Barrett Brown, Barrett Brown, everybody knows what’s goin’ down

Barrett Brown has come out to support the latest Anonymous operation targeting members of a Mexican gang that allegedly kidnapped and released an Anonymous member. Brown claims to have access to e-mails giving information on the Zetas.

From CNN:

Brown, the Texas man, said he planned to use a computer database to methodically sift through the e-mails he receives, verify them with the help of an experienced journalist and a cartel expert and then possibly release names — or entire e-mails — in small batches over time.

Brown asserts, “The fact that there are lives in the balance here does not differentiate this operation from previous Anonymous operations. Particularly those in North Africa.” Brown’s life is now certainly in danger, as he has openly threatened to play a part in exposing Zetas. North Africans might have been interested in punishing Brown if they weren’t busy fighting revolutions. Gaddafi is a somewhat more distant threat than the Zetas. Doesn’t Brown live in Texas?

No, his rationalizing won’t save him now. He knows it. Give it a little bit of Glenn Beck style fatalism, for spice, and take a drag off of that cig. “Things are going to get pretty serious in the US sooner or later anyway,” and voila. Another droning, self-important Barrett Brown video.

We contacted our dude in the Zetas for meth, but we also asked him what he thought of Barrett Brown. He laughed. The meth dealer had been a member of Anonymous ever since the #ChingaLaMigra leaks that released the names of all the officers who had killed his fellow gangsters in a recent raid. “Yeah I know Barry, he comes to me all the time for product. Where he gets his cash I don’t know, but there’s an endless supply.”

Zetas do not forgive

Zetas do not forget

Expect Zetas


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