Why I am so much better than Anonymous

Kilgar is better than Anon. Kilgar is better than Anon. Kilgar is better than Anon. Kilgar is better than Anon.

Years before 4chan, I was the first person to create an Anonymous internet message board that had any effect at all in real life. As the most experienced Anon on Earth, I’m also the first person to realize what a piece of bullshit Anonymous has become. Your organization draws in script kiddies and conspiracy theorists. I am probably the only intelligent person who has been drawn into your “hacktivist” cesspool.

Anonymous is an organization. At one time it wasn’t, but it is now. The leaders only keep saying they aren’t leading to cover their own ass. Yes, you’re like a cult, but not because I think you’re a religious sect. You’re more like the people who believe 9/11 was an inside job. They’re very much a belief cult, sacrificing all skepticism to satisfy their own need for meaning. Anonymous is exactly the same, and this is why I call you a cult. I’m not trolling you poor suckers, I am just educating you by example. God knows, you need it.

Besides understanding the bigger picture better than everyone else, I’m also just plain smarter than you are. You call my writing bad, but I have a prose and style that shames your best writer, Barrett Brown. Few members of Anonymous can even write a proper sentence, and most have no grasp of grammar whatsoever. I use big words that cause’s servers to get overloaded by hordes of raging Anons. I consistently pick topics that mean the most to you just so I can turn them against you. I know, I know, hold your applause till the end.

So not everyone is a writer. Anonymous is a diverse group! Well, apparently, I’m better than your best social engineers, too. Social engineers are kind of like mental hackers who use simple tricks to get people to reveal personal information. I’ve been approached by unrealistic sycophantic personalities who are so painfully and obviously bad that I can’t help but lead them on. In fact, they’re kind of funny. So I’ll post some e-mails I’ve gotten from these especially poor social engineers just to prove how much better I am than Anonymous. This particular fellow is an “artist” like me. I suppose I should sympathize with him.

…asking you to register. I apologize. I didn’t really think through what I was asking of you, or rather, what it looked like I was asking of you. I had directed you to a forum community that was originally launched as an “Anonymous Operation” – the whole OpESR thing. Let me say first that I’m not part of Anonymous, I never claim to be part of it, I never want to be part of it. I wanted to get in touch with you on that website because I’m trying to pull people together. I want to try and get a real, constructive discussion going, with a goal and results oriented approach, instead of just having invisible faces stoking populist anger to direct them towards movements.

This is part of the first e-mail I received, but not the first communication. Social engineers are slippery like that, and will use any stupid trick to worm their way into your trust. I loled at this, and replied:

I am very interested in corresponding with you if you’ve got some interesting insights about Anonymous, or a relevant tale of your own to tell. Please, share with me.

I  also explained quite clearly that I wasn’t interested in helping out with any kind of activism. He replied with a very long and very boring e-mail that in retrospect has only one interesting part. It’s such an obvious regurgitation of “Why Anonymous is Completely Irrelevant” that I shit myself.  I just wrote that article to piss Anonymous off and get my name out there! The generalizations he made sicken me.

…I’ve met many of the feared Anonymous members in person, and all the stereotypes hold true; they’re socially awkward, outcast people who generally mean pretty well and, for lack of a reason to strive in life, they fill most of their time with the acquisition of monetary and material goods.

At the end of that e-mail was an attachment, listing all the issues that he ostensibly wanted to discuss with me. So I picked one that is near to my heart, education reform. The core of my message is here:

One of the underlying themes to my writing is that access to media is worthless unless one has the proper context from which to judge it. So many people lack the critical thinking to notice the way that media frames reporting to twist their own perception, and I see this as a failure in education.

We had a meaningful conversation about the problems with education, and as soon as he thought he had my trust, I received his first attempt at phishing. I tried to ignore it, just so I could keep him going, but after that he was quick to annoy me. I tried to make him go away by not replying to his e-mails, and he came back at me with this.

I just had a thought. Are you in the US? What about a movement to pressure Congress into passing legislation that allows students to actually be able to discharge their student debt?

Oh, I see. More activism that I don’t want to be involved with. Well, I don’t mind tossing around a few ideas for fun.

One idea I feel is quite potent on this topic is the organized non-payment of student loans. This would be somewhat similar to a labor strike in that its purpose would be to create a bargaining mechanism for everyone who has a student loan–whether they are struggling or not. Unlike with mortgages, there is no threat of foreclosure. Unemployed and underemployed graduates with little to lose may be very willing to participate. Considering it means extra money in their pockets to fight a good cause, I’d guess they’d be very willing indeed.

At this point, the lame social engineer thought I was hooked, so he went back to the same old shit. Trying to get me involved in something I’d declined two times already.

I want to be able to pull in everyone with this. I’ve already started a bit in Rochester NY, I’ve got some ideas. So far I’ve volunteered to teach after school classes, or rather, I’m trying to find out. I just had a chance encounter with someone who is doing the same. I guess my first course of action is to get a job, so I can feed myself (even if I don’t I’ve got nice enough family to keep me going at least through this summer). After that, I’m going to try to see about creating this sort of backdoor schooling system. I don’t want people to have to pay $160,000 for a college education, so I’d be happy to give it to folks for free. That being said; two questions;

1) Do you want to start something? and 2) Where do you think we should start it?

This was really just too much. What kind of maniac would read anything that I say and believe that I’m someone who can help out? Perhaps he believes that I am so self-absorbed as to think my endorsement will make or break a cause. There was no letting this invented identity continue down this sick path. The answer he was praying for was: Yes! I would love to help you start an Anonymous Operation. But he didn’t get it, and none of you ever will.

So Anon, you’ll have to call in the heavies if you want access to my accounts. Lame phishers and cocksuckers like this won’t work on me. I have more experience than any other Anon out there. Oh, I remember being 16 and creating an underage female persona who got DJs to play every single song I asked for. It was fucking hilarious. I’m the most experienced Anon ever, and don’t you forget it.

I’ll say it publicly, because I don’t want more failphishers trying to trick me into saying it privately. If you have no money and you want to change the world with a great idea, you’re fucked. Of course, there are two exceptions. One is Facebook, and the other is Anonymous. If you want to know why Anonymous hates Facebook so much, it’s because Facebook is what organized the democratic uprising in the Arab world. Everyone knows it was not you, Anonymous. Only you believe that you were responsible. But I’m smart enough to realize that the things Barrett Brown writes and says are twisted and designed to control you. You had no influence whatsoever on these democratic uprisings, and you are too fucking dumb to realize it. That is why I am so much better than you are.

I am Anonymous

I am Legion

I do not forgive

I do not forget

Expect me

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Another intereting and insecure rant.

I am going to cease reading these articles and offering my advice and opinions because it is clear you are to drunk on power to realize the truth from learned individuals. You are not better than Anonymous. You are not worse than Anonymous. By it very nature Anonymous cant be defined, it cannot be rationalized and it cannot be ‘beaten’.

I grow swiftly bored of these posts. Whenever anyone disagrees with you you claim you have trolled them, when they make a valid point you suddenly go quiet. You need help, you need to speak to a psychiatrist or possibly a doctor.

We are both individuals, we should be be able to hold a stable conversation but it seems you are to socially awkward to even perform this basic social function. Already I can predict your possible responses to this post. You could simply ignore it, but by reading this line you will realize you need to respond. You could attempt to feign a reasoned discussion, but you will swiftly loose interest in a logical debate. You could simply use your trademark bullshit copout and say I was actually just tolled, but in reality I would have trolled you.

Give up. These immature rants about your invincibility and the flaws of what is effectively just an idea are not earning you any credibility and are, at the very most, slightly pathetic. You might have succeeded in angering some of the equally pathetic script kiddies that operate within Anonymous but the more mature, serious members are not interested and are not impressed.

You may be anonymous, but you are not Anonymous. I see no reason why the serious members of Anonymous should react to your challenge and attack you, for that will only feed your paranoia and your mania. We will not submit.

How can I be both interesting and boring at the same time? For all the intelligence you try so desperately to convey here, you still don’t know the difference between ‘loose’ and ‘lose,’ or ‘to’ and ‘too.’ Not only that, but your argument is too heavily loaded with ad hominems and essentially boils down to “U crazy, we r Nonimus, U ain’t.” Like I care. Well, we all know you’re just the butthurt social engineer who thinks he understands someone he doesn’t.

And your original argument is not boiling down to “You all suck, I am better than every single one of you because I ignored one of you.” You really are full of yourself. Your amuse me that you think your so awesome because you can ignore a lone phisher on the internet, and cross-dress?

I am glad that you have no way to respond to my reply. You must obviously know Im right because all you do is for the sake of entertainment.

Okay, continuously changing my name and editing my grammar is incredibly childish. If I were this social engineer I would have identified myself as him in my posts. I’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is pathetic.

Mr Informed is right, you can’t think of a proper way to argue back to us, so you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insulting.

Finally in response to your first point: you are boring because… Well, you’re boring, but I find the actions of mentally handicapped individuals intereting to study. I am after all studying to be a psychologist ;)

So, think you can present a proper argument?

so you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing my post to give you a criticism to make is frankly insultingso you deflect and editing mI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is patheticI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is patheticI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is patheticI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is patheticI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is patheticI’m not scared of you if that’s what you the and simply trying to write off my argument by declaring me ‘butthurt’ is pathetic

holy shit ember, for someone who is constantly denying an interest in/insulting mr. trout here, you seem to read/comment on his articles fairly regularly, your practically as obsessed with the guy as he is with Anonymous

You’re right, anonymous can’t be trolled. However, Anonymous can.

Kilgar, I’ve used the voice changing programs and devices too I got a bunch of morons to run my wow chars to 60 when the game was still new only to sell them asap (now that was lulz). You buy a voice changer or download one that runs through your VOIP. 411 Scammers known as “sweetheart scammers” frequent dating sites and use this technology on unsuspecting victims to coerce them out of hard earned loot, its kind of fun to use to screw with them back.

Hmmm BB is a ginger and a junkie, but he still is laid more the you. This place reminds me of the Faux news version of ED except without the p0rn, same writing skills, shity…..can u guise get more p0rn?

Ya anyone who believes that was a plane that flew into the Pwntagon is a blind sheeple and stupid. Smart people ask, and demand answers from their government. Not roll over and tske it up the ass with no lube. And 60 plus CCTV’s not working at the Pwntagon that day alone, and only a 5 seconds of frames released in the end. Even if they did not fund them this time, they knew that the day was coming. Look at Lockerbie vs.the plane in Pennsylvania, hardly any debris, I wonder why, a missile or two perhaps. Other the Osama saying he was glad it happened (sorry do not trust those tapes sent to AlJazeera of him supposedly). American has never provided one shred of prove he did it, and just like those weapons of mass destruction we have been lied to constantly about to justify the war in Iraq. And besides you were what 12-13 at the time of 911. Pffff….

Just a little side note as to how governments suppress or complete fuck shit up….‘bomb-shehzad-tanweer-and-william-walshe/#more-1695

You’re naive at best and at worst you lack research skills. Billygoat your too young to remember the first bombing of the WTC and the paper and money trail found shortly after. You think your government would tell the American ppl ‘oh by the way we shot a plane out of the sky, to save us from the ‘terrorist’.’ Wake up, the American government has been terrorising it’s own ppl for decades now. It does what it wants, when it wants on it’s own soil and foreign powers it controls with military subsidies, like say Egypt.

Nice to see you are still picking fights you know you can win whilst ignoring the one individual who seems to have outwitted you.

You seem to be an offensive cunt. Oh I’m sorry, I thought we were having a ‘state the obvious’ competition ;).

What I am hun is shitty at spelling and a lazy proof reader, fuckin 3 inch screens on smart phones whose spell check spells worst then I.

i actually saw a video on 9/11 in government class meant to inspire patriotism in young adults and in the beginning it was showing news footage in sequence with the attacks. when in got to the pentagon the reporters say: “there has been an explosion at the pentagon” :)

the asshole who wrote this morronic post seems to be unbelieveably full of himself, also the way he talks screams morron, im calling bullshit that he has anything to do with ever being part of anonymous and if he did then wow it is embarassing to think that an group of people who try to fight to be free from bullshit what ever started by an asshole like him, hey guy if you are reading this we will hold the appause till the end… and far after that too, good thing you are no longer part of anon, and be the way you are the least experianced anon in the world not the most, since anon has grown beyond anything you have ever created you have no idea what a small component you would be if you ever returned, further you rant just sounds like you are winning because the thing you may or may not have created is no longer in your hands and you can no longer rule over your little minions…. i am anonymous… i am legion… i do not forget… i do not forgive…. expect me…

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