“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana


Police say his limousine driver was high from an immense, billowing cloud of secondhand marijuana smoke.

LAS VEGAS — Austin “Chumlee” Rustle, known widely for his employment at the famed Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on “History” Channel’s “Pawn Stars” Reality Television Show, was arrested Friday for possession of over seven pounds of marijuana after police pulled his limo over for erratic driving. Chumlee’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman, said, “Chum had no intent to distribute this marijuana; all seven pounds were clearly for personal use.”

Richard “Old Man” Harisson and his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harisson reportedly paid Chum’s two million dollar bail, but Chumlee still faces up to 100 years in prison. History Channel did not comment on the incident, but Chumlee’s agent, Jorge Luis Peron, said Chum already checked into rehab, “Chumlee’s life has been a nightmare of drugs and video games, and this has hindered his performance at Gold and Silver. He’s gettin’ the help he needs! Chum will be back and better than ever in no time, don’t worry folks.”

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89 comments to “Chumlee” of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana

  • Seven pounds? Best I can do is 100 years.

  • Woh I like your blog blogposts, saved to fav!.

  • Colton

    Absolutely idiotic! The US Government spends WAY too much money enforcing marijuana laws, and the punishments for them are SO UNNECESSARY!

  • Anonymous

    this news feed is a lie,,,,

  • He’s making 25,000 per episode and is now a millionaire. Way to completely screw up!

  • andrew

    100 years for seven pounds? When my uncle was 18 he got caught with exactly 18 pounds of marijuana when pulled over by cops all he did was spend the night or two in jail until he was bailed out. Obviously these laws against marijuana are starting to get a little bit out of hand and ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      You know I smoked weed for twenty years been clean for fifteen. Pot is not a casual drug. It depends on the person and understanding moderation. Smoke of any form in the lungs is not cool. Put your family on a plane and have the pilot smoke a blunt. If your cool with that deeper problems then weed. Just an example to think about.

  • Alex

    My Uncle Hound was busted with 75 pounds in the back of his el camino in ’73, had a stand off with police for an hour before giving up and he only did 20 years. 100 for 7 pounds is way too much. a year a pound is more reasonable.

  • A

    Lets give 100 years for 7lbs of weed. But only 15 for murder.

  • dano

    N e one notice that it said Richard old man Harrison. That’s not even right the old man is ricks dad. Good job idiots

  • Billy

    Your the idiot. Richard is the old mans real name

  • Q

    you guys are all retarded this isn’t a real news website its a joke article… gullible fucks

  • Nick

    @A exactly it’s retarded

  • Death

    They’re all named Richard something Harrison….

  • Death

    and yes this is bullshitttttttttt

  • Yolo


    • dude

      You are in the same class as this bag of rocks…dumb!

    • dude

      Wtf happened to history? I refuse to watch it, I am forced to watch history 2! This dbag is such a waste I felt dumber by the second listening to him talk. And what moron drives around with seven ducking pounds of dope?! Assholes! I hope chum gets cancer and directs slows diabetic death. Same for Corey, that duck has no respect for history. He said Isaac Newton was simply “a magician”, WTF is wrong with people?!?!

      • Anonymous

        I guess it’s considered history because the items brought into the shop have a historical background or meaning. I have actually learned some things just from listening to the experts they bring in to verify some of the items. Now, I don’t watch it on a regular basis but I don’t think the show is that bad. It gets bad when they have Corey or Chum do anything. I can’t believe they even tolerate Chums lazy ass working or being in the shop. What exactly does he do? Then just recently Corey and Chum argued that #tbt was one word not a phrase! Why a couple if idiots. When hash tagged it is one word but all hashtags are. Throwback Thursday, is a phrase when someone hears it. It’s only one word when it’s behind a # idiots. Rick was simply asking what it meant and all they and to say is, it’s when someone posts a picture that from the past and they post it and use a hashtag that says TBT. “No it’s one word.” It’s not dumb asses. It’s one word when used on social media.

  • Bill

    This sentence is so messed up it’s not funny. Start giving those sentences for pre-medatated murder & offences similar to this, not for marijuana.

  • Stephen

    Go to jail ur a useless wannabe celebrity that got lucky hes a fat waste of space

    • Thomas

      I agree. For somebody who makes/made 25,000.00 per episode he is a joke. I watch every show and think to myself of how unlucky people who work hard feel. I can’t stand watching him. I hate watching him be lazy and don’t do nothing all because he knows those guys forever. I can’t understand why they give him so much. Could you imagine if you were working there and watching that dude just be a bum? I would literally dicker with the old man for a scrimshaw then bust the damn thing over his diabetes ass…..

      • Anonymous

        Yes sir they are the idiots while chum and the boys get rich! They all are assholes in that shop. We’re the morons watching assholes get rich!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Where he could bend you over and and make you howl like Rover ! ! ! ! !

    • Anonymous

      I agree! Corey and Chum don’t know what they are talking about half the time. It is annoying. Now Rick I think Is a very intelligent individual, he obviously knows his history along with a ton of other information. I think he is funny, a cool guy and deserves the show. I could definitely live without seeing or listening to Corey or chum at all. I don’t really watch the show, but to be able to know a lot if information about all the different things that come into the shop is impressive . The other two, just got lucky to have a job in the family run business. I just don’t get the point of them being on the show. Anyone else think Corey has a major attitude with people that bring stuff into the shop? If I had something to sell I wouldn’t even talk to anyone but Rick. I guess I think he’s just a cool guy and has a great laugh.

  • Stephen

    Fuck pawnstars m
    I want pornstars bunch of fat fucks

  • Outraged canadian

    100 years for weed? Come on now, maybe if it was heroin and he went out shooting then maybe but hey americans dont need a reason to anything now adays lol

  • Yo Daddy

    Cory is the old man’s grandson you goofy bastard.

  • Jonathan blaze

    I used to like the show but lately the phony,aggravating “actors” make me want to shoot my tv. I got to say I’ve grown to hate Pawn Stars and cannot watch it anymore. The History Channel has cheapened itself big time. Fat egotistical and overpaid characters. The old man is the only tolerable one on the show. Cancel this show and get back to the true documentaries. Pawn stars sucks.

  • moodnarne

    USA legalising marijuana in many states so leave the man alone

  • awe

    why can’t they lock corey’s fat ugly ass up for 100 years? myabe that way i don’t have to hear his flopping neck calling 80 year olds “my man” and get rid of danny “the count” koker while your at it…first off faggot, get some sleeves, second, the bandana doesn’t help, we know you are going bald. the history channel has become a poorly contrived pile of garbage. period. “shelby the swamp man?” WTF is this garbage???? goodbye documentaries hello pawn shops, rednecks and lumberjacks.



  • amopro

    I guess chum Lee is not acting on the TV show Pawn Stars I guess he’s really a dumbass to carry seven pounds in a back of a car if he was smart he would have had a van follow him with seven pounds in it they always say a fool and his money will soon be parted I guess the saying is true good luck to you Dave nice to bail your little dumb lee out

  • tony fuck you fourpaws

    Anyone who actually gives two goddamned shits about some no talent, waste of oxygen, non contributing “reality” show star is a fucking useless fool.

  • AL Guggenheim

    History channel is not History anymore!

  • Anonymous

    Why do you guys read the article if you hate the show so dang much? don’t watch, don’t read about it and don’t worry about it. and please come up with a better insult than fat fat fat

  • jesus

    share it round chum dont be greedy… funny shit.

  • Bob

    While everybody hates and get poorer and uglier their bank accounts keep growing and growing. I noticed when anybody starts making real $$$$$$$$ the haters cannot stand the fact the very people they are jealous of dont know them and don’t want to know them because they represent losers.

  • nas

    This isa hoax and dumb people believe it

  • Zolt

    LMAO Fat bastard, greedy too, that’s a lot of weed :)) 100 years in prison though? Come on man, make it more believable like 10 years, it’s not like he shot up a shopping mall full of soccer moms.

  • Ty-stick

    I live in Denver and have my Red card and i have not even smoked 7 lbs in a year, close but that is still a lot of weed. What a retard!

  • I watch the show and its funny and interesting. But he made a mistake but 100 years hopefully he will learn from it

  • Trialen

    Nothing’s gonna happen to him. They got money to get him bangin lawyers to keep him out of jail and returning to your local television screen every other day or night. Relax, its all good.

  • Luna

    100 years for pot?! Wtf. Should taxpayers really have to pay for that? &should he even face time? It’s a plant he’s not a ducking serial killer!

  • Wanker

    Chumlee should have no fear of prison as Big Hoss has already reamed his ass 9 ways to Sunday. Those two are gay for one another.

  • Chaz

    Big Hoss is gay for me.

  • Catheter4u

    Pawn Stars blows huge dick. Corey and Chum are flaming gay for one another. They eat potato salad out of each others buttholes.

  • Hannibal da soulja

    Im wit nas and it seems like a hoax. Buffalo soldiers…..nas should remember us…..to that haters…u seem a bit homophobic…..r u gay? Stop the Hate god bless if Chumlee did catch a charge….I doubt if they gave him 100 years wow

  • Hannibal da soulja

    Did u know a dude is a pimple on a cows butt lol wow think before u pick a nickname and then try talkin carp about people u don’t know

  • Hannibal da soulja

    Good luck chumlee I hope ur lawyer gets u the best deal I wouldn’t wish jail on nobody

  • Anonymous

    This is a big fat lie!

  • Bobby Perez

    Why do you carry 7lbs of pot,unless you were gonna turn it,I roll about 6 joints of cush and that’s enough for me and my friends to party with especially if it’s good, I think he had to sell pot just to make ends meet,I’m sure he don’t get paid what the others do, he’s just a gopher lol

  • jord hark

    Look up chumlees net worth and tell me
    He does not make ends meat haha

  • Robert

    Chum, all i can say is your a idiot. maybe its true, pot destroys brain cells.

    • Pete

      You’re the idiot bro. So what if the guy smokes weed? Try smoking a blunt compared to shooting up china white or even drinking. You’ll find out which substances are more harmful, and which one will make you just hungry, happy, and tired. Go back to your faux news, tard.

  • Swagger69

    Geezus, what a bunch of maroons!

  • Swagger69

    Geezus, what a bunch of maroons!
    P.S. Chumlee IS as useless as a rubber beak on a woodpecker.

  • SoCalGuy75

    When the show started Chumlee was interesting because he wasn’t conceited, now all he cares about doing is thinking he needs to show off his super bleached teeth, do whatever he wants when he wants, and treat his job as if it was a given he would have it forever. There are people that would love to be in his position with having work nd topping it off with notoriety because of the show and the initial generosity of the Harrisons. I know Corey and him are friends, but the only reason I believe he hasn’t been fired and kicked off the show is contract related since he doesn’t show one ounce of loyalty or concern for anyone else including himself. Maybe ( Though I doubt it) this marijuanna bust will help him learn humility, honor, and a little gratitude for everything.

  • lockwood

    Big Hoss?

    Try “big fat tub of feces”

  • jeremiah

    I hope that fat POS does get 100 years. I’m sick of seeing his dumb ass on what could be an interesting show, he contributes nothing to the show, or society for that matter. Good riddance if he does go to jail forever.

    What a jackass.

  • mark

    Chumlee is a stupid fatfuck asshole!!!!!!

  • mark

    Chumlee is a stupid worthless fatfuck asshole!!!!!!

  • chumpuke

    Chum lee is so friggin stupid every time I watch it I feel my IQ lowering. He REALLY needs 200 hundred years-First, he can’t count that high so to him it would be overnight second, he so stupid maybe just maybe he will learn, after a lot of help from inmates and super extensive educating he may, I mean may be able to spell his name to put on a business card. He is the laziest walking flesh I have ever seen and History channel should be embarrassed to show how stupid one person in this generation is. He just infuriates me that the pawn shop, which I will never go in because of, pays his ass even after the thousands of dollars he cost the company in the stuff he breaks. He is a classic case pay his stupid ass, if you have to and make him stay home. The merchandise will last a lot longer. Get him away from Cory, you want to take over the business, your almost as stupid as ChumLee. He’s a bad influence on you. You refuse to act professional much less courtesy to your customers. The people who made your father and grandfathers business what it is today you will have it closed in less than a year. You lack any kind of respect for people except the stupidest thing walking on this planet. Go figure, all your talent and you think its “cool” to be ChumLee–MORONS you both are. I like to see you laid off there for a year so you can see what the rest of the world does to make a living. Oh wait, your worth millions now, that makes you “special”.

  • mike

    they Fired a chick because she was photographed on Suicide Girls and this guy gets a pass with 7 pounds seems wrong

  • swamp oonkeytwoo

    me want u comlee love larry

  • Anonymous

    He’s a fat piece of shit why do they keep him

  • Brenr

    The only thing I see here is a bunch of low life jealous haters, get a life!

  • chumnley – you are just a mouthy asshole. I wish you would be gotten rid of. You are just a assshiffing fat asshole

  • Brenda Wilson

    Its all of you idiots that keep their money rolling in by commenting on how much you hate them. They are profiting off of every single one of you.

  • Wow ! 1 century sentence for a little more than 3 Kgs of weed ! I’m glad I don’t live in USA.

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