Great, Great, Great Triple-Dip Depression Forecasted Next Year

The economy is going to fail as part of a self-fulfilling media prophecy. Media psychosis has set in and paranoia of a worsening economy will manifest itself as a reality. The economy will fail not tomorrow, next week, or next month. The economy will fail sometime late next year.

The rapture the other week was nothing compared to the upcoming depression. The oncoming economic fall will set the gap between the rich and the poor so that crime and terrorism will become the only means for social mobility. We are entering an era of crime and domestic terrorism the likes of which the world has never seen.

Comparisons to the Great Depression have already been made, but in the future these comparisons will no longer apply. The oncoming depression will be so terrible that it will be the new standard for comparison. Violent xenophobia will lead to a surge in nationalism that cites terror as the excuse for mass murder. Genocide and holocaust will become words too meaningless to describe the lifeless nuclear wastelands of radiation.

Yet this is all according to plan. The lives led in fear that feed into the spiral of death and suicide energize the reptile-like leaders who pull the levers. The white man fears the Arab, enslaves him, and kills him. All according to plan. The system has had a monkey wrench thrown in it by its owners, because it was too efficient. Are we watching as the machine rattles itself to death, or is our constant attention what’s killing it? THE MACHINE MUST DIE!!!!!1 If it doesn’t stop churning out widgets, everything will very soon be completely free. We are shooting ourselves in the foot to avoid the capitalist nightmare, a world where everyone is filthy stinking rich and is given a free house and a free car. What they are calling an economic crisis is only a last minute attempt to stall the capitalist nightmare!

Welcome to tomorrow’s dystopia, today. Some day people may realize that everything they own is made by the machine, and currency is an outdated system serving as a mechanism for the exercise of power. That’ll be the day the world turns the lie machines off. Turn off your lie machines! Wake up! You have free will to do whatever you want! DO IT! Ignore the lie machines that tell you to calm down! Wake up!

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  1. The prophecy will come to pass and since food and drink will be, at best, scarce, I will be standing on the street corner mixing and selling fresh doo doo milkshakes. Yes, laugh now as you will, butt it shall come to pas. Yes, bring to me your beautiful money as I shit in a bucket, swish it around and serve it up nice, warm an gooey. All for you capitalistic pig dawgs.

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