Westboro Baptist to picket Edward Snowden in Moscow

Nude images of Fred Phelps engaged in homosexual acts were leaked by spurned lovers.
Nude images of Fred Phelps engaged in homosexual acts were leaked by spurned lovers.

MOSCOW — Westboro Baptist Church Pastor Fred Phelps announced to followers on Twitter Sunday Morning that a contingent of Westboro protesters were on the way to Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow to picket Edward Snowden, a whistleblower seeking asylum in Russia after sharing secret documents showing widespread NSA surveillance of US citizens.

Westboro Baptist is widely known for picketing funerals of deceased soldiers with inflammatory anti-homosexual signs. In the past, Westboro has also attempted to co-opt Anonymous operations, and many of the Phelps’ propagandists have since learned that this is an effective way for quick and easy exposure, as Anonymous will retaliate angrily at even the slightest provocation.

Russian correspondent for Internet Chronicle, Dmitri Dostoevsky, warned that the Russian protest contingent may be in for a long stay, “Disruption of public spaces, and especially heresy, are not tolerated in Russia. They have been sent on a suicide mission and will get, at the very least, five or six years in jail after they carry out this protest. Pastor Phelps must be extremely desperate for exposure right now.”

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You are a disgusting filthy pig. YOU ARE NOT A CHURCH AND YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR THIS UNLESS THERE IS AN OUNCE OF REPENTANCE, otherwise you are satan himself!

Now, Fred Phelps porn is awfully enlightening and exciting. You go, Fred!! This is what I’m talking about. Who could be upset by people enjoying themselves?? Why is that wrong? Answer: It isn’t wrong. It’s good, clean enjoyment. This photo of Fred Phelps finally letting down and enjoying himself is just beautiful. God gave us the incredible ability to feel good for a reason. Because it’s NOT wrong to feel good. Only Christians tell us it’s wrong. But they are enjoying themselves behind closed doors, or in strip joints, prisons, etc. They project their sexual desires onto others because they are unwilling to admit them to themselves.

Don’t feel bad about enjoying your body! Fred is enjoying himself. Let your hair down! Stop beating yourselves up for normal feelings.

Linda Anonymous

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