Salmonboy Speaks

I’m sick of you Anonymous, and you’re sick of me too. I loved all the flame wars, the troll battles, and the massively inflated web traffic. My favorite part was when we started accusing each other of being organized by the government.

I’m going to engage in plain-talk, for those who don’t understand my shitty brand of paranoid satire. This is the real discourse you wanted me to engage in but no longer care to hear. This is the age of transparency, though, amirite?

You’re getting cult-like. This is why I play the voice of dissent. Not because I hate what you do. I hate your motto and your symbols. The Guy Fawkes masks are a uniform. The word “we” that begins each line in your motto admits you are a group. The threat, “expect us,” is addressed to all enemies of your group.

But go ahead, you can have it all. You won’t hurt me, the way you keep threatening everybody. You won’t hurt me by wearing the mask of a violent revolutionary. You’re at least mostly non-violent, right?

One may not own knowledge.

One owns only one’s self.

Time bares all lies.

Time teaches all lessons.

Technology applied, saves time.


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I get the distinct feeling that “massively inflated web traffic” factors out to approximately 15 unique hits in a 24 hour period for a blog containing writing of this…”quality”.

Ah thank you, was wondering where those dox were. No, I don’t, I was just hoping to hear your thoughts.

I’m simply an observer passing through, that’s all. I like to hear from all the parties involved in things. :)

Hm, well in that case I’ll ask you the same question I asked Barrett.

Who are you?

I obviously am referring to more than your documents. A name does not denote who or what a person is.

So who are you? What are you? What are your goals? Where are you heading? How do you see the world changing? How do you see yourself as an actor in whatever events you predict?

your head is totally fucked boy, u write ur self notes on ur won website, what are a mother-fanny-munching no friend fucking geek, piss off dude. fucking wierdo man

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