INTERNET — As a vicious thunderstorm pelted Washington DC with softball sized hail Tuesday, Robert Mueller’s office filed High Treason charges against Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton for fabricating the fake news “collusion” scandal and undermining the United States Government. The nation anticipates announcement from Fox News for the date of the public […]

New Investigation Reveals President Trump is “Sex Slave to Russian and Chinese Billionaires”

INTERNET — New allegations from Christopher Steele reveal Donald Trump has been a victim of human trafficking and sex slavery for over three decades. This shocking, exclusive story came to light only after Internet Chronicle reporters investigated Ms. Yang’s Rubdown Palace at Mar-A-Lago and found records that Chinese executives were not only paying for “access” […]

Rust Youtuber ‘Vice’ BANNED for Impersonation of Vice Media

INTERNET — Rust YouTuber ‘Vice’ was banned from YouTube Friday morning after the grim specter of trademark infringement brought angry briefcase-toting lawyers down on his channel like a ten man AK zerg blasting into a wooden 2×2. This February, Vice shot to a new level of fame after getting himself and his clan banned from […]