she killed herself because she showed her boobies, &It wasn’t because she was a nigger. I mean, I would kill myself If I was a nigger. But no. It was because she showed her nips bro

Well, would you wanna be a nigger? Exactly.

thank god Amanda Todd killed herself.
there’s obvious reasons no one liked her while she was still alive…

How many people are on this planet? The problem here is you all think your special. She did us a favor by offing herself. I wish more would take her cue.
If you have failed to see an importance to your life outside of death, then complete your mission and bid us fare well. The lack of education, the Will to be something more and the dreams of a better place have long since left the children of north america. THe parents of these children are the ones to blame. THey are busy playing World of war craft, fantasizing about a blow job from a three headed elf. Other examples of neglect can be found I am sure.
Not to mention the poisoning of the water with flouride, Corn syrup, bad media on the idiot box, and the best job out there for men is war, so were all fucked up.
Unless we change our paridime we are going to see this more and more. I dont give a fuck but I am sure that one of you all are a parent to one of these creatures. So lets change the government, quit the war banking system, put money back into making us smart. Get people out of the trailer park, out of the ghetto, destroy the fucking churches, and remove the idea that to be famous is to do something stupid for the world to see.
Fucking morons.


She was a dumbass and we are better off without her. Too bad those on welfare and foodstamps dont follow her lead.

seriously? she wasn’t innocent as most people think she is. as this article says, she was a joke and is an even bigger joke. she did this out of her own free will! so she kind of deserved the bullying. she persuaded a boy to cheat on his girlfriend. every time someone is getting bullied now someone will think “oh i should kill myself now, amanda todd did and now she’s respected and liked all over the world.” NO!!! that’s is the worst thing to think. what’s more, she bullied those girls before any of this happened. once they found out that she flashed, she started getting bullied by the two girls, it was her OWN FREE WILL which led her to being bullied. people get bullied every day for stupid things like being fat(which is genetic or a disease) having glasses (again, genetic) she flashed on webcam (FREE WILL) god some of the people in this world are so naive and don’t even care to look up the facts before they start to argue

Well isn’t that blaming the victim!? The bullies had free will as well, bud, and they weren’t being nice people.

That being said, she committed suicide of her own free will, although sure, she faced horrible social rejection.

But now that bullied teenage girls are made heroes, there’s that extra incentive? Why be bullied when you can be martyred!?

Why live when you can have social acceptance?

She was 12 years old you ignorant little person!! She was a child. I have read everything and heard every side to every story and I dont care who she is or what she did, she didn’t deserve to be bullied!! I have an 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old son that I would really hurt someone over.. If anyone ever messed with my children the way this poor girl was tormented I would absolutely lose it and I’d hurt someone really bad!! I just dont understand why the school and her parents didnt do more to help this child. Anyway, I feel like all of you that are on here are probably underage punks that really doesnt know their ass from a hole in the ground so Im going to take my argument somewhere that the people can actually read and write!! REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL

VAN RESPECT: Thank you, someone finally said it. Why can’t people show some respect? If you felt that bad about yourself, i’m sure you’d want someone to care and make an impression too. Don’t be disrespectful just because of your insecurities. Have a heart, and VAN RESPECT, I’m on your side…actually i’m on Amanda’s side, she didn’t deserve that just for making one mistake NO ONE IS PERFECT. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. THERE IS NO REASON TO BE JUDGED FOR SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE HAS DONE OR WORSE, JUST BECAUSE HER MISTAKE WAS RECORDED. SHOW SOME RESPECT. <3 R.I.P. AMANDA TODD

My gripe, if someone cared about her. It should have been her parents, her parents should have done more then they did then to just wait til’ after she killed herself to react to it. When they first found out about this they should have taken her webcam and laptop and forced other hobbies on her. Free will or not after this and she’s thinking about suicide and is highly depressed she shouldn’t even be online. You can’t handle the internet don’t even bother using it. You have to be safe offline and online and if ANYONE compliments online? You should have the brains to know that you can’t trust something like this.

Flashing or not, she did way more then flash on webcam. people who use webcam most times use it to seek attention anyway. Not to mention look at her pictures. Flipping off the camera in one acting bad ass?

She was a bully too, she doesn’t deserve to be dead it’s sad and all but she should have been smart enough to say no, block his sorry ass and move on and ignore that dumbass guy she had a fling with. She had a boyfriend before that from what I see in pictures. She was no innocent but she didn’t deserve this.

All in all, parents watch all of your kids online and kids TRUST NO ONE! USE YOUR BRAIN!

Y’all who token bad bout this girl death y’all live getting shorter and shorter yea she did make a mistake. Bhutan to the point their other kids thy killed their sleves Cuz of being bullied she moved from the problem then the dude followed her brought more to thy pot then the dude she hooked up wit she dent kno he had a gf. they all jumped on her for no reason y’all and them other policy thy beat her and emotionly abused her are going to hell kill y’all self and watch eat policy say

Okay. Apparently no one on here is very intelligent. One. Have some respect you ignorant idiots! Two: You really need to go back to school. Most of you can’t spell, and your sentences(if you call them sentences) are mostly grammatically incorrect. Three: She(Amanda Todd) made a mistake. And some disgusting pedophile decided to ruin someone’s life, whatever his background was( tamautized as a child, raped by his father, neglected, etc). I don’t see anything funny about suicide. @Big Black Nigger, you just keep on ruining and helping your race’s reputation. You disgust me. Have some respect. No one wants your black penis. @The author, I’m sorry for your ignorance. The media is sick. You go along with it. Writing this was stupid of you. Very, very stupid. At the rest of you, I hope you look at this message and realize that FORGIVENESS is great. What she had to go through because of her mistake is WRONG, inhumane, and disgusting. She should not have one through that. It disgusts me. And all of you make fun of her. I wish I was able to speak to her, because the first thing I would tell her is, “You are forgiven for your mistake, and you’re not alone. Jesus Christ can be your rock. He will heal your heart, in Him, you will have joy. Because in Him, you will be loved, because even if the whole world hates you, JESUS CHRIST will not. And He is more than anyone in this world.” God bless you all, and I hope you understand. All for God’s Glory!

What the hell is wrong with people all I see is hating ass people. Put it this way very easy for idiots to understand. When you die my god will torment your asses. Easy to understand right, of course.

This was for the amanda todd haters and no one else. Oh and my grammar sucks too alright but ebonics typing is absolutely stupid. Some old school slang is cool but now a days it’s retarted. I know I hear it alot.

Anyways why in the hell would someone torment a girl or anyone to death and people wonder why we get these doomsday senario shit, cuz man we need a real one. That would be so helpful to weed out the worthless people in the world. The troublemakers, rich snobs, etc. You know what I mean the worthless kind and yes their are right hand path people that are worthless too.


And you Sir, Private First Class William Gillespie
are a cold-hearted and truely IGNORANT individual who thinks their own sh-t doesn’t stink! Just take a good wiff! And while your at it, remember Karma…I know Karma will remember you! God help your children if you have any! P.S. Your name should be First Class ASS! Rest in peace beautiful Amanda Todd!

Stop defending people you don’t fucking know. My uncle died by killing himself, are you going to worship the ground he walks on?! Fuck no, no you aren’t. So shut the fuck up, and go drink a refreshing glass of bleach.

Don’t act so smart like you know everything Evan I don’t know her when I read her story I felt like i know her for million years so shut the fuck up mr ass and keep your comments for yourself

This is absolutely ridiculous !! U all talk shit bc she had sex.. Read the story she didn’t manipulate the boy into cheating it was vise versa, she did the se thing every female in this day and age does and they kept harassing her n following her. She was trying to move on til she just couldn’t take it anymore. She killed herself . She’s dead let her rest In peace.. U should respect all the dead that weren’t honestly deserving (murderers, pedophiles, rapist,etc). Please just quit being disrespectful . How would u feel if people were talking shit about ur kid if the situation was reversed? RIP Amanda Todd

No you shut up, you don’t know shit about all the reckless shit she pulled. She wasn’t a victim her stupidity just caught up with her. She could have not been retarded and not flashed those people or have underage sex with some guy but she decided to do just that.

She was a fucking child you piece of shit son of a bitch.. I dont give a flying fuck what she did, the kid didnt deserve to be put through hell and made to feel that death was her only way out.. The little cunts and the motha fucker that contributed to this CHILDS suicide should be made to feel as much pain and as alone this little girl felt. A little message to all bullies: next time you might wanna think before you act or speak because none of have crossed a mom like me yet!! U fuck with my kids, we got a big problem.. I dont give a damn how old u r or how big of a bad ass you think you are.. But I guarantee i would leave um begging for mercy!!

Annie, you’re a fucking idiot if she was just a “child” then stop calling the people who bullied her cunts because those were “children” too considering those were people the same age(s) as Amanda.

you know, her mother allowed her to post videos of how “depressed” she was and how much she hated her life. her mother saw what Amanda was going through, and her mother did nothing. Amanda Todd had been cutting herself. Her mother stood by and let her. She was doing drugs and alcohol. Her mother stood by and let her. Bullying is wrong, but parents have the ability to intervene. Amanda was getting bullied because of the things she did and continued doing, her mother should have gotten her help because it’s obvious Amanda wanted attention and her mother didn’t even give her daughter enough attention to get her help. It’s Amanda’s fault, the bullies faults, and her mother’s fault.

“She persuaded a boy to cheat on his girlfriend.” Oh, okay…no responsibility there huh? That boy also had FREE WILL, and chose to cheat and also humiliate her because he probably got caught by his girlfriend! Talk about naive! Geesh!

Hey John…With such an ignorant, mindless comment like you made, I think that you could be the prick who blackmailed her by circulating her photo. You definitely seem like a pedophile to me who likes little 15 year old girls. You and a few other idiots on this site are incriminating yourselves and YOU should learn to choose your words VERY carefully because you never know who is behind the PC screen reading ALL of your comments.

These people are just trolling because they have nothing better to do. They just say bad things because they get off on peoples’ reactions. I’m just going to ignore them, even though I know they are going to take shit about me now or try to defend themselfs.

R.I.P. Amanda Todd

Stop defending people you don’t fucking know. My uncle died by killing himself, are you going to worship the ground he walks on?! Fuck no, no you aren’t. So shut the fuck up, and go drink a refreshing glass of bleach.

You are an extremely ignorant individual who lacks empathy and really does NOT know how to “argue” with class…I’ll leave it at that.

December 31, 2012 at 4:37 PM · Reply
Stop defending people you don’t fucking know. My uncle died by killing himself, are you going to worship the ground he walks on?! Fuck no, no you aren’t. So shut the fuck up, and go drink a refreshing glass of bleach.

Just want to clear up the words above are from an ignorant and heartless individual, and I did not highlight this in my first repy.

she was a cheep slut and she deserved to die little bitch like i mean if your going to give pussy u should have it with someone u love

she was a cheep slut and she deserved to die little bitch like i mean if your going to give pussy u should have it with someone u love god

Why are you still mean to her? She dead cuz of you HATERS !! You deserve to die !! Amanda didn’t deserve, so fuck off !!

Well no.. No one deserves to die. SO what if she flashed? Does it give everyone a right to bully her to death?! NO. So how about you stop fighting. You are no better then the people who drive Amanda todd to her suicide.

You know what haters u have no right bulling a girl and FYI shes dead coz u fucking cunts she was gorgeous and soo what if she showed her tits it was a mistake and mistakes happen thats part of life ur not trying to bully someone to look cool u have no right and her poor family r crying to death. She had an amazing life and if she didnt kill herself she would grow up, get married and have kids. Shes 16 u fucking noobs she could have had a life i hope u bitches go to hell and i hope one day u gus get bullied and kill urselves and soooooooo what if she slept with Jessica Nguyen ( who has a fuckig funny surename ) boyfriend coz i think they werent even together anyways why bully her u guys r commiting a sin and it also says in the bible. JUST please stop bullying this poor inocent girl i mean GET A LIFE AND DO 1 assholes

You people go get a life!!!!Stop talking bad things about a girl who died because what people said….see u people are what made this happen seriously would if this happened to one of your siblings…..I didn’t know her but it hurts me to think that this little innocent girl had done that because u kind if people!Okay so who Evers talkin shit about her go get a life!!!!!!okay u haven’t idea how much she had gone through and just wonder hiw her family and friends geek right bow they probably cry there selves to sleep every night cuz the shit people said to her……GO GET A LIFE!!!

Yes Amanda Todd was technologically a whore/slut whatever, she masterbating to guys on webcam, lied about saying it was one time she flashed, Maybe she might of became a porn star who knows. she probably was bipolar, loved attention and wanted to be famous like Demi Lovato and thought she could be inspirational but at the same time hated herself, felt guilt because society couldn’t accepted her for wanting/or being a slut. You be surprise how many girls her age feel the need to express their sexuality like that! you can blame pop media for that. this kind of story pops up in the news every so often, but still she was underage, and this whole “blame her for her death” is supporting “rape culture”. Once a 11 year old was gang rape in texas and New York Times practically blame her because she dressed and did makeup like a 20 year old (saying she was asking for it) and hanged out with older men and gave them consent to rape her. still the boys did jail time, 2 older ones are in for life. She was underage so the fact she did consent didn’t matter legally, same here. the media made people want to feel sorry for the boys more then the victim, she personally took more blame then the guys did. So may I ask this? So she was a slut who couldn’t handle the consequence of actions but even though what she did was wrong why must you supporting this when it’s influencing this “rape culture” theory you must blame the victim not the prosecutor (aka the pedophile) and bullied/trolls. I bet a million bucks you haters have watch porn in you’ll lifetime and enjoy it and I don’t see you guys cyberbulling porn stars. Or is it because that most porn stars don’t give a shit and the fact Amanda did makes her more of a target? Trolls feed of people with weakness, there’s no point to troll someone who doesn’t care. The fact Amanda did care to the point of suicide matters! If she ever truly learn to deal with the hate IMO she probably would have gotten worst and become a prostitute,or porn star etc. I swear every time someone or something blows up in the news whether it’s celebrities, a new meme, song, video etc, once it gets to the point when every one saying the same thing about (whether it’s good or bad) One attention seeking person thinks “I’ll be the one different person and say the opposite” and that always starts a flood of people doing the same thing, you doing it for attention the same damn thing you’ve criticizing Amanda for doing! Hypocrites!

I don’t like it how people are still bullying Amanda. She deserved a life, too. Did you all know that she turned to drugs and alcohol because of all the people that made her suffer? Well, she did. Don’t call her a slut or anything like that because it isn’t HER fault. Some people just don’t know when they’ve crossed the line.

Amanda Todds suicide was definitely for attention and she probably didn’t mean to actually “kill” herself but make it look like she was trying to kill herself. Generally the psychology behind suicide is that the person doesn’t tell people about it. Amanda Todd made youtube videos about how she couldn’t handle it and how it wasn’t worth it. She got on webcam because she wanted to hear older men tell her she looked good, then to get more attention she would show them her chest and masturbate for them. She slept with a 13 year old boy that had a girlfriend and got into a fight with said girlfriend. After her actions were made public and people stopped talking to her and started calling her a whore or a slut she started making videos saying she was being bullied. She then posted a video that millions of people have seen talking about suicide AFTER the attention she was getting for the picture and cam sessions she had done started to die down, then she kills herself, which again was probably not meant to go the way it did. She was probably expecting that someone would find her before she died and then she would get more attention from social media and newspapers or she wouldn’t have made a video about it before doing it. She posted pictures of her wrists after cutting them. Amanda Todd wanted attention, she kept getting this attention by creating a scenario where she was the helpless victim, she then hoped to continue getting attention by attempting suicide, the attempt went wrong and she actually died. She wanted sympathy and attention and to be told it wasn’t her fault and for people to act like she was a perfect little angel that was pressured into doing things. She was manipulative and in the end the game she was playing backfired. Had she really been all that sorry for what she had done and had she really been that depressed and had she really, truly felt like she had no one, she wouldn’t have posted a video for the world to see about how she couldn’t continue living with her mistakes. She could have allowed the drama to dissipate as it usually does in middle school and she would have made new friends and been just fine. SHE is the one that kept it going and her mother allowed her to do so by moving Amanda from school to school. It was probably Amanda that posted the picture of her chest because believe it or not there are ways to keep social media private and the fact that it was posted to the pages of the kids she went to school with is strange too because pedophiles don’t usually stalk their victims. All in all, it was a dangerous game Amanda created to play so she could get attention and it led to her death. She definitely doesn’t deserve the worlds pity.

Alright, I don’t know why some of you just can’t understand that YOU are what led her to suicide. Yes, I know she did the nude Webcams, but you have no right to CONTINUE hating on her. All those stupid memes like “Nude pictures. Now I’m gonna go drink Bleach.” They’re not funny. They’re cruel. It’s sad to think that she couldn’t handle it, and that she chose suicide as her answer. It’s not fake. She died. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s not perfect, but no one deserves to be treated like this. Especially after death. I appreciate that some of you actually have a heart, as well as a mind, and that you understand that she did not deserve to be bullied like she was. To all of you that are saying “She deserved to die”, well, you know what.. She didn’t. No one DESERVES to die. Not even you. If you were put in her shoes, how would you feel? If you were bullied like that, what would you do? If you were to be called a slut, a whore.. a bitch.. Would you still be hating on HER? It’s not acceptable. I’m sorry that you’re saying such horrible things about Amanda, because trust me, you’ll pay for it in the end.

okay most of you are being bastards i get wat she went through i also get bullied everyday i stand by her side i cut myself to i always think of suicide becuz the bullying gets more and more fucking worse and im just as strong as her and im hanging in here and seeing people like you who dont give a fucking shit and get the fuck out of here i stand for she was beautiful perfect and had an amazing voice she was everything perfect and she got bullied i get bullied just as much as she did and the same i didnt do a damb thing though and niether did she so all of you fucking haters are the reason and you need to get your head out from your ass and get a life and stop bullying peple to the point of death so stfu and if u dont respect her get the fuck out of here i respect her me and her basically have everything the same wanting to die and i almost did but i told myself i can do it there is something waiting for me i n3ed to be strong and keep going and i still cut BADLY and its from people like you and to all the people that are being nice thank you so much for sticking up for amanda she should know she has more people that love her than hate her she didnt deserve it we love u amanda be strong in heaven girl i miss u dearly beautiful :'( ur the reason im staying strong i love u :'(

Hey, are you okay? Do you need anyome to talk to @valeria ? I’d like to be your friend if you ever needed it my kik is XenaZeNightmare if you ever need someone to talk to

For all you ignorant idiots out there: don’t start shit with me because what I’m gonna say is true. You can’t judge Amanda if you’ve never met her. That means you shouldn’t call her retarted AND you shouldn’t show sympathy to her. Before it all got on the news, how many people actually knew her in person? I bet you that all the socail media out there has helped you make your opinion. Before you all start thinking she was an innocent angel and just blindly follow what everyone else is saying, I suggest you think of some things beforehand. First of all, what would your reaction be if some kid at your school flashed to a random stranger? You’d be doing the same thing. Don’t blame the bullies for that. I’ve seen enough kids bitch about bullying and Amanda’s death when they personally bully others themselves. So if you ever meet a hater, you’ll know they have good reason

She is a retard though.She show herself nude to older guys and had a 13 year old boy fuck how are we suppose to feel sorry for that dumb bitch.

i wasnt even one of amandas bullies i didn’t even know who she was till she commited suicide dumb way to put it todd. R.I.P amanda todd

I am just curious as to what evidence you are basing the statement that she faked her death? on? Hard to be taken seriously at all when you just spout bullshit from your mouth with nothing to back it up with…

i love amanda but she didn’t do anything to call here a “hero” she didn’t saved someone’s life or something….

You know what i dont quite understand…
is she got punished by showing an older man her boobs ( because he asked) but why didnt the older man get punished for asking a young woman to show her boobs? thats some pedophile shit. N have anyone of you guys had your boobs gone national…to where everyone hated you because of a mistake you had made??? what if it went viral? wouldnt you go crazy as well? i would of dropped out asap, not thinking about transferring schools…she tried to start new, but it was hard…and when people make assumptions about how she “accidentally hung herself” its pointless to say something like that when you were not even there stop assuming. Attention is attention. You basically want more people to care,or to notice you… whether its loosing weight to get more attention, or you cut yourself for it, it means you feel like you aint good enough. people take the need for attention a different way, because we all lived different lives. we are all different. I see many people judgeing her, but a lot of those many never said they “personally” know her…so how can you say thing n that? it makes no sense, and there is no point in arguing about some girl when you dont know her… that goes for the people on her side and the people who think she is a whore. You dont know her “personally” i think that everyone should lay off, and just carry-on, but one thing i can say with out knowing her…and this goes for all the people who have died by committing suicide….NO one deserves to die before “fate” decides when. how can people say a young girl…slut/whore/innocent/attention getter/depressed/hero etc…any name anyone has ever called her.. how can you say she deserved to die? at a young age…prolly going through teenage hormones, and that stressful high school life while one mistake made her a slut..? and i aint even mentioning that home wrecker incident… yall dont know the story…she could be so depressed with herself that she felt like this was the only way to feel loved… it could be anything nobody knows… but SHE was not the one cheating….So the cheater was with clean hands?? what sense does that make? people cheat everyday ok, many never get caught…for all ya know he couldda set her up. or of course she just wanted to feel special for once. ya know…maybe if people would let the boob incident go, should wouldnt of felt obligated, not saying its right, personally if my bf cheated, i would be more mad at him,cause HE is my concern HE is the one who made the commitment to me…NOT her. im sure she regretted them both…as you can tell after the boob incident…she didnt do that again….after the homewrecker incident…she didnt do it again.. thats called learning from mistakes. im sure yall made more than two mistakes in life?? the only difference is you guys isnt viral. we are humans, ok. she fucked up. i totally agree. yes. but im not going to sit her and say what she thought, what she was, cause one…im not her brain idk what she thinks….2…i didnt know her… so there aint much to say.. i have not heard from one personal person who knew her. so untill then, its B.S.. She is dead, she is outta the suffering she was OBVIOUSLY in. ( cause you know she is not a robot…she has feeling like everyone else) REAST IN PARADISE AMANDA TODD

I have found, that 9/10 times when someone Bash’s someone else, it is Because they are Ashamed of something they have done themselves so they Bash others to make them feel better about themselves. so makes me wonder about all you Haters and Basher’s and what you are hiding to make you Lash out on this Girl. this young ladys crime was she made a mistake and showed her breasts to a guy in chat and you Brand her a whore.. But you say nothing about the 41 yr old guy who took the Pic and spread it around and stalked her. she didnt deserve to be Bullied like she was. but sadly she was.. as far as her trying to get attention. to some Degree that Maybe true. but from everything I have been reading, and the video’s out there. Im thinking it was more a cry for Help than for Attention.. she didnt Have anyone else to talk to, Because of all the Haters out there Bullying her, she only had Social Media to express herself. I Pray she has found Peace. And I feel sry for you Haters out there. Someone Mentioned Karma, and Karma is a Bitch. you will get yours one day I think. and say to yourself, Oh God, what did I do to Deserve this? ATM think back to this young Lady and what you said.

R.I.P Amanda

It’s wonderful to see that there are a few ‘normal’ people who have genuine sympathy and empathy for another human being. Amanda Todd was/is a very special young lady who deserved to live. No matter what she did it would never equal what she had to go through. With such ignorant, mindless, rude comments like some of you have made, I think that it could be anyone of you who blackmailed her by circulating her photo. Your comments definitely make you seem like pedophiles to me who like little 15 year old girls. For those of you rude idiots on this site, whether you realize it or not or whether you care (which I seriously doubt that you do, thinking that YOU are so ‘BIG’ hiding behind your PC screens), in reality, YOU are incriminating yourselves and YOU should learn to choose your words VERY carefully because you never know who is behind the PC screen reading ALL of your comments.

No she didnt deserve it. She just made one mistake. Anyone could have made it. Im curious to see what edvidence you have to say that she faked her death

No matter what a person does no one is perfect and there’s many of you out there who’ve done the same but better at hiding it don’t judge if your name’s not god

Amanda Todd need to be recognized, I hate all these thoughts about her being a whore. She made one mistake and the rest wasn’t her fault. Everybody needs someone by their side, nor female or male. When you go through shit like that, do you think you would like it if you were called a slut. C’mon, I have a little faith in society. She wasn’t a slut, she isn’t a slut. She made a mistake, it wasn’t her fault that her breasts were spread all over the internet. We sound be calling the dude who did it, a dick. He spread her breasts, not her. Damn, when can people realize that.

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