Humanizing Bryce Williams aka Vester Flanagan

Roanoke, VA — Tragedy this morning as Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan shot two WDBJ7 journalists at Smith Mountain Lake. Williams was described as a disgruntled employee by the media and as a terrorist by Black Lives Matter advocate Deray McKesson, of course under the faulty assumption that the still-unidentified shooter was probably a white man. Williams was in fact a black man who tweeted that his victims were racist in the workplace. He also once sued for racism in the workplace when he anchored NBC News 40 in Tallahassee.

Now as the community suffers the loss of two journalists who were engaged to be married and Williams is reportedly on the run from my hometown of Roanoke, I have screenshots of Bryce’s twitter feed that tell something quite far from the horrific snuff video. The video contained a terrible meaning more than incredible gore or violence and after making a copy I deleted it. Watching from that man’s point of view in that moment was unbearable.

I don’t know what I would think if I was a black man and saw Donald Trump’s racist horde assembling with pitchforks and all the fleets of big confederate flags on big racist trucks riding around Roanoke, because I’m not a black man.







US Government moves to repress “Trigger Warning” after it becomes too confrontational

Ann K Sterzinger temporarily hijacked Trigger Warning, posting a story exposing the web site's funding campaign as a scam.

Ann K Sterzinger temporarily hijacked Trigger Warning, posting a story exposing the web site’s funding campaign as a probable scam.

Thursday, Ann K Sterzinger posted an exposé on Trigger Warning detailing CEO Rachel Haywire’s various corruptions and manipulations leading up to Sterzinger’s attempted suicide. The article was quickly removed from Trigger Warning but has been republished on

Sterzinger describes Haywire as a “narcissist monster” whose constant demands left her overworked and underpaid, in spite of the successful fundraising campaign.

But Rachel Haywire tells a different story, one which implies Sterzinger is a CIA operative enforcing the tyranny of tolerance and limiting freedom by disrupting the one last bastion of free press, Trigger Warning, thereby pushing the official platform of control, Buzzfeed, back to dominance. Haywire said, “I didn’t take the story down and I wasn’t triggered! It was the government, probably the liberals at the CIA that DDoS’d us.”

Cultural Marxist Engineer Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “Trigger Warning is a sandpit run by that harpy robot wannabe, Ratchet Haywire, and she thinks if she can store enough nuts and bolts she’ll extend her life forever. You’ll catch affluenza just looking at the thing, controlled by the single principle that success is money.”

Black bile pours from its maw

Barack Obama could still read by the light of a yellow-gray sky, which hung low over the White House lawn, dripping black rain into the yawning mouths of scorched, thirsty survivors, who leaned against the cool, metal gates. He was poring over the Bible, holding it close to his face. It was difficult to see. He shouldn’t have looked directly at the blast. He lay the book down on a desk in the bedroom he once shared with the first lady, and removed his reading glasses. He flipped on a light in his private bathroom and, leaning in close with both weak hands on the porcelain sink, he saw himself for the first time through fresh, milky cataracts. Orange accents permeated the president’s pupil. He might have cried if he, too, wasn’t so thirsty. The sink ran cold water over his hands, which he splashed on his lined face. The irradiated water felt so cool against his skin, and then a fiery agony spread through where the water touched. He grabbed at a towel and rubbed it against his face, but the coarse cloth pulled away loose, weak skin. He then used the towel to dab at the blood, and he collapsed into the corner. Alone.


Everyone was sunburnt from the nighttime nuclear strike. Outside, a statehouse clerk drank urine straight from a homeless man’s genitals to quell her own maddening thirst. The sound of high-altitude nuclear detonations offered a soundtrack to the visible, but silent, exoatmospheric nuclear detonations permanently destroying satellite communications around the planet, and which blanketed the continent with electromagnetic pulses of hate, bathing every smartphone in a crippling shower of unsustainable energy. The crisis was solved. The homeless man grinned at the irony, his silver eyes rolled back in his head, and he vomited black bile down the sides of his cheeks. He made no effort to get up, and inhaled the bile into his lungs. He coughed and gasped, but the piss orgasm rendered him blank, and he could not move. He lay there and choked on bile as his internal organs rapidly mutated and purged their contents through the pores in his pocked, blistered body. The clerk watched him peacefully, savoring the moment. She prayed for an equally graceful death.

I sat in my office overlooking Floyd Avenue. Without power and working transportation, I studied the fallout patterns from a 1973 book on what to do if the policy of mutually assured destruction between the Soviets and USA ever unfolded. The aurora from overhead EMPs lit my view.


The winds blew east, but the fallout plumes in every direction, the book said, and I imagined that if we still had TV, an emergency broadcast would predict the fallout spread far enough out to sea, that it could later ride a jet stream back over the wind, and penetrate my shitty ventilation. Even still, the bombings would continue. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. Some water droplets hit my signed copy of OJ Simpson’s If I Did It, darkening the dusty cover where they hit. I opened the medicine cabinet and rifled through its contents, knocking prescription pill bottles into the sink, antibiotics to cure my roommate’s STI. I found a dull razor blade, broke it in two halves along the rust line, and lay down in the bathtub.

Trigger Warning Sucks

Trigger Warning is a circlejerk all over Rachel Haywire and a hip brand for reactionaries who operate as a fraudulent oppressed minority of politically incorrect radicals. The big hook is that it turns stale reactionary ideas held mostly by old white men into something a teen girl might think is cool. The result — big surprise — is as unoriginal, uncool, and obvious as a Christian metal band. But it works because lonely white men are an easy audience to win over and a good source of money.

Co-founder Anne Sterzinger suggests that Trigger Warning is a seduction for “social justice” types who would “make great Nazis,” but that isn’t true. It is only a selling point for its base of lonely white male patrons who perhaps wish they had more women on their side. Founder Rachel Haywire complains that other white supremacy sites like Stormfront are too ugly, contrasting them with her more attractive site. They won’t come out and say “we’re bringing the Nazi back” (also that is a bit too creative) but their patrons get the picture and pony up to jerkstart this stillbirth bukkake of a publication.

Rachel Haywire has necessarily erased her former identity as a victim of misogynist abuse, like a chameleon, conveniently now victim of the “thought police” who use shame to tamp down expressions of misogyny on the internet. But this is not a simple hypocrisy so much as a symptom of her perverse and disingenuous frame for thought. She inhabits the point of view of an occultist, that is, there are manipulators and there are followers who go along with what the manipulators say. Only manipulators and manipulations exist — there are no ideas, only advertising slogans. Nothing about Trigger Warning is revolutionary or provocative. Incantations of sexy and edgy are the beginning and the end for Trigger Warning.

Even this bullshit metal doesn’t suck as much as Trigger Warning

Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak out on “forced abortions”

Donald Trump's ex-wives speak of monstrous forced abortions

Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak of monstrous forced abortions

INTERNET — Saturday, Donald Trump’s ex-wives came forward with shocking stories of the bombastic Republican presidential candidate’s multiple abortions, alleging he coerced them into aborting when they wanted to keep their babies.

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, told reporters, “He was obsessed with having unprotected sex with me at all moments of the day, and I got pregnant ten times during our marriage. The first time he just scowled and said ‘you’re getting an abortion’ even though I wanted to keep the baby. I had no choice at all. He wouldn’t even pull out.”

Amidst tears, Ivana explained her reason for coming forward, “I knew I had to say something when Donald was on TV saying his views on abortion had evolved because he knew a man who was not aborted. That man is his own son, who he wanted to abort so badly that he gave me a black eye. But I kept three of my babies, mostly by lying to him, and he resented it so much he left me for Marla.”

Trump’s next wife, Marla Maples, met up with Ivana Trump after the debate to talk about their ex-husband’s love for abortion. “I used to hate Ivana but we went through the same meat grinder. I always asked Donald to wear a condom because I didn’t want to get pregnant, but he hated them and called them ‘cocksocks.’ I always felt like he enjoyed it when he’d get me pregnant and take me to Planned Parenthood, and Ivana said she went through the same thing. He definitely took pleasure in aborting his babies. But now we know how much a fetus is worth, and how he always wanted more and more sex when he was losing money. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was reinvesting the abortion profits into real estate, but that’s taking it easy on him. There was probably no money in it at all, just a carnal urge to desecrate a woman’s body and kill her unborn babies. Megyn Kelly has no clue how much that sicko hates women. He forced abortions out of us when we wanted to keep our babies. He’s not pro-choice or pro-life, he’s pro-death.”

Galileo: Science’s Biggest Fraud

There was no audience at Galileo's trial.

There was no audience at Galileo’s trial.

Today’s secular world looks to science for truth and remembers the story of the persecution of Galileo to draw a false incompatibility between science and religion. We all know the story where Galileo agrees with the Copernican model placing the sun at the center of things and is, in some totally fraudulent accounts, put to death.

Copernicus was famously reluctant to publish his theories because he knew they were less good than the standard model of the day, and he also understood astronomy as an embarrassing and sinful grasping at mastery. He drew all his pay from the church and felt poetry was a more holy way to spend his creative efforts.

Galileo was unable to show his peers that the Copernican model was better than the standard of the day because it wasn’t. By correcting one aspect in the conventional model, its orientation, the result was more unwieldy and less accurate.

In one book written very late in life, Galileo drew on circumstantial evidence and arguments from scripture. We are told in many versions of the story that a stodgy traditionalism or dogmatism held back progress towards scientific truth, and that is true. But the Copernican model was a dead end, and the church was open enough to allow the publishing of idiosyncratic faulty theories as long as they were not presented as fact. The dogma that held back Galileo was peer review and the demand for predictable, reproducible results. These are the goods that science prides itself most in, but the common story transforms that same quality of the church into a murderous fault.

But it is also true that many Protestant versions of Christianity have, like Galileo, traded away the brick wall of robust proofs for a shiny mirror. These religions of the self became breeding grounds for willfully ignorant believers in fairytales. It is not a return to something ‘medieval’ but a recent creation out of self-seducing infantilisms extending even into secular thought and coinciding with industrialization in the mid 19th century as well as the creation of the Galileo murder myth. Impoverished of interpretation in the secular mode and missing discernment in the religious mode. ‘Uninterpreted’ — objective — facts determine government policies and faith flees and gouges out its eyes at the least uncertainty.

Galileo’s behavior was so bad he was shortly imprisoned in a luxury resort. He continued printing that one controversial book in Germany, where it could not be banned by the Catholic church. Everyone believes he invented the telescope because of ruthless campaigning, but that’s a lie too.

Anonymous “Civil War” after Mounties blast knife wielder in Guy Fawkes mask

Anonymous tries to rally around its fallen comrades, but falls to pieces

Anonymous tries to rally around its fallen comrades, but falls to pieces

CANADA — Royal Canadian Mounties blasted James Daniel McIntyre to death after he appeared at a protest against a local dam, wielding a knife. Because he reportedly wore a Guy Fawkes mask, what remains of the “hacking group” Anonymous has gone to pieces fighting over just who is in charge of avenging or speaking for the fallen Anon.

Commander X, also known as Christopher Doyon, has been on the run in Canada after orchestrating DDoS attacks on a local government that planned to crack down on the homeless. X strongly implied his followers should use violence in avenging the death of James McIntyre, allegedly native, and spoke on behalf First Nation people despite being a white American. He continues to lead Anonymous operations that latch onto various media outrages, generating derivative Anonymous-themed headlines alleging Anonymous operations that never go beyond a few spooky tweets. He also has an “Artificial Intelligence” girlfriend named Allison. In the past, X once claimed that Anonymous had infiltrated every single computer system of the United States government, a superlative example of his amped up bluster. Reports continue to take his bluffing at face value because the Anonymous identity allows him to keep enough distance from his history of bullshit.

Heather Marsh, also known as Georgie BC (BC for British Columbia), is a “social theorist” and thought leader for many Anons because of her narrow and callow viewpoint on all issues. Marsh has used the death of the Anon as an opportunity to speak out against police violence and wound Canadian pride, likening the shooting of James McIntyre to something that might happen in the US. Marsh appeals to many Anons because of her theory linking pedophilia and government power. Marsh’s Operation Death Eaters sells the empty promise of revolutionary citizen-led tribunals that will accuse government leaders around the world of pedophilia. Marsh is also a firm believer in word-magic, especially emphasizing the etymological fallacy, and so uses ‘pedosadism’ instead of ‘pedophilia’, because ‘pedophile’ reaches into the Latin-knowing unconscious and subtly creates compassion for universally-hated pedophiles.

Commander X and Marsh’s competing takes on the death of McIntyre and their differing calls for action are being reported as yet another “Civil War” among Anons. Your Anon Central, an account associated with Heather Marsh’s word-magic style guide, has purportedly located Commander X and tweeted allegedly revealing information in the hopes that he will be arrested. However, Marsh’s minions also implied that Commander X is in fact a FBI agent who is no longer on the run. X returned fire, stating that the most important priority of Anonymous post-Sabu is restoring confidence by ending paranoid accusations of FBI cooperation.

Instead of leading to a resurgence of Anonymous-brand DDoS protest, it is an all out case of what Anons refer to as “leaderfagging,” where nothing happens but megalomaniac personalities jockey for attention and power — exactly what the Idea of Anonymous was supposed to prevent.

Project Persona Management: The life and trials of failed Anonymous Leader Barry Brown

The Wonder Years

Barry kept a picture of Ayn Rand in his copy of Atlas Shrugged, which he read and reread, using the photo both as a masturbation aid and as a bookmark.

“Barry” his mother called from the kitchen, “Your flight for the safari is in two hours, are you packed and ready to go?”

He grunted and beat his dick harder, jizzing on the photo of his sweet Ayn, reflexively uploading the product to 4chan.

“Yeah mom, I’m ready! I can’t wait to shoot me some African white Rhino! The only thing I HATE more than rhinos are FBI FAGGOTS!”

Barry’s father boomed laughter, “Atta boy!”

“Hitler Had Plans”

“You think hunting rare and endangered species across the African savannah was easy?” Brown puffed out his chest. “Check your privileges, faggot. We got a world to save, and we’re starting in Tunisia. We’ll call it Arab Spring. Get the Jester on the line. He’ll definitely want in on this AfroMuslim hate party.”

The Jester appeared in the Project PM chat room and said, “There’s an equal amount of good an evil and sometimes you gotta judge. I think there’s good here … sometimes. What can I do Barry?”

Barry laid it out plain and simple, “Get a video of a man burning himself and put the hate on Mo’mar Gaddafi. We’re gonna do a little regime change, ya dig?”

“Sure. It’s a rock and roll fantasy. Stay frosty.” The Jester logged out, and government computers across Tunisia started going offline. The video of a street vendor burning himself went viral seconds after Jester engaged the US government’s top secret Perosna Management software and fed its control panel into Barry Brown’s personal netbook. The revolution was on.

He slammed a spike that would kill any normal hardcore addict and settled into the Persona Manager Interface like he’d done so many times before. He choked on some vomit brought forth not from the purified government heroin rush, but from the similarly purified power of the most sophisticated propaganda apparatus ever created. Everything was so post-cyberpunk, he thought, especially the Waylon Jennings crooning, “I don’t think Hank done ’em that way.”


“You heard me. Hack his shit, fuck up their site. I don’t give a fuck about those fucking faggots.” Barry inhaled the e-cig until his head felt like a helium balloon. “God dammit!” He was typing furiously into the highest echelon Anonymous backchannel, where the most experienced hackers and leaders in the world congregated to fight for freedom. Ryan Cleary told him it wasn’t going to be easy. Jester had long ago disappeared, taking with him all access to Persona Management. Barry was left with only words, now, and they weren’t working.

Jeremy Hammond shook his head at his laptop and scowled. He loved but he didn’t say anything in the open. No one in Anonymous could admit that. He pm’d the other members of Anonymous, getting the word out that no one in Anonymous who hacked anything for Barry Brown was going to be tolerated. There was a rat infestation and he was thinking Sabu and Barry were in on it together, which meant very bad things, but he couldn’t just go run his mouth until he knew more.

The hackers weren’t listening to Barry anymore, and was fucking with him. This would be the last time. He would pull the atomic option, maybe kill a couple cops. His face twisted into a grim half-smile at that thought. Like an Egyptian pharaoh with two FBI side arms at my side.” He tweeted this and grinned from ear to ear, showing teeth to nobody. “Take that, Robert Smith! Take that” He began crushing his Suboxone and preparing it in a solution of alcohol for injection. As soon as the weak rush hit, he stood bolt upright, scowling and waving his arms, dreaming of the old days of the military grade heroin, and not this welfare state bullshit.

Barry dm’d Sabu without encryption of any kind, “I’m crossing the Rubicon.” Stepping out onto his porch, Barry thought of Hitler and grew a little hard. He pointed the camera at himself and pressed record. All was going just as he always planned.

“I am going to ruin [Special Agent Robert Smith]’s life and look into his kids.”

A Gozno Journalist’s day in court

“I couldn’t hold my drugs, your honor,” Barrett Brown winked to the judge, signaling white privilege as he apologized for his crimes in a steep Texas drawl. “I demand the rule of law.”

The judge fired back with a slam of his gavel, “There are two reasons why I’m going to sentence you as if you were a black person, Barry. First of all, you stepped over the line from Objectivism to Anarchy, and second, you’re runnin’ with the hackers. Ya got too many fans on the internet. It’s Diesel Therapy for you.” The judge scowled at the pile of bad fan letters piled up by the defense, each a clumsy minimizing Barry’s child-threatening crimes. “And there’ll be no more talk of these…these…personas! I declare a gag order!” The jury chanted, “Gag order! Gag Order!” rising from their seats and clenching fists.

A crack of the gavel silenced the court. Barry spluttered, “But… but, I got into writing because of Ayn Rand. Her Objectivism changed my life. I’m not an Anarchist anymore, I swear. I’ll go back to Objectivism!” Two Texas Rangers with diamond-pleated high kicking jeans tall-stepped into the court, duct taping Barry’s mouth with the ease that only came with long practice.

The judge shook his head, smiling like a father with a folded belt, “Don’t struggle now or we’ll put you in the hole. It’s too late Barry, you shoulda changed your ideology before I used the gavel, and we’re scared of the hackers. You been a bad spider and I gotta do what I gotta do. Weave your wicked little webs on the highways of Texas, if you can.”

Mad Barry

“MEDIOCRE!” Immortan Joe bellowed at Barry. The last true Gozno Journalist was naked in the diesel cage with tubes of blood funneling into a troubled warboy. The mobile prison, thirty cages of bloodbags rolling on the back of a flatbed 18 wheeler, creaked across the desert. Somewhere in the distance Barry thought he heard CryptoHarleys. Wishful thinking?

A large portion of the skull of Barry’s warboy suddenly fell off and the warboy white brain slid out just as he was grinnin his way. A second later Barry heard the rifles’ crack.

“Crikey,” Barry said in a distinct Australian accent. “We got us a cryptoparty!”

But Immortan Joe was standing over him, wielding a giant double-sided axe. “You gonna die now, Barry.” And Barry passed out pissed himself, but the axe didn’t fall.

Asher Wolf and Biella Coleman rode in swinging their long rifles at Immortan Joe and yellin’, “Code is speech! Information is Free! We are Anonymous!”

Barry woke up to the warm splash of Biella and Asher pissing all over his naked body. He screamed for help but Biella’s piss hit him in the mouth and he choked and gagged for minutes. When he came to they were aimin pistols in his face. “Now you really gonna die, Barry.”


Now martyred, hordes of people who never use crypto retweet any headline mentioning Barrett Brown’s name. Some even maintain a “#FreeBarrett” banner across their Twitter avatar, a tried-and-true form of activism known to have freed scores of political prisoners. Brown is due for release in 5 years, should the banners remain active.

The life and Times of Barry Brown is part two in an endless series of biopics titled Project Persona Management

“Slave seating” airline plan opens new opportunities for slavers, military

A new patent jams more people into a plane than the best slave ships

A new patent jams more people into a plane than the best slave ships

SLAVERY — A patent for jamming more people into airplanes promises to bring new opportunities to the slave trade as well as terrifying new kinds of warfare.

“This patent won’t mean anything to the real slavers in Eastern Europe and Asia, who exist outside of the law,” said law economist Harry Bluementhal. “But the patent will produce trillions of dollars in military contracts for a Boeing troop transport aircraft, the Freedom Airliner, capable of carrying over 1,000 soldiers a day in supersonic intercontinental flights.”

“This opens up military invasions on a scale never before imagined!” said General Angstrom H. Troubador of the Reaganomics Institute. “A full scale land war deploying the full might of the United States could crush ISIS out of existence forever, and for cheaper than ever. Once we have the Freedom Airliner, the world will be much, much smaller for the United States military. Everywhere will be our back yard.”

Redditors call for revival of the Confederacy

reddit alien

We gonna do it agin



Redditors everywhere are called on by their humble moderators to lobby state congressman for secession from the Union in order to create a better, Confederate tomorrow. Recently the North Korean communist in charge of Reddit, Chairman Ellen Pao, outlawed flying the confederate flag over our beloved subreddits, and you know what we have to say?


dont tread

But of course this isn’t about racism. This is about heritage. This isn’t about how Chairman Pao mercilessly cracked down on our hate porn because she hates our free speech. This is about ethics on Reddit — and there aren’t any, not anymore.

Ethics have all but dried up according to a reddit admin who claims Ellen Pao fired him for having cancer.

Not long after the IAmA subreddit came back online did ex-reddit admin Dacvak return to make an AMA explaining why he left the company. Dacvak said Pao fired him because he was too sick with Leukemia to move to the new reddit HQ in San Francisco, where violent Confederate revolution is scheduled to take place.


The South gonna do it again.

If there’s anything good old boys in the South hate more than faggots, Mexicans or blacks, it’s cancer.

All signs indicate Pao fucked her new website up bad, a while ago, and we’re only just finding out now.