New Boxxy video “worst yet”

This Sunday Catie Wayne, known for bubbly youtube videos under the alias of Boxxy, released a minute-long video of her new character 3v3. 3v3 is completely indistinguishable from Boxxy except for the fact that 3v3 has some kind of hideous neon rat’s nest in place of her incredibly beautiful dark hair. To top it off, the video is shot in some fucking public place on a damn smart phone or some bullshit while 3v3 yammers on about how she’s recording with the terrible rap group Little Kinky (who are so suck she has to be sleeping with them). Fans of Boxxy have been decidedly pissed and have widely expressed the sentiment that they are no longer fans of anything Catie Wayne touches.

Here’s the terrible advertisement video for Catie’s upcoming shitpile – the only interesting part being a slight tit bounce around :50.

This drech has got to end, Catie.

Fans have to be asking themselves what the fuck is going through her head. The nose ring, the blue contacts, the squid from Uranus growing out of her hair. Now I don’t want to take away anyone’s right to self-expression but this is just a complete trainwreck, possibly signalling the end of Catie Wayne’s internet career. We just can’t possibly be expected to fap to this.

Sorry Catie, but my marriage proposal is so OVER.

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Look out! You are seriously in danger of getting a clue.

Her new Music video “Santa Baby” was released 2 days before Christmas, and I loved it. Her singing, while a little overprocessed, was way better than i ever expected, and the context is filled with injokes. This girl has an adversarial relationship with most of her fans, who want her to do nothing but mass-produced Boxxy till she’s forty, which is not her idea of fun. Catie wants to do different things. She loves surprises. Her fans hate surprises, and they hate that she’s trying to make money from the Boxxy character, which they view as sacred. So there she was, shaking her tits for the camera and asking Santa for the deed to a platinum mine. It was the greatest fucking thing EVER!

I like Boxxy. I like Catie. Catie can’t stay 15 forever. She has to grow. Some things are better than others and I’m willing to let her experiment. She’s creative, funny, and cute and at her very worst she’s a lot better than most. Boxxy always reminded me of a early Gilda Radner skit on SNL and no one ever tried to limit her to just one character.

I think some people just want MOAR JAILBAIT from their favorite internet 4chan sensation. Boxxxy was only the most bangable camwhore to come out since that last girl who showed her tits on the internet. Old what’s-her-name, you remember.

It’s now a year and a half later. You’re probably still a dick, but let’s see if anything else has changed.

At the time, you posted this, in late 2011, Catie had uploaded a total of ten videos on her two channels, including the original Boxxy videos fromn 2008 and 2009. She’s now uploaded a total of 51 videos on both channels.

Catie, who just turned 21, is more beautriful than ever in my opinion, and just started doing videos with the Fine Bros, and is therefore picking up subscribers on her anewhopeee channel at about twice the rate, of only a couple of months ago. is about to hit ten million views, to go along with the 36 million views on her boxxybabee channel. The most popular Boxxy video had about 11 million views when you posted this, and now it has just over 17 million.

But she’s succeeded at getting her fans to think of her as Catie instead of Boxxy, and has been slowly moving away from Boxxy, which is, of course, getting old. Only about a year ago did she really start appearing in videos as herself, and you could see how uncomfortable she was, and that’s changed completely. I think she may have decided to stop doing Boxxy since she turnbed 21 I think that’s good. It’s time for the Boxxy tail to stop wagging the Catie Dog. She does different things. A cooking show, a sketch where she plays four different characters, a skin care tutorial, Some things work better than others, but it’s never the same thing over and over again, which is what Boxxy was, and these turds who wanted her to turn over her life to being their meme, They called her their queen when she was gone, but when she showed up and started tryng to rule her own life, people just started dumping on her, like this nasty article you posted her about a teenage girl making youtube videos, you big strong man.

It may have gotten to her, but she never let it show. On Unichan, where they adored her during her absense, they started posting photoshopped Bukakke hateporn, and nasty comments about her mother. She just stopped going there, and almost never talks abut it.

She never set out to gain a big youtube audience, and when she “returned” it was all brand new to her. At first, there were moments when you could see how it frightened her, and no wonder. These 4chan fucks had been showing up at her front door. I think she may have come back because she needed the money. Nothing wrong with that. We all need money to live. I hope she’s getting paid.

You know what else has changed? Nobody’s posting comments about how “her 15 minutes are up.” It took four years for that particular canard to dissipate. It would have been 15 minutes if she’d done what they wanted, just slathered on the eyeliner and gone around saying “I’m Boxxy You See”. Not for one minute does she wish she’d paid attention to you, or any of you fucks.

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