“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars fame dead

Fans mourn the loss of Chumlee Russell who died Monday evening of a marijuana overdose.

Fans mourn the loss of Chumlee Russell who died Monday evening of a marijuana overdose.

LAS VEGAS — In what may come to be a medical landmark, “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars fame died from a marijuana overdose Monday night and was found by friend “Big Hoss” Harrison on Tuesday morning. Earlier this year, “Chumlee” was arrested with seven pounds of marijuana which he asserted were all for personal use.

According to Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, “The only possible way he could have died from a marijuana overdose without first clogging his lungs with soot is through the use of vaporizers. Reportedly, Chumlee had rigged up to 90 vaporizers into one tube and had a team of groupies constantly loading them up with the stickiest and most potent of marijuana available on the market.”

Fans and family mourn the loss of “Chumlee” and have taken the opportunity to speak out against drug abuse. “To die like that, it’s just a shame,” said Rick Harrison, manager of the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, as he teared up. “It’s just a shame to lose such a fun guy as Chum. Rest in peace, buddy.”

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  • James E. Martin

    Although I find it highly unlikely that anyone could overdose on pot; I hope this is true. If GOD truly does have a master plan, Chumlee didn’t have enough time to trick some unfortunate girl into reproducing with him with of all of that money he had. The last thing this world needs is more stupid, lazy people. I am a fan of the show, but with every passing episode I wondered more, why don’t they fire this retard? Some people may say this tirade came to soon, but let’s face the facts. If the real Chumlee was anything like what we saw on the show; he was unintelligent, lazy, insubordinant, clumsy, and selfish. I truly believe the world will be a better place without him. As for the show, they’ve been grooming Antoine to be the new idiot for well over a year; It’s like they knew this was coming. Anyway, I didn’t mean to ramble on. Long story short, I found everything about Chumlee offensive. If he truly is dead, I couldn’t have hand picked a better candidate. Rest in peace, or rot in hell, I don’t care. good riddance.

  • jennie lait


  • BGS

    Chumlee is a human being you should all be ashamed of yourself.


    Sorry, not buying the weed overdose thing! It’s b.s. Either Chum was on more than weed or the vaproizor killed him. Not the THC! It’s not pysically possible! He will be greatly missed and ths show will not be the same without him.

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  • ed

    you all are idiots find a job dumbass

    • Roland Around

      Dear Ed, Nice observation about all of us being idiots. You are right. When you compare all of us to Einstein we are all a bunch of idiots and I guess that would include you. But don’t worry Chumlee is in heaven now and maybe he will put in a good word for all of us idiots down here. Again, great observation my man.

  • Anonymous

    he was on drugs

  • hey i called billy graham, and he started crying on the phone. were gonna get a bunch of cbers, and take a convoy to vegas to show some respect for a super nice guy, may the good lord have mercy on his soul, god speed chum lee, R.I.P.

  • charlene

    chum will be sooo missed, I can’t imagine pawn stars without him. rip chum!!!! god bless.

  • Roland Around

    Just thinking out loud but maybe he died from defective vaporizer, it happens possible electrocution or burning of the lungs.

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