Vote Namefag Party in 2012

Hello, I’m Kilgoar, founding member of the Namefag Party. I want you to vote for me in the upcoming presidential election because I’m the greatest namefag Anonymous has ever seen. A namefag is generally a pejorative term describing someone who uses a name in an attempt to gain recognition from the Anonymous collective. Famous namefags include Barrett Brown, Jamie Jo Corne and th3j35t3r. I have spent the last year griefing namefags in an attempt to spread the gospel of the true Anonymous Legion.

Fighting namefags has ironically required my further descent into namefaggotry. The Namefag Party is at the same time vehemently opposed to namefaggotry and willing to engage in limited namefagging. Of course, it would be impossible to run for president without namefaggotry, so I have titled the Namefag Party to reflect my own disdain for what I am doing.

A vote for me is a vote proudly wasted. I’m not even old enough to be president. However – and I cannot stress this enough – a vote for anyone else is a vote for the bad kind of namefag. Use your vote to send a message to all the evil namefags in government. The Namefag Party is coming for them in 2012.

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