Media Blackout on Ebola outbreak in US continues

American Ebola patient is seen in plastic Fema camp coffin.

American Ebola patient is seen in plastic Fema camp coffin.

INTERNET — Ebola deaths are mounting across the United States as blood vessels hemorrhage and corpses bloat and turn purple. After President Obama ordered Ebola patients brought into the US, Snowden reports Obama signed a secret executive order rubber stamped by FISA courts to issue a media blackout preventing any reporting on the spread of the disease in the homeland. Untold thousands are already dead, but we’re reporting FEMA military forces descend on the victims and seal them in plastic coffins while they’re still alive.

Some analysts, like Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, believe these bodies are being collected while alive for a final crop dusting of the human population, “It takes only ten thousand bloated Ebola corpses, liquefied and sprayed in the atmosphere, to kill off 90 percent of the world’s population. And that’s what they’ve been gunning for all along. If this Ebola spreads just that far, that will be the end for most humans,” Dr. Troubador warned, adding, “Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are most susceptible to Ebola and will die off in the greatest numbers, leaving whites in command of the entire planet. This is a culture war.”

We reached Homeland security and spoke to them about the Ebola outbreak coverup in the US. Spokesperson Jeremy Scarhill nodded slowly and half-smiled, saying, “No comment.”

Sean Hannity Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza

Sean Hannity interviewed the IDF, who took him into a Palestinian smuggler's tunnel

Sean Hannity interviewed the IDF, who took him into a Palestinian smuggler’s tunnel

INTERNET — After interviewing conscripts for the Israeli Defense Forces and visiting a Palestinian smuggler’s tunnel, Sean Hannity reversed his long-standing support for Israel. With tears and a distant look in his eyes, Hannity told viewers, “These tunnels are well constructed and clean, nothing like the mud holes I expected. I realized that for a sophisticated system like this, there must be a terrible, constant, collective hunger and isolation somewhere on the other hellish side. I thought of walking all the way through, even though the tunnel was collapsed. I remembered what Christ said about the meek and I re-evaluated my entire philosophy — every day I stand up and defend the strong, the powerful, the rich and the safe, but from now on I will be a defender of the weak in the example of Christ. I have always spoke from my heart, and not just to appeal to the folks at home. I know this may not be a popular point of view, but God bless those Palestinian children.”

As the Israeli genocide in ghetto Gaza reaches new levels of inhumanity, it seems even the most staunch supporters of Israel are backing down. Hannity’s shocking reversal has all the hallmarks of a religious conversion, but some see the move as calculated. Palestinian blogger Farid Arafat said, pointedly, “It is wonderful, the things he said, but I suspect his viewers to have changed his mind for him.”

VICE: My Time in China's Cancer Villages

Vice Visits a Cancer Village in China

Vice Visits a Cancer Village in China

VICE NEWS — We went into the heart of China’s Cancer Villages and shoved cameras into the pained faces of villages of people living out slow deaths, and we even brought Shoenice along to eat some of the tainted street food outside the lead foundry. But that was just the twenty minutes we showed you in our insipid exploitative voyeuristic documentary, an unjust fraction of the pestilence we saw. I spent one night in the Cancer Village and have since developed an acute brain tumor that will kill me. I am incredibly ashamed I didn’t identify the people I interacted with there as true human beings, actual living entities with as many layered meanings to their lives as my own. I can’t stop thinking of the bum I filmed, sleeping in the streets of Chernobyl. Now I am him.

I burned the documentary of my own story and the camera that I filmed it on because I don’t want people to see me like that, as if peering in at me through a keyhole. I felt even worse for those I’d exploited for the sake of profits and yuks, and I thought of following Ayn Rand’s philosophy and burning down Vice News. Instead, I’ve decided to write for Chronicle.SU, and have leveraged a good plan through Obamacare to pay for LSD and Heroin as I document my death.

Cancer’s a bummer, but a whole village of people with cancer is as quiet as death. I felt like I’d stepped into purgatory or hell, a kind of slow hell that God had forgotten, and I was an Atheist. Now I know better, thanks to my friends at I know soul and matter to be fused. Nothing’s just a feeling, or everything is, but none of that last gasp of metaphysical nonsense can transfer to you the change The Cancer Village gave to me. I thought of Vice as some kind of activism or beneficent reportage operation, but now I think it’s worse than celebrity tabloids because it goes after people who don’t want attention.

Quantum drive promises cheap space flight, flying cars

The quantum drive works  by exerting unequal forces within a seemingly closed system that is actually open due to different frames of reference within the system.

The quantum drive works by exerting unequal forces within a seemingly closed system that is actually open due to different frames of reference within the system.

INTERNET — A new propellantless drive technology first described by Roger Shawyer was confirmed and legitimated by NASA experiments, as a parallel technology has been shown to work in a Chinese lab that arrived at its similar propellantless design through a different theory. Even in its current primordial form, the propellantless (but not reactionless) drive makes much existing space technology hopelessly obsolete. Unlike an ion engine, the preferred technology for efficient maneuvers in orbital space, there is no propellant or need to move through a medium of ions. With the same solar panels as an ion drive, this new drive can produce nearly four times the thrust and operate for ten times longer with less than a tenth of the total weight, and that’s only in its most primitive prototype stage. The magnetron cathodes currently manufactured for satellites are rated for 15 years of operation and are expected to be the limiting factor for the drive’s operation in its current iteration.

Despite hysterical reporting that this drive is “impossible” or somehow breaks established laws of physics, the quantum drive, also known as Em(electromagnetic)Drive or relativity drive, creates motion with a microwave resonance differential in a supercooled chamber designed with a very conservative theoretical framework that has been around for nearly a century. One might assume that different resonances within the supercooled conical chamber could not result in motion because the cone is a closed system (like a man lifting the chair he is sitting in), but its designer says that each end of the chamber has a different frame of reference and is therefore an open system.

During the development of similar but non-conical microwave resonant chambers in the Tesla particle accelerator, “mechanical deformation due to internal EM radiation pressure” was found responsible for detuning the accelerator, yet another description of the effect demonstrated and duplicated in the quantum drive. NASA stated with a must of sour grapes, in contradiction with the assessment of its inventor, that the effect is not attributable to any previously known electromagnetic phenomenon but may work through an “interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma.”

The quantum drive has also been described as a kind of solar sail in space applications, as in that application it transforms radiant energy into motion. Unlike previous solar sails, the quantum drive can direct and control this energy with incredible precision.

Shawyer’s mathematical models project that a more refined version of the technology will be able to lift over 3 tons per kilowatt, a possibility with boggling applications and consequences. Flying cars, space elevators, enormous construction projects in space, colonization of the solar system, geoengineering, terraforming, interstellar probes, and many other science fiction plot devices all of the sudden are more plausible than ever. Read more at

Holy Toledo: Ohio Town Poisoned by New World Order Thugs

toledo-waterTOLEDO - Toledo is in a state of emergency today after EPA chemists found a deadly toxin in the water that automatically kills anything it touches. After hours of research, no one yet understands the wretched algal bloom that appeared over Lake Eerie and started coming out of Toledoan’s water faucets Saturday.

The price of water in the midwestern town shot up to $10 per gallon, and the town has been described as a post-apocalyptic nightmare scenario akin to “Raccoon City” of the popular zombie survival videogame Resident Evil.

Experts have suggested the toxic algae bloomed “far beyond” what occurs in nature.

Jim Glube, researcher for the federal EPA, said the water supply was intentionally poisoned.

“I’ve seen this before,” Glube said. “You don’t get algae bloom like this out in the wild without artificial intervention. Someone had to go out on the lake and spread this stuff around.”

Glube said the poisoning could be the work of bioterrorists or some kind of “new world order.”

“The move was so calculated, I’m willing to say this was not just one guy,” Glube told Chronicle investigators. “Based on Eerie’s size, and the magnitude of the spread, my guess is this was a calculated effort to bring about some kind of new world order.”

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubadour is an editor of the peer-reviewed journal Nature. Troubadour said if the town was poisoned, then “Nestle would know something about it,” because they have private access to the lake, but no one from the company would respond.

“Remember the baby formula thing,” Troubadour said. “Nestle is not very cautious. They don’t care, and they are connected to very, very horrible people who believe access to water is not a basic human right.”

As scientists grapple with how to solve the humanitarian crisis in Toledo, politicians are assuring residents up front that they are working on an alternative water solution. And in the back, they’re asking their corporate donors to donate next year to the PAC instead.

The Toledo Health Department says it is critical residents know the following:

  1. It is safe for healthy adults to bathe, but do not let the water stay on your skin longer than a few minutes.
  2. Do not drink tap water until the ‘all clear’ has been given. This also includes pets.
  3. Do not use tap water to cook.
  4. Do not boil tap water, as this increases the concentration of toxins.
  5. It is OK to use your toilet, as long as no water splashes up into your butt hole.
  6. If you’re on well water, have your well water tested daily. If the poisoning was intentional, there is no way to tell who is being targeted or how far the killers will go

New FaceFuck app turns facebook into a porn site

FaceFuck allows you to find lookalike pornstars by integrating with your friends on facebook

FaceFuck allows you to find lookalike pornstars by integrating with your friends on facebook

INTERNET — The new FaceFuck porn app allows you to link your Facebook friends into a database of lookalike pornstars and stream from a database of over ten million videos for $2.99 a month. FaceFuck chief executive Peter L. Hayman explained the process excitedly, saying, “We’ve known for a long time that we’re sitting on a goldmine of nearly infinite porn, but there’s never been a good way to find just what your dick needs except by luck or hours of study. That type of browsing is totally obsolete with FaceFuck, where finding just the right porn stars for your fantasies is as easy as surfing Facebook. Once you install FaceFuck, all you need to do is click on that special someone who’s got you horny and FaceFuck will take you straight to a plethora of lookalikes in every position you could imagine.”

Mark Zuckerborg, founder and creator of Facebook, threatened to sue Peter L. Hayman, saying, “Facebook has always been a family-oriented operation and Peter Hayman’s earned himself a lifetime ban.”

Popular feminist voices issued stern warnings that FaceFuck would encourage the male gaze and, in the words of Lauralie Penny, “Deepen rape culture to levels which will trigger historic dialectical forces which necessitate a violent revolution for women’s rights.” She quickly deleted the tweet, but not before trolls took to the previously ironic #killallmen hashtag and issued their disgust at such oppressive and silencing speech that made them fear for their very right to exist.

Alex Jones missing, presumed dead

Alex Jones was known for spearheading the "truther" movement and uncovering the truth behind every lie the government tells.

Alex Jones was known for spearheading the “truther” movement and uncovering the truth behind every lie the government tells.

INTERNET — Alex Jones disappeared Saturday, leaving friends and family wondering if secret globalist police forces have finally silenced the man who knew too much.

Geopolitical expert and analyst Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “I think this is the last we’ve heard from Alex Jones. No one was able to speak the truth like Alex Jones, and it’s amazing that he was able to operate for so long without being silenced. But as his audience has grown, supplanting the mainstream media and influencing more people than any political show in the US, the globalists have grown anxious and the pressure is on. Whether they killed him or he escaped, he won’t be back. And if he is, it won’t be him. It will be a puppet replacement controlled by globalists. This is the canary in the coalmine, the first attack that will usher in mass genocide that has been in the works for decades.”

The global elites dropped a few hints in mainstream reporting about the fate of Alex Jones, but otherwise totally blacked out reporting on his disappearance. Meanwhile, signs of oncoming cataclysmic world war and genocide on an unimaginable scale are mounting. Ebola outbreaks rage across Africa, airplanes of civilians are being shot down over Ukraine, and rockets are landing all over Israel leaving thousands dead each day. In America, tens of thousands of warrior children hired by Latin American drug cartels are being let across the borders by Obama, and in just a few years they will mature to finish off the culture war once and for all.

Some Alex Jones listeners held vigils and dared to hope that Jones slipped the noose and escaped to an unknown safe haven. At one vigil, Clay Henderson held his clenched fist in the air and sang lines from a Willie Nelson song which confesses and laments the globalist extermination plan that is finally unraveling, “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.”

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Tired of snake oil? This new product is for you

Ascend to Super Saiyan Level 23 with Troubador Laboratory's new line of gold infusing ascension products

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Sheikh Umar Khan was 'targeted' and exposed to Ebola

Intentional Exposure: Dr. Sheikh Umar Khan was murdered while fighting Western efforts to spread the deadly ebola virus through Sierra Leone.

Intentional Exposure: Dr. Sheikh Umar Khan was murdered while fighting Western efforts to spread the deadly ebola virus through Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone - Ebola is being used as a bio-weapon against dissidents in Western Africa who oppose Western influence, investigators report. New evidence even suggests many of the dead were connected to environmental movements in connection with an ongoing social revolution in the area.

“This is a disaster by design,” an investigator said, who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s really sad to see innocent victims dying for profit. But I should point out that we are used to it, because this is West Africa. Dr. Shiekh Umar Khan was targeted for assassination.”

“The police are watching me type this right now,” he said in an email. “There is literally nothing I can say to you they haven’t already read. By virtue of the fact I am not dead right now, the material has been vetted and approved for your consumption,” he stated. “Because we are safe to discuss NSA leaks, there are even scarier things happen that nobody is talking about. Khan’s assassins were clever to expose him to the very disease he was working to prevent. They arranged this ‘accident.'”

Chronicle staff is receiving up-to-the-minute investigative reports from inside Liberia that many victims of the “ebola virus” were organizing anti-corporate demonstrations. Radical community organizers against West African deforestation turned up dead after being exposed to the virus, although the source of the outbreak can not be identified. Two Americans exposed to the virus are being deported to the mainland so effects of the virus can be studied.

Our source warned that any person tangentially connected to anti-government and anti-corporate activity, conversations and rhetoric are subject to intentional ebola exposure by ‘unknown persons.’


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This isn’t a game.” – Raleigh T. Sakers

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubadour, an investigator with the South African chapter of the World Health Organization, said the battle between the US and China to transform Africa into tomorrow’s sweatshop has turned the region into a proxy warzone, a diseased hellstate.

“The whole point of asymmetrical warfare is to defeat your enemy from within,” Troubadour said. “If asymmetrical warfare is going to be successful, then first you must compromise the country’s defenses against invasion.”

Troubadour said the government is targeting infrastructure, starting with hospital workers who could have prevented the disease from growing into a pandemic.

“They’re after hospitals, schools, our electric grid, our power supplies – our water supply,” Troubadour said. “They have to affect the degeneration from inside each African state. Khan’s death is just one example of many. Dead civilians create a backdrop of reality, giving you the sense that this is really happening.”