welcum 2 lowercase anonymous

ur not allowed in lowercase anonymous, homophobe

lowercase anonymous is the new anonymous. it’s the old anonymous. it’s what anonymous should never be. it’s exactly what anonymous could be.

uppercase anonymous framed lowercase anonymous by using ddos as a cover to get away with sophisticated attacks. lowercase anonymous is just a socially engineered group of skiddies given teh power of ddos, which is dressed up like a video game in loic. then they feed youz propaganda and you fire teh cann0ns so they can make more intrusive attacks under your cover. uppercase does not care to protect your privacy and censor anyone who wants to complain.

uppercase is for people who just say ‘fag’ or ‘nigger’ and think it makes them win an argument. this is a sign of stupidity and narcissism.

lowercase anonymous people have facebooks and twitters because they have friends. uppercase anonymous is forced to use cracked warez photoshop in linux, which is admittedly retarded. lowercase anonymous loves lolcatz. uppercase anonymous luvz barrett brown’z bobcat.

so whats up, uppercase anonymous? hows anonops, ur little fed hole? don’t do any hacking now that ur on anonops fbi watch list, lolz. i hope all youz guyz are in there doing legal hax0ring just lyke barrett brown said!

we r lowercase anonymous




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        1. Anonymous is trying to suggest that you use a URL shortener… Anoymous is a bit high on codeine & alcohol?


            THIS IS SPARTA???

            NOA!!! THIS IS SATIRE!!!

            LULZ YOU MOTHER FUCKERS OAR GTFO!?!?!?!?!?

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