“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana


Police say his limousine driver was high from an immense, billowing cloud of secondhand marijuana smoke.

LAS VEGAS — Austin “Chumlee” Rustle, known widely for his employment at the famed Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on “History” Channel’s “Pawn Stars” Reality Television Show, was arrested Friday for possession of over seven pounds of marijuana after police pulled his limo over for erratic driving. Chumlee’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman, said, “Chum had no intent to distribute this marijuana; all seven pounds were clearly for personal use.”

Richard “Old Man” Harisson and his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harisson reportedly paid Chum’s two million dollar bail, but Chumlee still faces up to 100 years in prison. History Channel did not comment on the incident, but Chumlee’s agent, Jorge Luis Peron, said Chum already checked into rehab, “Chumlee’s life has been a nightmare of drugs and video games, and this has hindered his performance at Gold and Silver. He’s gettin’ the help he needs! Chum will be back and better than ever in no time, don’t worry folks.”

68 comments to “Chumlee” of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana

  • Straight shooter

    Ps I bet he took ice to lose the weight I bet

  • Straight shooter

    He’s a damn dope head I could tell the whole time the damn idiots watching that couldn’t I feel sorry for looking that F uped now he’s going to play all the suckers come on 7 pounds damn they gonna quit making it and anyone knows a pothead doesn’t want to keep smoking the same thing no matter how good open eyes fools

  • azul

    Who in the fuck decided that this fat idiot needed to be on TV? You all DO know he drives a fucking Maserati, right? How in the hell did an EMPLOYEE at a fucking pawn shop get enough money to buy that car? Oh,,,,,,,he’s a drug dealer..

  • Rich

    Nevada needs to enforce it’s laws like they did with OJ Simpson make an example of this dope dealer.

  • Rich

    The Richardsons are not Chums friends their enablers which will kill Chum young grow up Rick and push this crippled fat dodo bird out of the nest,make him get a real job and life that’s what a real man would do.Chum is the most pathetic person on TV.

  • Anonymous

    what a dumb person………….

  • Anonymous

    l hope this clown goes to jail for the max you know las vagas laws are no, well you do now you stupid fuck seven pounds of bud, a dumb fuck like you making all kinds of money being a clown , loser, and you need seven pounds of dope, i thought you were made stupid to sell the show , you proved me wrong you are what your so called family on show said you are worth shit.

    • James

      Screw you, the police force need to focus on someone who deals crack, heroin, meth, people who kill, rape, murder, kidnap, child porn rings, child rapists. Something that actually matters, and counts as crime. So what if you smoke weed to help ease stress, make you happy, and just want to eat a bag of chips and sleep like a rock. Smoking weed is fine, just don’t cause harm to society. Which most stoners don’t.

      • Anonymous

        That is right James. They need to go after bigger things and leave pot alone and I do not even smoke it! I have known people in my life that has and they were not drunks that slammed into people killing people for being high. Nope not them, only drunks!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck this clown

  • lockwood

    Big Hoss?

    Try “big fat tub of feces”

  • SoCalGuy75

    When the show started Chumlee was interesting because he wasn’t conceited, now all he cares about doing is thinking he needs to show off his super bleached teeth, do whatever he wants when he wants, and treat his job as if it was a given he would have it forever. There are people that would love to be in his position with having work nd topping it off with notoriety because of the show and the initial generosity of the Harrisons. I know Corey and him are friends, but the only reason I believe he hasn’t been fired and kicked off the show is contract related since he doesn’t show one ounce of loyalty or concern for anyone else including himself. Maybe ( Though I doubt it) this marijuanna bust will help him learn humility, honor, and a little gratitude for everything.

  • Swagger69

    Geezus, what a bunch of maroons!
    P.S. Chumlee IS as useless as a rubber beak on a woodpecker.

  • Swagger69

    Geezus, what a bunch of maroons!

  • Robert

    Chum, all i can say is your a idiot. maybe its true, pot destroys brain cells.

    • Pete

      You’re the idiot bro. So what if the guy smokes weed? Try smoking a blunt compared to shooting up china white or even drinking. You’ll find out which substances are more harmful, and which one will make you just hungry, happy, and tired. Go back to your faux news, tard.

  • jord hark

    Look up chumlees net worth and tell me
    He does not make ends meat haha

  • Bobby Perez

    Why do you carry 7lbs of pot,unless you were gonna turn it,I roll about 6 joints of cush and that’s enough for me and my friends to party with especially if it’s good, I think he had to sell pot just to make ends meet,I’m sure he don’t get paid what the others do, he’s just a gopher lol

  • Anonymous

    This is a big fat lie!

  • Hannibal da soulja

    Good luck chumlee I hope ur lawyer gets u the best deal I wouldn’t wish jail on nobody

  • Hannibal da soulja

    Did u know a dude is a pimple on a cows butt lol wow think before u pick a nickname and then try talkin carp about people u don’t know

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