Was Robin Williams murdered by the Illuminati?

Robin Williams was murdered by the Illuminati, and vague cover-up stories of his "suicide" in the mainstream media have fooled the sheeple.

Robin Williams was murdered by the Illuminati, and vague cover-up stories of his “suicide” in the mainstream media have fooled the sheeple.

INTERNET — Fans mourn the death of Robin Williams, famed comedian who popularized rainbow suspenders in the 80’s with his spunky alien television character, Mork. However, newspapers around the world report this smiling and funny man committed suicide by asphyxiation without making any serious attempt at explaining how or why. In what appears to be yet another clear case of celebrity homicide by the Illuminati, such vague and general explanations by the media have been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the gullible sleeping masses.

Robin Williams was beloved by billions, and his movies brought joy and compassion into the hearts of adults and children everywhere. It is rare that such a passionate man could make it very far in the movie industry without selling his soul to the devil and succumbing to Illuminati influence, and perhaps there was a building tension in his life between his compassionate side and the hateful necessity of Illuminati membership. Perhaps this tension tore Robin Williams apart and he did commit suicide, or more likely, perhaps he decided to leave the Illuminati once and for all and was quickly eliminated by an assassination squad that made his death look like a suicide.

In Robin Williams’ classic movie Hook, the grown Peter Pan returns to Never Never Land — Michael Jackson, being the greatest opponent of the Illuminati in our generation also used this imagery for his Illuminati refuge — where he again learned to fly, although it was supposed to be impossible for an adult. As it is said in the bible, only those with the heart of a child may enter the kingdom of heaven. Did Williams decode his own movie and try to learn to fly, to return to Never Never Land, where the Illuminati’s powers are reduced and regressed back to that of Captain Hook, from the early modern period? Almost surely, yes, but this time, he didn’t make it through to the end. Hook won, and Robin Williams was murdered by the Illuminati.

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  • Dana

    Michael Jackson is burning in hell for his envolvement with the illuminati, a young girl has dreamt it and i myself have seen images of him in hell burning for all eternity. Are these images of my imagination or because of the story I heard of that little girl who saw him? Well, that I do not know; however I believe any envolvement with the illuminati rather you stay in or try to get out will enevitably cause you to go to hell and burn for all eternity.

  • Maria

    Michael Jackson did not molest any children.This was a conspiracy from the illumanti.The father wanted him to send a scipt to some major directors and Michael kept forgetting.The son became in awe of Michael which set the father off.The father had some mental problems..there are tapes where he insisted that he was going to bring Michael down.Listening to Johnny Cocheran,Michael should have faught this in court but he knew what he was up against corruption of the judicial system.The illumanti have everything tied in a nice neat pretty bow.Isn’t strange how when Polanski raped a young girl,hollywood rallied around him and supported him but when Michael was accused of child molestation no one supported him at all.Michael had a God-talent and they illumanti hate black people.I also believe in an injection they gave Micahel Jackson Vitiligo.Also Michael Jackson doctors were probably paid off double..from the illumanti and Michael..please wake up.

  • TruthWins

    Michael Jackson the “greatest opponent of the Illuminati in our generation?” What a JOKE!!! It does explain why this nation is circling the toilet though. You can’t be of the world and against it at the same time. Only true followers of the Truth are opponents of the Illuminati. MJ was a pedophile (most likely) because he was abused himself as a boy and his head was all messed up by these monstors. He was paid by these rich Luciferians who control the music industry (as well as the media and the military and the govt and the schools etc) You can’t spend THEIR money and play in their sand box and truly be against them. You just end up suicided and ineffective. A true opponent would be completely against them in every way, including love of worldly music, media, etc. That’s why Jesus Christ got nailed to a cross, but His death made Him more effective, unlike all these followers and puppets of the worldly system.



  • It’s cute how you people think you are trolls when really you’re just people with a pathetic fixation on some incredibly inane pop band.

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    More awesome wisdom from The Queen of The Interwebs.

    Joanne Mjadzelics
    13 hours ago
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    One less lonely nigger

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