What's funnier than a dead baby? RICK SANTORUM!!!!1

What’s funnier than a dead baby? When Rick Santorum brings it home from the hospital and introduces it to the kids!

“Karen Santorum wrote a book about the experience: Letters to Gabriel: The True Story of Gabriel Michael Santorum.[11] In it, she writes that the couple brought the deceased infant home from the hospital and introduced the dead child to their living children as “your brother Gabriel” and slept with the body overnight before returning it to the hospital. The anecdote was also written about by Michael Sokolove in a 2005 New York Times Magazine story on Santorum.[1] Karen is also the author of a book on etiquette for children.[12]

Rick Santorum is opposed to accidental, biological abortion! That’s extreme enough for me. By god, ObamaCare’s going to kill my grandchildren. I don’t CARE if my daughter gets raped, that’s the kind of grandchild I WANT anyway. Finally! Someone with the courage to stand up against the DEVIL.

Vote for Rick Santorum 2012!

He will introduce the corpse of America to his children, and then cuddle the fetus all night with his wife. We need a president who doesn’t mind the smell of a baby in the first stages of decomposition! That is the state of America, thanks to Hussein Obama!


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