“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars fame dead

Fans mourn the loss of Chumlee Russell who died Monday evening of a marijuana overdose.
Fans mourn the loss of Chumlee Russell who died Monday evening of a marijuana overdose.

LAS VEGAS — In what may come to be a medical landmark, “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars fame died from a marijuana overdose Monday night and was found by friend “Big Hoss” Harrison on Tuesday morning. Earlier this year, “Chumlee” was arrested with seven pounds of marijuana which he asserted were all for personal use.

According to Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, “The only possible way he could have died from a marijuana overdose without first clogging his lungs with soot is through the use of vaporizers. Reportedly, Chumlee had rigged up to 90 vaporizers into one tube and had a team of groupies constantly loading them up with the stickiest and most potent of marijuana available on the market.”

Fans and family mourn the loss of “Chumlee” and have taken the opportunity to speak out against drug abuse. “To die like that, it’s just a shame,” said Rick Harrison, manager of the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, as he teared up. “It’s just a shame to lose such a fun guy as Chum. Rest in peace, buddy.”

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I am just beside myself over the loss of Chumlee, he was and always will be the greatest part of pawn stars. they are all great but he just was the sewing in the quilt that made it all come together. sooooo sad for his family on pawn stars. R.I.P Chum!

It’s so irritating- Here is basis for a great show, and the producer/director come in and decide putting a personal touch will improve it- WRONG. All these guys are like the least interesting people in the world. They’re all fat and never wash their hair- Slobs the bunch and stupid excepting Rick. If anybody had a piece of brain, they’d stick to what is interesting about the show- That would not include anything about any of THEM.

Yeah because your not a stupid fat fack just like this grease monkeys using “excepting Rick” as a real grammatical concept? Are you a fucking re-tard???? H-H–H-H-H–H *Rick smoker laugh*

No kidding. So juvenile. But maybe they are slow and without a bit of intelligence themselves

Agreed w above about “Excepting Rick” – you must be a real fat fack just like Rick and the retard brothers, can’t believe you think this article is real or that you can speak English correctly! *Rick Laugh* *H-H-H-H-H-H*

Hope it’s true!! He is a big zero stupid arrogant disgusting poor hygiene adds exactly nothing to the show or society! If his death is hoax. Drown him!

I have been crying every since I have found out I loved him so much and I loved watching him I just can’t believe he’s gone I will never forget him

How fukin dumb are you people corse he is not dead.that is impossible to die from puff your idiots I feel sorry for you

Thia is a LIE!!!! It is physically impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana!!!I am one of the United States foremost experts on this subject and cannot believe Chum died from pot. A marijuana overdose has never been medically reported in the history of mankind!!! Tell us the truth about Chum’sdeath!!!

Yeah, expert on being a fat fucking your not an expert your a facking wanna be. You should have Rick “call in a buddy of mine he’s an expert on fst facks”


This article is a crock everyone. Chumlee is very alive, this is just another one of those stupid internet rumors going around to get attention. disinfo. if you don’t believe me then ask Chumlee yourself, he’s right next to me. idiots. take down this article.

The only way Chumlee would be dead as if he farted in my car with the windows rolled up then I would surely kill him myself

No way you can overdose from marijuana!!!!! if he did die while smoking marijuana there had to be another complication involved

Too bad. I was hoping to introduce him to my friends daughter. Thinking that they might have had a good chance of producing the ugliest child in the worlds history.

Being a medicinal user not believing it at most he would of pasted out , if this is true its not from pot an autopsy will

I personally have tried to overdose on pot, it is virtually impossible, you’ll smoke your system sober first, and you couldn’t physically smoke enough pot to asphyxiate yourself!!

I call BULLSHIT!! I’ve tried to overdose on weed, you can’t do it. Not even with 100 Vaporizers!!

I ve smoked for more then 40 years and this .Someone killed the poor bastard
Rest in peace chum you will be missed and I hope in heaven they mess with you there good bye

mentira esta historia e velha maconha nunca mato minguem.o que mata e a falta de vergonha que nao queri assumir o erro de ter proibido o comercio de uma planta como qualquer outra.e a proibisao que gerra coriosidade para usar o proibido legalize ja..ja…

This whole story is fake. If it “were” true, would it not be on all the mainstream media outlets? Don’t believe everything you read until it has been verified by at least 2 other sources.

AMEN 68 year old hippy lots of stoner friends never heard of death by Marijuana overdose BS line to stack against legalizing weed.

This is pure politics at it’s best. I feel so sorry for the family however, there is more to this story. NOBODY has EVER died from marijuana. EVER. It’s impossible. I think he must have been on something else OR…too much smoking and not enough oxegen to his lungs,being as big as he was could have given him a heart attack but certainly didn’t die from marijuana

how about the idiot that posted at 10:31 saying he’s very much alive , sitting beside him, poor Chumlee

THIS IS PURE BULLSHIT! Perhaps his 90 vapes fell on his fat head and killed him, but I doubt it. Dumbasses!

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.
His heart probably stopped for other medical reasons.
No way did he pass from being too stoned.

If he did die of a heart attack maybe it was because there is a live good looking bitch there want to fuck him and he had a heart attack because he couldn’t believe that he could get laid Buy anything that didn’t have Air in it

Chumlee is not dead. It says he died Monday night and was found Tuesday morning. Yet there are no news articles, and posts on his twitter were tweeted as late as yesterday. Marijuana overdose. These people are delusional. Some anti-marijuana morons are taking a name from someone who is moderately famous, but not so famous that anyone will do any research, they’ll just believe it. Slackers.

If he did or didn’t pass away what is up with the name calling and the fat jokes grow up. Chum is funny but he’s not laughing at this!These are the words KARMA likes and she is grinning at you!

It it is on the Internet it must be true. Oh, the humanity! Reality television and the world will never be the same. Rest in peace, dear Chumblee.

Rick, the old man, and Big Hoss are all partially responsible – clearly he was trying to kill himself because of all there bullying and ridicule.

It’s probably a bullshit story to help sell the 90 vaporizers their pawnshop is stuck with!!!!

well, there you go…1st ever case of marijuana over dose…yea 1st ever case in history of the world…ok we’ll believe it like believe marijuana (Schedule I) is harder then cocaine (schedule II) or believe that cannabis is NOT a plant but a very dangerous drug…got it…keeping people dumb so they’re not smart enough to ask questions…educate yourself..

you’re stupid he did not die!!!!!!!! pretty sure you need to do some research before posting some shit like you just did!!! hope chumlee sues your asses!!!!!!!! its called PLAGERISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though this is fake, Dee… PLAGERISM (correctly spelled “plagiarism”) is defined as:
1. an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author: It is said that he plagiarized Thoreau’s plagiarism of a line written by Montaigne. Synonyms: appropriation, infringement, piracy, counterfeiting; theft, borrowing, cribbing, passing off.
2. a piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation: “These two manuscripts are clearly plagiarisms,” the editor said, tossing them angrily on the floor.

Has nothing to do with this writing. The closest that this could be considered is “Slander” which is a “Malicious, false, and defamatory report”. However, since this report is only false and not malicious/defamatory as well, it probably wouldn’t qualify under this either.

Before you accuse someone of being “stupid”, you may want to use a dictionary before posting something that could indicate that you don’t know the difference.

Personally, I don’t believe a person CAN overdose on pot (personal experience).
I saw a story where Chumlee was busted with 7lbs. of pot. Don’t know if its true (?).
I would encourage keeping an eye on what happens to this guy.Looks
(to me) like he’s pissed someone off.

Impossible to OD on weed even with his vapo setup which i doubt he had. he would have to smoke all 7 lb in one hit to even kill himself and at the point its not the weed that kills him its is Carbon Monoxide poisoning. lets say no CO in present, he would go into a marijuana coma, which is not harmful, where the CB receptors are in the brain they do not interfere with any major organs function. Say Hard drugs like crack, coke, H, meth,ect… those chems all go to the part of you brain that is responsible for all the major organs functions, this is why there are so many OD on hard drugs. marijuana Chance of Overdose 0:0

This Story is NOT funny!!! It’s wrong, twisted, sick, and DISTURBING!!! To think that people actually find this sort of thing funny and amusing is truly sad. You cannot die from a marijuana “overdose”. And, as for whoever came up with this garbage, I hope Chumlee sues you for everything you’re worth! ( And, based on this “article”, that probably isn’t very much!!!)

how his die wasnt on tv ,u would think old man harrison would saying about it maybe thurday went them chang there time maybe them say thing . because chumlee was the man that bring life to the show
‘ to me show suck

A Mermaid? Really? Come on, now!! And just what have YOU been smoking? Because whatever it is, you can keep it….. * Grins *

Chum is cool dead or alive in my book so who cares if someone made an article lying about his death…every comment is just feeding it even more

Like it matters if YOU don’t care if he’s dead. You’re just a small blip on this planet. If you died on the other hand. NOONE would know. Lol

Chumlee was my all time favorite one..He made u watch the show..It’s not goin to be the same now..Why did he do it? what was so wrong with life that someone has to take theirs? RIP CHUMLEE…

1. It is physically impossible to overdose on marijuana, look it up.
2. He’s not dead anyway, he was confirmed today to be a guest at Fan Expo in Toronto this coming August 2013.

This is fake….. he supposedly died may 27th but the article was written on may 14th, u do the math lol

I believed this when I first heard about it. Now I am appalled at whoever thought this was a good idea. Fuckin’ idiot. Chum is great! Never have met him but would love to. There’s always some dumbass out there who wants attention. So sorry Chum. Btw great new eps last night on PS.

I cannot believe someone would do this to someone! The man has family that could hear about it and then to find out it is just an idiotic person’s hoax! What a shame this website is and from this moment forward…I will NEVER and I mean NEVER read or promite it again. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!

I can’t believe you have a name like “Dovey” I really doubt that his “Family” would have heard about his death on the fucking internet you dipshit. Wow I am always amazed at the sheer stupidity of people.


Yeah, because its totally possible to overdose on marijuana… its harmless.. never has and never will kill anyone..

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for someone to make up a fake story and put on the internet Then just sit back and watch the story take on a life of it’s own, before spreading world wide in just minutes !

We’ve come a long way with our numerous new technologies, now if we could just get our brains up to speed …….

frickin idiot!!! he proved in the show he had an IQ in the minus as well as off screen. well…my guess is he wont be doin that anymore.

The dumbass overloaded his lungs, his brain, and his heart….its perfectly possible to OD on weed if you smoke WAY TOO could OD on anything if you have too much at one time. Smoking anything at all elevates your heart rate. I had a friend who had a heart attack when he was 17 because he spent most of his years smoking more then an ounce of herb a day.
Chumlee doesn’t look like his fat ass is in any kind of good shape…and out of 90 vaporizers at once, multiple times, yeah I’m sure his heart and lungs just gave out and stopped long enough to kill him!!!

You do realize your lungs only have so much capacity and so much surface area so they can only absorb so much at any given time right? even “90 vaporizers” rigged into a single tube wouldn’t concentrate the thc any more than a SINGLE vape.. you can hit the biggest blunt on the planet or the smallest pinner and you’re gonna get what you get for the most part, every time… if they were some kind of magical super concentrating miracle vaporizers that expelled a thc cloud as thick as pudding what you said would make some kinda sense.

dumbass ther is not one case of a person OD on if ya wanna troll at least know what your talking about

Only reason why there’s “not one case of a person OD on weed” is because idiots like you keep saying they’re bogus and it’s so impossible to OD on the stuff.

I have a great idea. Why don’t you just smoke a ridiculous amount and see what happens? You survive? Great! You die? Great! Either way, it’s proving a point and making everyone happy.

Guess I will keep posting this for all the dumb people in the world.
There has never been a documented human fatality solely from overdosing on tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis in its natural form.

Anyone who believes this story is a moron. It is proven impossible to OD on marijuana… Let me say that again… IMPOSSIBLE. Plus really, you believe in the hooking up of 90 vaporizers in 1 tube? You internet folks are ridiculous. If this was true, it would be all over the mainstream media. Do your homework before you speak and sound more foolish.

You cant OD from use of weed, closest thing would be suffocation or c-dioxide poisoning, something along that line

please stop with the rude comments of the loss ofa life.people are mourning his loss and your all being really in peace chumlee..

Jennifer please tell me you have a brain in that head of yours! Chumlee is not dead. He got this Internet Chronicle to go in with him about this. He is alive for real he is still breathing and being an idiot for he thinks this crap is funny! If you need proof he is dead I will email you the paper that this Internet Chronicle sent me saying enough he is not dead it was a joke made up by Russell himself!!! So get your head on straight for gods sake!!!!

He is so NOT dead… Remember the rumors in 2011 that he died in a car accident?? He thinks this shit is funny and will make him more popular but it has the exact opposite effect… Don’t cry wolf too many times or no one will show up at your REAL funeral!!

“Chumlee had rigged up to 90 vaporizers into one tube and had a team of groupies constantly loading them up with the stickiest and most potent of marijuana available” ………………………….

All you dumbasses with rude comments should be ashamed! Weather he did or didn’t pass. You should still be repsectful, he is a human being, and hs family/friends should have he right. To morn.. freaking idiots!!!

The only way to over dose on marijuana is if you smoke twice your body weight… Within a certain amount of time which is physically impossible, and if you think a group of guys are gonna sit there and load him up with that amount of weed and watch him smoke it and know it could kill him your even dumber then I thought.. He is still alive.

Have respect for the man people he can’t defend hisself anymore. Shame on anyone that talks shit about him!

No matter what their will always be people who will say anything just to get under your skin. Flock em, brush that shit off. RIP Chumlee.

he is so fat and stupid I wish they would take him off the show. he just looks like a dope head and so nasty

A self conscious plus sized bitch making fun of a big sized celebrity because they’re jealous. I’ve seen it all.

For all u idiots who believe u can die from smoking weed, your as stupid as this report. There are zero marijuana related deaths a year. U looked this up on the net, look that up. They’d better check for other drugs cuz this is by far a joke….and to the publishers of this story your losers looking for a big story. Try the Canadian mayor who smokes crack cocaine.

He is at rest now so just remember him the way you would have like to know him and let CHUMLEE REST IN GODS HANDS HE AT REST WITH KNOW MORE PAIN NOW FOR EVER… I’M SORRY FOR YOUR LOST BUT KNOW HE NOT HURTING ANYMORE JUST remember the good time you had together it helps ….

I know I lost a { SISTER } TO DRUGS on 4/2/13 so I know it hurt but they are not hurting anymore MY PRAYER ARE WITH THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

lol I think its funny to see all these people said at least let people mourn well he’s not dead so no one’s morning I saw him there 2 days ago when I was there people would believe anything that popped up on the Internet

Hey Jason Kidd.

Do you know how to write a sentence? Ever herd of punctuation? I can’t stand all the people who right like this! The lack of intelligence in the upcoming generation, is astounding! Now. Lets write this sentence like “Jason” would.

Do you not know how write a sentence complete heard puncuation i cant stand people who like write like this because lack of intelligent for people younger than me and I go like WOH so I dunno

1: His dumb ass would have passed out asleep before he could have come close to an OD with Cannabis.

2: Anyone who has smoked Cannabis at all in their life would know its impossible to OD on it. Its more probable he died from a bad munchy attack. Suffocated on KFC and drown in his own fat ass induced eating sweat.

3: Any doctor who says that a natural cannabis plant has 60x the cancer causing substances than tobacco, which has 40+ artificial chemicals put in it, is about as smart as Chun Lee and about as believable as the circumstances surrounding fat ass’s death.

If Chun Lee cried wolf again, especially since he attached such negativity towards a serious topic, I hope he chokes on a boneless wing at hooters while his expressionless order taking hooker watches as his life drips off his buttery brow.

Are you all kidding me with these posts. This story was posted on May 14th. It’s obviously inaccurate. This site should have posted a retraction by now. I just think it’s a shame that “News” sites like this exist, that take no responsibility to check facts before posting “news”. Who the hell is vetting these stories? Where is the editor?

^ to that guy who made fun of Jason Kidd’s writing capabilities: You’re and idiot too because you should have known how to spell “heard”. If you’re going to insult someone’s grammar, spell check yourself first. moron.

Hey Nikk, before you start ragging on someone because of his/her writing abilities, maybe you should check your own. In reference to sentence..You’re and idiot too because you should have known how to spell “heard”. You’re is short for you are. So now how does your sentence sound now…You are “and” idiot too? It should be you’re an idiot, you idiot, who so stupidly does not know your grammar! So before you chastise someone else, check your own, you moron!

Why Cyndie you must be as hammer student or teacher I assume…? No, then shut the he’ll up. You ate all idiots…case closed.

It’s physically impossible to have a marijuana overdose strong enough to kill you. You would pass out asleep long before taking in the required amount of marijuana, which for Chumlee being as big as he is is highly unlikely.

RIP Chumlee…u had alot going for you. We all love u on the show. Watch Pawn Stars sll the time. Prayers going out to ur family and friends. We will miss u.

Chumlee is burning in everlasting torment (according to religious fucksticks) and your prayers didn’t go out anywhere except your asshole when you farted.

to anyone who believes this. you must have a less than average i.q. this whole website is about FAKE things. none of it is real its a JOKE. a stupid jke but a joke none the less. i think its soo funny that some of you are sooo dimwitted you cant read the sarcasm in the post.

First of all,,,u can overdose on anything, it is possible!! Second, they shouldn’t b able to lie about that kind of shit,,that’s just wrong!!!!! Very disappointed!!!!

You can overdose on cannabis, but intaking the amount that would result in a lethal dose is virtually impossible.

Not virtually impossible, anything can be concentrated and injected. a dose of pure concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol of 20cc/ml could be fatal in some people, any more than that would probably be fatal in most people.

(1) You can OD on anything especially if taken with something else or if the drugs were laced with something.

(2) The drugs could have caused heart issues or any number of health issues
such as an allergic reaction that could have caused his death.

(3) All you dumbasses out there who think weed can’t kill you
you’re all wrong I worked in a hospital and it happens.. So continue to tell
yourself it can’t won’t happen because you’d be wrong.

You “worked” in a hospital? What happened to that job? If you were in any position to know any of the patients’ personal health information such as Tetrahydrocannabinol overdose, why would you stop working in that field? I don’t know if I trust your claim of accreditation, however I do believe you are right that it is possible, but it would have to be a large amount concentrated and injected into a main line in order to kill a person. Long term health problems being agitated by a drug does not constitute death by overdose. Anyway, the posted story is totally a hoax and you sir, are full of shit.

There has never been a documented human fatality solely from overdosing on tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis in its natural form Dumbasses.

asphyxiation does not equal marijuana overdose. cause the amount of marijuana you would need to do that is impossible to consume in the time needed to overdose. anyways whole thing is a hoax people. probably your sad cause he isnt dead if anything.

I was a little puzzled by Chumlee’s “marijuana overdose” until I read the article. He rigged himself to 90 vaporizers, being constantly loaded by groupies. Let me explain something to my friends who are using vaporizers. Inside a vaporizer is a ceramic heating element. It’s universal to pretty much every vaporizer, and they’re mass manufactured in China. What this ceramic does over time (due to constant heat and pressure) is chip, sending those tiny, near-microscopic ceramic chips airborne. If you’re rigged up to 90 of them thangs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to shred your lungs. The wave of “drug abuse” awareness today is a little misdirected.

Whatever you do, don’t be dumb about it.

I don’t believe Chumnee is Dead! But People can Die from Marihjuana use ! My uncle dalmost did when nhe smoke d some Marijuana from the Arizona area which created a whole in his heart!

I can tell you are all a bunch of dope heads the filthy language and all. What is the matter with you?
Grow up and have some respect.

What a bunch of chit, no way u can overdose on pot alone,must of had it laced with something, wasn’t the brightest person in the world, seamed like a charity case, want 2 smoke something that will kill U, smoke cigarettes!

I have had a lot of fun watching the show to see what kind of dumb stuff Chum was gonna do next. Whether you admit it or not, he was the life of the party. I am so sad to know that he passed. I only hope that in some small way, his passing helps someone kick the habit. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ fall upon all his family and friends and help them in this most sorrowful time. Thanks for the memories Chum!!!

He believes in the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God… That should explain how deep his mental deficiency really goes lol

This is crap! No one has ever “overdosed” on “pot”! We now know you cannot be trusted. from now on please list yourself as a “spoof” news group.

Wow must be even more famous from overdosing on weed. Never heard of it he must be the 1st LOL. Dont believe it at all!!!!

I’m so sorry to hear this…Me and my boyfriend was just talkin about him lovein his shoes…this man love some Jordons….R.I.P YOU WILL BE MISSED…



You tards do know that the chit they pass for weed these days is nothing like the 1970’s weed right? So much chit is crammed, grown, genetically injected, and just plain added to it these days that of course it can kill you. This generation took the fun out of drugs by starting to create killer, face-eating, zombie causing types of garbage.

No one has fucking died from smoking pot no one has genetically enhanced it ppl r fucking stupid these days nd to Alex calame ur a fucking dickbag for calling chumlee fat u fucking stupid ass y would u call someone fat u barely know maybe he likes to eat a lot who cares the reason u said tht is prolly to make urself feel better cause ur prolly a fucking bugle whale!!!!

Wow you people are just ridiculous no one has ever died from pot.they use it for medical purposes for crying out loud. He is still alive so for the love of God stop if you really believe he is dead then your on crack lol! Now that can kill ya

If it is really true, that he died then he died Happy doing what he loved. But I know that smoking Pot did not kill him! How stupid does that sound?

In all the years of nursing, I never came across someone that died of a weed overdose. If so it would of had to be laced with something. My thought is he could of had a heart attack, because his intake of food was not healthy E news, and other news. His arteries were most likely clogged.

I have smoked the real weed since i was 15 and now i’m 36 and i never overdosed,but sometimes people put other drugs on the weed to enhance the effect.If chum died it was not weed that caused it.The truth is that weed never killed anyone and it is given by doctors.They want everyone to think it’s unhealthy but in all reality they are just trying to get folks off of it.R.I.P. Chumlee you will be missed big guy and Pawnstars will never be the same.

He is not dead, just another lie started by this website. It’s virtually impossible to die from something as healthy for you as pot. The only thing pot kills is cancer. — your home for blatant lies, illuminati denial, and pro-marijuana propaganda. apparently they believe it cures cancer.

This has to be bullshit, there is nothing on the news or on the pawn stars web sight! So where did this crap come from?

its a crock of shit, even the article says he would have clogged his lungs up with soot before dying of an overdose, its just another ploy to fool people in the crusade against marijuana, don’t buy into the hype..

good grief, I live in Las vegas, and he is alive.. give it up on knowing everything by this garbage.. Chumlee is alive and well, and has been on a diet to


I dont know about weed curing cancer but i know weed cant kill you cause i smoked until i passed out one time and im going to continue to smoke it cause i dont like pills cause they are man made and addictive and they kill people not suck on that government and the only reason yall are not making pot legal is because yall cant take control of it like yall do everything else in the screwed up system of yalls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hes(Chumley)sitting here beside me now..we got some good stuff burning!
He gets the best on the west coast!

Im not to sure how this stroy turned into a HTC Blog, or just to say something NASTY. I’m pitty everyone who has sheemed their self with nasty words about such a wonderfuly loveing man. he his a great man and his spirit lives on. GOD BLESS Every one… i will pray for you, God bless chum chums Family..

ur all STUPID weed cant kill you DUMB ASSES it had to have been laced with CRACK OR SOME STUPID SHIT WEED IS AMAZING IT CANT KILL YOU IF ITS JUST WEED

Please don’t leave such immature remarks like name calling when discussing a somber event such as a death whether you are correct or incorrect it is disrespectful to everyone. thank you

u guys r ccrazy… show me another case of “smoking to much” to have killed some one…..i smoke and will continue to cause i know where mine comes from :)

Omg I just realized pawn stars is not going to be funny anymore without chum. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, my condolences to family and friends of Chumlee. That is sad but you just don’t OD on weed……Sorry, I would be dead long ago

You would have to have some sort of breathing apparatus attached and input a constant stream of nothing but “high test” grade for more than 12 hoursw if you live that long. Lack of oxygen or something. Weed can’t kill because it will put you to sleep if you ingest too much preventing you from ingesting more. If this story is true its sounds like someone insearch of the ultimate high. And that is death. Float on brother…

this article was written may 14. NO other mention of his death anywhere else on the net. should have shown up by now


OMG why do people have to be so nasty. Poor guy. Doesn’t matter what he did. No ones business.

I’m sry for the death of chum. He was an awesome and hilarious guy. R.I.P really vidar only way he could die is if he ate him self to death not funny man ur screwed up

I am a california doctor and fanning can cause the human body to pass out which is also the only recorded cause of marijuana related death. I will mourn chum’s death and all of u jerks calling this a lie can rot in a hole because if u wouldn’t say it if a friend died don’t say it about chum… Is this how u would want to be talked about after YOU die

But, it IS a lie, “california doctor” (snicker, snicker)…and what is ‘fanning’ that can cause the human body to pass out?

Shut ur mouth ogen u don’t know crap people can actutally die from a OD on marijawana expcially putting90 vaporizers in I tube. People can’t die from a OD on hamburgers u idiots

^you got any proof? Let me guess, no. And please go shove 90 burgers in your face, and ill go smoke 90 joints, lets see who lives…

Soo sad he was my favorite character besides the old man..its terrible how he died..awe that show will never be the same without chumlee..may god rest his soul

If true I am sure they don’t feel blessed at all right now. Having lost a child I can tell you from experience I do not feel blessed and really dislike it when people say that!

rip hope that everyone can see drugs are not good for anyone!sad that people think pot is something that wont hurt u when done in such a manner !He really help to make show awesome love the show and people on it!my condolences go out to all on that show!

When and how is Marijuana a drug unless its abused? Yes I know that a lot do, but their are some who need it to live. Like my father who is alive due to the THC in medical grade marijuana. So to go as far as to say its a drug,I think not, yet more helpful than any pharmacist will ever be when you say what do you have for Cancer today,Parkinson’s or maybe even Crohns.

Good Luck not doing your research,


RIP Chum, you and the boys,(Pops included) have a fan base on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies. We are sorry for the loss to his family, friends and fans, he and the Old Man were quite a team.
Much love from Trinidad.

This is sad.. however, not entirely true… he can not die of a marijuanna overdose BUT the lack of oxygen BECAUSE of his rigged contraption with the 90+ hoses or hookups would have caused lack of oxygen and caused him to pass out… yes because he smoked it but marijuanna is proven to be less harmful then any other drug… alcohol and pain pills are more harmful then pot…

I can not believe that Chu Lee has passed on. The show will never be the same with out him. Rest in peace Chu Lee, you will be deeply missed.

ok this is the 1st iv heard about this and why does ppl want to make out that ppl are ignorate if it were true that u could die from a weed over dose then i wouldnt be wrghting this comment guarentee u that i hate the fact that so many ppl get so board with there own lives they make up things about other ppls lives they were prolly smoking a big bowl themselves wen they wrote this i mean surly u ppl dnt believe this lie if in fact he is dead then my simpethy and praiers r with his family but i hate to be the 1 to tell u it was because of something eles had to be wrong with him NOBODY has ever over dosed on marijuana EVER iv smoked enough in my past to kill 10,000 and may have lost a few memory brain cells but look im still alive my reguards go out to chum and his family for ppl making up lies like this i mean if they were gonna do it they should of told a lie that could of been believable im just sayin

Wow ….to bad they are just now speaking out about drugs…or weed. To bad they didn’t start when there niece was and still is strung out on heroin

You people at this site are all so full of crap, I don’t know how you tolerate the flies that must buzz around your heads all day…and you people who read this tripe – AND BELIEVE IT WITHOUT CHECKING are equally full of it.

Its impossible to overdose on marijuana. Youd have to smoke more weed at a faster rate than is humanly possible. C’mon people. Not everything on the internet is true.

Act like you got some damn sense.

The only way I could see marijuana being the cause of his death would be that he didn’t stop long enough to allow oxygen to get into his system

You cannot die from marijuana. It is so ignorant that it even says that. The only way you could is if you smoke 15 tons of it in 10 minutes, which you would die from carbon monoxide poisoning not from the marijuana.

Sweet Jeezuz! After reading this thread, I’m shocked at several things here: Complete lack of knowledge about marijuana; ignorance of proper spelling, punctuation and grammar usage; and ones inability to determine fact from fiction.

Seriously folks? All you’d have to do is go the Pawn Stars’ official website. Don’t you think they’d post something on the site if one of the cast member’s had died?

No one has every overdosed from smoking marijuana EVER…in the history of mankind.

And before you ask, no, I’m not a smoker…of anything.

I’m just educated.

You people that believe this is fucking retarded. Chumlee is not dead. Pot will not kill you or I would be dead already. This website sucks dick and should burn in hell for posting crap like this.

Chum is dead. Thanks a lot Marijuana you suck. All drugs should be destroyed its awful peoe going around saying pot is harmless because its not. Its a drug and will hurt more people than help I think it should be destroyed just like coke and heroin meth and the rest of it. Pot is no better than meth.

Please tell me how cannibus can possibly kill you? Since you seem to know so much about something you’ve obviously never experienced, nor had possibly studied. It’s ignorant people like you that can put damaging drugs like meth and coke in the same category as pot. Really? This fake article suggest that the only possible way he would of “died” was if he physically was introducing massive amounts of pit into his system, which in no way is possible. 90 vaporizers at a time? What a joke? Let me stuff. 90 burgers in your body and see if you live.

Please tell me more how it hurts me. I use it medically and it is the only thing that helps me get out of bed in the morning.

Maybe you shouldn’t insult people about their misspelling of words when you have done the same yourself. I’m assuming peole is actually people? Oh and your grammar isn’t the best either.

Use ur head no one ever has died of marijuana overdose impossible to do the toxic rate for weed is like 14
Pounds an hour

If you can’t check out the stories before you put them in print you should just be shut down. This site is the lowest of garbage and reports deaths that are not true.

Sick fake reporters, reporting fake news. Junk site.

Ya right LMAOWTIMEWCMHAPMP, TFF He may smoke it but could never eat or smoke enough to die. As the old saying goes don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read. This is just crap reporting.

People come up with the craziest thing I`ve ever heard. Cum Lee we love you and glad your not dead.

Must be a media outlet run by Democrats. Another outrightly false post devoid of facts. He is NOT dead!!

You do realize that it’s Republicans who think marijuana is bad, right? Democrats have been pushing for the legalization of it for years.

That’s why they doubled down on the war on drugs when they had total control of the house, senate and presidency. Yep, makes perfect sense!

No He’s Out Molesting Underage Little Girl’s. He Needs To Be Put In Prison And Get The Up The Ass Shovel Handle Treatment.

Omg. You fucking retards should go kill yourselves. Please. Do it now. Do not breed. Just kill yourselves. Weed does not harm you, chumlee is not dead, and you people should all be beaten to death.

If chummy did pass away this post is for his family our thoughts and prayers are with you and remember that nothing can take away the painof losing a lovedone but remembering the good times together will bring a tear to your eye but also put a smile on your face and help with the healing and he will always be in your heart forever from everyone here ourprayers and thoughts are with you

To the friends and co workers of Chumlee. It was shocking to hear the horific news. I know he will be missed by you, but I’m sure he will be missed by many that never had the opportunity to know him. Our hearts and prayers are with him and you as well. Your show has been entertaining as well as imformative. Regardless of how Chumlee passed, I’m sure he was a good person and close friend to all of you, especially Big Hoss. I feel for you man. Please accept my deepest condolences.

I was just on the show with him on may 23 2013. He is definitely got dead….we took our picture with him! Lol


If he is dead so be it,….Bleeding hearts here over a drug user, Really? Next ti will be for the welfare recipients that lose their monthly income because they cannot pass a drug test.



This is all bull. Chum is a friend of mine…..known him for more than 7 years.
We hung out at Red Rocks casino Wed. nite the 5th >>>>>talked to the big guy Fri. morn 7th of June. He is just fine……..lousy joke if one can cal this stuff a joke

Jeez, after reading these replies to a very obvious hoax, all I can ascertain, is most of you are on heavy, HEAVY drugs.

I find the total lack of grammar, spelling and composition to be beyond bizarre. I especially love the one about injecting marijuana and having a seed get stuck.

You folks desperately need to save your last few brain cells.


Me thinks you’re right ! Most of the comments are written by folks who should smoke a lot more !

Those who do are much more intelligent !

And you are typical of a loser who smokes well into adulthood…unlike most who GROW UP after college. Remember his until the day you kill yourself out of loneliness and a sense of shame for your poor mother who has had to put up with the horror of knowing she brought you into this world…you will NEVER be smarter than anyone. Nor will you ever matter to society, other than being a burden to it.

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Man I really liked the chumster what the hell Chumlee. I bet it was laced with something. To die high would be the best way to go but how much pot should a pot smoker smoke that smokes pot?

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The truth of the matter is>: Chumlee & Hoss went to the Theatre to see ‘Behind the Candleabra’ and both boys were later found 4 hours afterward with their Beavers freshly slapped to death while in a loving, protective, nurturing embrace. Fortunately, No Buddist Death Bells had been attatched to their groins. (sorry Rick)

The truth of the matter is>: Chumlee & Hoss went to the Theatre to see ‘Behind the Candleabra’ and both boys were later found 4 hours afterward with their Beavers freshly slapped to death while in a loving, protective, nurturing embrace. Fortunately, No Buddist Death Bells had been attatched to their groins. (sorry Rick)
HTML Tags/assumed to be appropriate…..Jpeg.

He’s not dead. People must have gullible written all over their foreheads. I’m so sick of people starting some stupid rumor without any thought about the families of these people. Try thinking about how you would feel if it was someone you cared about. Just sick of all this tabloid bullshit.

This web site is no different than The inquirer factless and stupid writers with
low morals that couldnt get a good real story if their lives depended upon it.

There has never in the history of man been a marijuana overdose. Get real people. Just the article itself proves these people are idiots not to mention the scientific probability of being killed by an over dose of marijuana does not support the article. Proven fact you would have to smoke 5 pounds of more at one time to die of an overdose.

Can’t believe I missed this, what with episodes being recorded months in advance. Absolutely devastated, life hardly seems worth living. Goodbye cruel world…

I have said it before this guy is and was a Idiot. People felt sorry for him and gave him a job as a clown for a TV show. He had what he could never do and that is be a part of society without his bud Cory who felt sorry for the no mind. Not good he died but face it all that Pot I have never ever heard of a OD from pot in my 50 years. This guy was a piece of work.See you later RIP and see if some else will help and guide you in heaven you need all the help you can get.

s for his ficticious “overdose death” – it was exposed as a hoax the day it started circulating online!

In fact, there were photos of the entire cast together at Rick’s wedding on July 20th ! Trust me, he wasn’t dead.

Take time to learn what you are talking about before talking about it !

He is not really dead. I just looked it. Also John you’re kind of a jerk. He actually knows about the items that come in the shop and can make good deals. Additionally he never was arrested for possestion of drugs. The site just made that up.

Is this really real or not, I don’t know if he’s still alive. He’s funny as crap though, lol. I like watching the show. Loved the one where he thought he was a ninja in the back room and broke the vase.

He sure doesn’t look like he’s even got a hangover, let alone “dying” in the several new episodes which have aired, having been shot since his alleged death.

Why do people insist on making statements which they can’t confirm ?

Jayden, please stay in your moms basement eating Cheetos. You sound either very young, or you desperately crave attention.

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It is a scientific fact that you can not die from a “marijuana overdose” no matter how much of it you use and I am proof of this Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador’s incredible stupidity! Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, obviously needs to be stripped of his doctorate so he can go back to school to retrieve his common sense factor!

All incredibly stupid people need to commit mass suicide, it would make the world a better place!

Everyone thought it was controversial when Dr. Troubadour recommended killing off dumb people but when some unknown figure such as yourself does it, that’s OK. This is why it’s so hard to be a celebrity. You can’t do anything, or say anything, without everyone throwing you under the bus.

Yes, you can die of a marijuana overdose. Dr. Troubadour said so in the article.

Dude, you didn’t invent weed, and weed doesn’t need dumbasses like you to defend it. It’s people like you that made me disassociate myself from smokers.

This is a bunch of shit. This isn’t even real and this website lost all credibility of being a factual information site. It’s ignorance like this is why we have so many problems on our country.

Love this article. Most people would be surprised to know that Chumlee is a very smart and articulate person. He is playing a character. A character that has made him a very rich man. I had the pleasure of seeing and listening to the real Chumlee in London a few years back. He has created a great character that a certain class of Americans really enjoys and he has taken that to the back in a big way.

Sorry, somehow my response posted before I completed it. We’ve known the Harrisons and Chum for 15 years. They’re truly kind , funny, humble, and “normal” people offscreen. This was my opinion even before my daughter’s last name became Harrison. She’s married to Cory’s brother. All of these kids grew up together, and I’ve seen firsthand how hard Chum and the Harrisons worked to get where they are today.
Is anyone aware that Chum and his sister are pretty much raising their younger brother? That doesn’t sound like an idiot to me. Both of them stepped up when Chum’s father passed away.

this is bull shit you would have to smoke like 15 pounds of weed in ten min just to get to a toxic level of thc so fuck you dr fuck all go back to school no one has ever died from weed and it will never happen

Complete and utter bullshit. Overdosing on marijuana is uncomfortable. There’s some puking and then a peaceful sleep followed by ravenous hunger and need for beer and chocolate. But then I’m not morbidly obese. Yet.

This internet is a dumb people really are, and how widespread that problem really is. As for pot; it is impossible to “overdose” (except as described).
I am absolutely sure of this. Since 1968 I have been trying to overdose on it as often as I can, and so far, haven’t done it. It’s been an enjoyable 46 year futile effort, but I have gained some weight.

If this is a joke it was funny. Chum always kinda made me laugh. It was so obvious that he was smarter than he put on. I would like to think he’s alive and doing well. Cannabis doesn’t kill people.But people can do too many dabs!! bb4:20

Menudas mentiras que contais seguro que las hamburguesas del mc donalds no a tenido nada que ver jajajaja a si que el 1 muerto por sobredosis de marihuana es este tio jajaja contar alguna verdad alguna ver mentirosillos

“Chumlee” of “Pawn Stars” is not dead, despite rumors to the contrary. Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, became the latest victim of an Internet death hoax and it fooled a few fans.

This is utter rubbish.
Nobody has ever died of a marijuana overdose in the history of the world. You idiots need to get your facts straight before you start spreading lies and false propaganda around the internet.

Seriously, he died FROM snorting weed?

What buffoon wrote this ridiculous story – and if this man has truly passed, how disrespectful to use his death to perpetuate a story about weed.

For those who have said “this isn’t true” allow me to say…well fucking duh, thanks for the info captain obvious.
And for those who actually believe this …
Honestly, even if Chum were a dumbass, do you really think he had 90 vaporizers going into one tube and a harem of groupies keeping them loaded.
I’m going to guess that not many people on here quite get the concept of satire.

Are you kidding me! weed can’t kill anyone! by ingesting it And this is pure bullshit! If you watched CNN and dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary “Weed” You can’t overdose this website is a piece of shit for trying to make weed look like a bad thing it’s not even a drug it’s a fucking Herb are you shitting me right now? Also look at this shit <— From Chum Lee himself whoever owns this shit Get over yourself and quit trying to make weed look like a bad thing because it's not fuck the media!

NINETY VAPORIZERS? First off he would have to in an auditorium for groupies to handle that many units and even barring that fact 90 vaporizers would pull between 180 to 270 amps, he would have to plugged into the main power lines..

the only way i personally see this happening is like the bogus claim that pot kills brain cells. they gave monkeys pure smoke from marijuana while also restricting oxygen to the monkeys. it wasnt the thc he died from it was the lack of oxygen.

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Is Chum Lee Chinese?
He looks like Sing Lee a Chinese laundry owner I know.
But Sing Lee is not as fat as Chum Lee.

He is mexican.There’s an episode where the old man talks to some mexican out back that looks exactly like him.Probably his fat dad.

The ENTIRE story is an INTERNET HOAX!!

ChumLee is not Mexican.

ChumLee is not Chinese.

ChumLee is NOT DEAD!

he was a fun guy to watch, rip bud what a terrible thing….I don’t see any imfo the day he day and his age, my g-son he is a fun of chum..please send me some more imfo about..thank you

The ENTIRE story is an INTERNET HOAX!!

ChumLee is not Mexican.

ChumLee is not Chinese.

ChumLee is NOT DEAD!

Why would you want to RIP off poor chum. Wether he’s Mexican, Chinese or Japanese….hey he’s dead man!
You can’t RIP him off now. Bless his poor soul.

I love watching Chu Lee be a comic and comedian on the show.
I will miss him a a lot on the show.
P.s. best wishes to you all and to the store… always.

You can’t die from overdose on maryjane this website is stupid and lies about celebrity deaths. If you read anything on here don’t believe one thing in the posting it’s some poor kid who has no girlfriend and no life trying to meek money off of selling your email address to other people don’t spend your time on these poor sad virgins website they just want attention

This is all fiction and written only to generate activity on your blog . He never overdosed on hemp and is alive and well

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sorry to hear the bad news of chum lee he was a kind person . and was smart too sorry to hear that cory had to lose a good friend. my condolence too his family and the all the people that worked with him at the pond shop. mrs Sandra young marengere canada god will be with you now take care

I’m not believing anyone is that dumb,but to be busted with 7# that’s a little
hard to believe I know he just lost 100# smoking that much herb he is going to have the munchies big time.Is he dead or a publicity stunt!!

That picture of Chumlee, well it seems like he had a premonition of his death from the wacky weed.
They say people go crazy from that stuff.

Just thinking out loud but maybe he died from defective vaporizer, it happens possible electrocution or burning of the lungs.

No he is dead I saw him the night he died in the sky floating over his pawn shop. He must have come down for one last look.
Then in a flash he floated into a cloud, it was puffy white cumulus cloud.
It was really something to see. His poor soul is now happy and at rest!

hey i called billy graham, and he started crying on the phone. were gonna get a bunch of cbers, and take a convoy to vegas to show some respect for a super nice guy, may the good lord have mercy on his soul, god speed chum lee, R.I.P.

Dear Ed, Nice observation about all of us being idiots. You are right. When you compare all of us to Einstein we are all a bunch of idiots and I guess that would include you. But don’t worry Chumlee is in heaven now and maybe he will put in a good word for all of us idiots down here. Again, great observation my man.

I limit spreads and use yogurt and olive oil-based mayonnaise and butter.
On a positive note, Raspberry Ketones are from 100%natural red raspberries annd gives off no side effects which makess it safe for practially everyone. The HCG drops are an effective tool of weight reduction.

Sorry, not buying the weed overdose thing! It’s b.s. Either Chum was on more than weed or the vaproizor killed him. Not the THC! It’s not pysically possible! He will be greatly missed and ths show will not be the same without him.


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this is bullshit. You would have to smoke 1 lbs of weed an hour to die of an overdose. thats 1 lbs per person per hour. there is no freaking way you can do that without passing out first

just saw him last weekend in the vegas strip driving his silver rolls royce and supposedly hi drives a beat up volkswagon to work.

Just shows you how many idiots are out there that think you can overdose on cannabis. Jeeeeesssss. Damn stupid snowflakes. These snowflakes are such entertainment when we want to see, hear and talk to stupid. Sad that we can’t fix stupid though. They are the ones that will kill this world.

YOU PEOPLE ARE THE MOST IGNORANT AND GULLIBLE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! LMAO Chum is NOT dead, nor is “The Old Man”. You can NOT overdose on marijuana. Marijuana affects the canabinoid receptors in the brain which has NOTHING to do with the body’s heart or breathing. The opioid receptors in the brain are those that are affected with overdosing on drugs like heroin, C2 medications (i.e. morphine, methadone and other like “pain killers”) and other drugs that attach themselves to the opioid receptors that are located in the brain stem. Damn, people.. try and read the ENTIRE article instead of taking trash sites like these at face value. (Did the comment “Chumlee had rigged up to 90 vaporizers into one tube and had a team of groupies constantly loading them up with the stickiest and most potent of marijuana available on the market” not make you scratch your chin and say “Wait a minute…. something is amiss here”? If not, there is this toll bridge I own and would like to sell.)

Its true, Chum is gone. I am a mystic and contacted him on the other side. He said he is very sorry he started smoking the killer weed. His body is now free of the addiction.

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WTF? Marijuana Overdose? LOL, there are mosre stupid people than Chumlee, indeed this news make me sick.
I will try, again, to OD on Marijuana, for the third time this week.
Stupid, ignorant people that puts this shit on the web. At least inform yourself, as a good American, you are all ignorant and too lazy to search for intel, after all, you americans are all “Chumlees”, Fat, Stupid and Ignorant. F YOU

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Stupid, ignorant people that puts this shit on the web. At least inform yourself, as a good American, you are all ignorant and too lazy to search for intel, after all, you americans are all “Chumlees”, Fat, Stupid and Ignorant. F YOU

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OMG…Chumlee….NOOOOOOOOOO….Im heartbroken. WAH WAH BOO HOO HOO. I cant stop crying. Its so sad. My buddy Chumlee is gone. Say it aint so. Now what do I do? Whaaaaatt? Its a hoax. Oh thank goodness. Now life is back to normal

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