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Hastings murdered to cover up CIA’s Snowden plot

Investigators found traces of explosives in Hastings' wrecked car.

Investigators found traces of explosives in Hastings’ wrecked car.

LOS ANGELES–The LAPD has hidden evidence of explosives used to wreck the car of deceased journalist and enemy of the state Michael Hastings. Thanks to hacker journalist Julian Assange, who quickly accessed the LAPD’s smartphone network, the insidious plotting of the power mad dictators in public office has finally seen the light.

Michael Hastings was famous for ruining the careers of hundreds of generals and was currently working on uncovering the use of MKULTRA drugs by the FBI which destroyed the career of Barrett Brown and Frank Mason of the Internet Chronicle. Hastings was also reportedly working on another story which would reveal whistleblower Edward Snowden’s plan to defect to China, where he would act as a triple agent disinforming Chinese cyberwarriors about the NSA’s surveillance systems. Naomi Woolf pointed out that knowledge of the government’s panoptic gaze has only had a psychological effect on American citizens who are now more fearful to speak out against this kind of state terror than ever before. Once Snowden defects, agents hope Glen Greenwild’s career will be forever destroyed in light of his rushed, shoddy reporting and cooperation with Snowden, the soon-to-be Chinese defector.


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