Myers to Bachmann: UMAD? LOL

Apocalyptic imagery has officially become lame.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann has backed down from a debate with 16 year old Amy Myers. The beautiful and intelligent Ms. Myers is now the target of threats and insults, but the fact is that she has a nicer smile than Bachmann and doesn’t even look like a witch at all. The lulz Ms. Myers must be experiencing will probably become a life long addiction, but she’s smart enough to do something excellent with it.

Rep. Bachmann actively organizes classes in the Constitution for members of congress, but is not confident enough to face Ms. Myers in a debate on the subject. We all know that Michelle Bachmann is the whore. Michelle Bachmann is the one who’s had her career threatened.

Protip, Powerfags: Amy Myers knows more about the constitution than anyone, and can incinerate your career in a heartbeat. Back the fuck away, slowly, and let her take over before it’s too late.

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        fact: having a crush on someone as immature as sarah palin or michelle bachmann makes you more of a pedophile than wanting a piece of Amy Myer’s ass.

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