Wanted: th3j35t3r

Barrett Brown’s recent campaign against the murderous Zeta cartel has provoked Brown’s enemies into a doxing frenzy. The Jester’s cadre of “whitehat” hackers have managed to publish Brown’s current address, forcing Brown to borrow money from his followers on Twitter for a quick flight to New York. It is not clear if his family members, who have also been outed by Jester’s group, will be able to lobby Twitter for an escape as well.

Yes, Barrett Brown has slandered Asheville District Attorney Ron Moore. Yes, Brown’s campaign against the Zetas is incredibly stupid and will most likely lead to violence. But there’s still a miniscule chance that Ron Moore is guilty of something and Brown is actually withholding the proof for some unimaginable reason. Anyway, we have chosen not to really fucking care about that anymore. Since Barrett Brown has decided to become an hero, we are going to cut him a little slack to respect his final days. The fucking Jester and his crew, who attacked and threatened Chronicle.SU staff, must be dealt with.

The Jester cadre’s brand of passive violence is reprehensible and will not be tolerated. That is why the Chronicle.SU has joined Barrett Brown by offering a $500 cash reward for proven information revealing the identity of Jester.

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  1. Politics make for strange bedfellows. So how long before you think that fugly ginger Barrett Brown ends up with a Columbian necktie and cut up into bite size reese’s pieces?! We should start a pool, for the cause of BB’s death and as well as time of death. We could raise money for abused animals or something like that. Turn this eventual blood filled and tragic event into something positive for all
    of god’s creatures, big and small.

    Ps-Barrett was looking to drop the price for his heroin, but instead he ended up with a bounty on his head, along with all this free publicity for him and Housh’s 6 figure pay out from the Amazon.com. Which we know from the wikileaks controversy is just a company owned by the CIA anyways.

  2. sPookEASY
    March 11, 2012 at 5:20 AM · Reply
    oh hai jester! i see you think you an ub3r h4ck3r. i wil put that to an end while i leave in in the t0x1c trap! you caught my eye because you think you are a genius. well i guess its time you learn your place, i will devote my time alone when my wife sleeps to construct a plan so elegant and DESTRUCTIVE you shall learn the meaning of “FUCK WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST” i am done with hex as of now ive gotten a lil kick in thar, but now i haz some new fagz to getz! jester you sir are my first target as i have doxed you and i am planning some fun for you tommorow(; 3/11/12 if you keep talking shit after you receive your punishment i will not stop and i will be relentless, i will destroy your life like i did to richard and i will have you begging for mercy! so after you are owned tommorow admit it and move on because you dont want to have the same fate as richard who beg me for mercy, well as i promised heres your dox
          Ryan, Thomas  [email protected]
          Provide Security, Inc.
          86 Amber St
          Staten Island, New York 10306-2022
          United States
    remember anons and brothers, get trusted TRUST NO ONE. dont trust me or anyother hacker if you want to stay anonymous or you WILL end up like lulzsec

    Ahahahahaha he was just running his mouth all over twitter tonight. Looks good on that stupid fuck. Hope the terrorist come and get his ass #JhadiMOTHERFUCKER$

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