#OpCartel threatens to out gangsters

Grim music plays as Anonymous lays down what might be its most serious threat to date. The Zetas should have expected them. As Anonymous says in this video, wait and see.

Just a few months ago, Anonymous was going to war on the border police, releasing their personal emails. Now they target the gangs! Anonymous is just that nihilistic.

Of course, the Zetas won’t give a fuck until someone actually gets outed, and lately Anonymous has been all bark and no bite. After the recent round of arrests, Anonymous has only managed to make empty threats against ridiculous targets like Facebook and the New York Stock Exchange, leading some analysts to the conclusion that no more skilled hackers remain.

Or perhaps, like Sabu, they will have a comeback where they act like someone else entirely and do ask me anything threads on Reddit. Then they’ll start hacking again.

Some day.

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